Make Your Instagrid Amazing with These 9 Layouts and 3 Tools

Make Your Instagrid Amazing with These 9 Layouts and 3 Tools

A trend that has been slowly creeping into the Instagram mainstream over the past couple years is the customized Instagrid. You may have seen it already – your favorite musician customized the first 9 tiles of his profile to create the cover of his album, or your favorite photographer used the first 12 tiles to create a massive panoramic of the New York skyline.

The ways in which Instagram users continue to improve the organization and appearance of their profile grid is truly amazing. Instagrids also don’t seem to be dying out, so to keep you in the loop, we put together a list of 9 grid layouts you can create yourself, as well as 3 tools you can use to customize your Instagrids for you.

9 Instagrid Layouts:

Trailing Rainbow Grid

Rainbow Instagrid
Source: thepreviewapp

Emphasis Grid

Emphasis Instagrid
Source: plannthat

Consistent Filter Grid

Consistent filter instagrid
Source: Fashion Lush

Vertical Line Grid

Vertical Line Instagrid
Source: planthehat

Collage Grid

Collage Instagrid
Source: Plan the Hat

Checkerboard Grid

Checkerboard Instagrid
Source: Orange Twig

Custom Border Grid

Source: thepreviewapp

Horizontal Line Grid

horizontal line Instagrid
Source: Mariaxo

Puzzle Grid

Puzzle Instagrid
Source: MyCleverAgency

Pretty cool, huh?

As you might imagine, some of these grids will take time to plan and implement. At least if you want to put them together yourself… Fortunately, for those too busy to put in the time and effort, the following four tools will help you create equally, if not more beautiful grids in a fraction of the time.

3 Tools to Create Instagrids

With the exception of Planoly, which you can also use to schedule and analyze your Instagram posts, the following tools are essentially only differentiated by UI (which isn’t to say that UI isn’t important!). Accordingly, each tool is simply accompanied by its customer review rating.


9Square Review



Instagrids Review


Planoly Planoly Review —

There are undoubtedly more layouts and tools than those listed here. If you’ve used a layout or tool to make your Instagram grid stand out from the pack, please share in the comments below!

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