How to Verify Your Instagram Account on TagScout

Method 1:

Note: this method only works on desktop using Google Chrome.

The easiest way to connect your Instagram account to your TagScout account is by using TagScout’s Chrome Extension.

Connect your Instagram in 5 steps:

1) Download the TagScout extension called Add Instagram to TagScout Safely from the Chrome Extension Store.


tagscout extension


2) In the same browser, log in to your Instagram account.


instagram login


3) Once logged into your Instagram account, switch to a new tab and login to your TagScout account.


tagscout login


4) After logging into both your Instagram and TagScout account, click the TagScout Chrome extension in the top right corner of your browser.


TagScout Plugin



5) After clicking the icon, the screen shown below will appear. Click “Next” to finish connecting your Instagram account to your TagScout account.


extension screen


That’s it! Your Instagram account should now successfully be connected to your TagScout account.


Method 2:

Another way to connect your Instagram account is shown in the video below.

(If after watching the video you are still unclear, continue below for a more in-depth explanation)



In some instances, Instagram may want you to verify that a user is trying to access your account.  To ensure a smooth account setup process, we recommend the following process to add your Instagram account to TagScout.

Step 1 – Go to your Instagram app and log into your Instagram account.

Step 2– Log into TagScout and click on the ADD ACCOUNT button.  You will be prompted for an Instagram Username and Password per below.




Step 3– You may see a screen similar to the following screen which is prompting you to first verify your account on Instagram.




Step 4–  Go back to Instagram and refresh your page to see a message from the Instagram similar to the screen below. Click on the white button at the bottom of the page reads ” This was me.”




Step 5– Go back to TagScout and login once again. You should be taken to the Manage Account screen and you are ready to start using TagScout.

We hope this helped!  If you require further assistance, please contact us at or click the Live Help button on this website.

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