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7 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler in 2019

People on social media expect daily, high-quality, and well thought-out content now more than ever. It’s even beginning to show in the data with Tailwind finding that daily posting grows followers four times faster than posting less than once a week according to Tailwind. Because of this, if you are a small business or influencer on social media and you are not using a social media scheduler, you are seriously missing out.

Let’s jump right into it. Here are the main reasons why you need a social media scheduler in 2019:

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – You Can Post When You Wouldn’t Otherwise Be Able To

Let’s say you’ve grown a successful Instagram page.

You haven’t missed a day of posting since you created your account and your followers have come to expect it from you.

But you need a vacation. Somewhere far, far away, without internet access.

You don’t want to disappoint your followers and stunt your growth, so instead of not posting on the days when you’re away, you simply use an Instagram scheduler tool to schedule content for the days when you’re away.

An example of scheduling ahead using AiSchedul’s scheduler.

This way, you still get your getaway, but you don’t disappoint your followers in the process.

Note: some social media scheduler tools Buffer require you to “double-verify” before you content is actually posted on Instagram. This means that if you schedule a post for 3PM, you will receive a notification from Buffer at 3PM asking you to confirm your post before it is actually posted. This is very inconvenient for people in situations similar to the one described above, as well as for people wanting to post at irregular hours of the night.

To avoid this, consider using a scheduler tool like AiGrow which doesn’t require you to double verify. Just schedule your post and forget about it.

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – You Can Post Across Multiple Accounts

Imagine you are a photographer on Instagram with different pages catering to different fields of photography – travel, lifestyle, food, etc..

You are constantly switching between accounts, logging in and out on your phone, depending on what kind of post you want to upload.

This gets old pretty quick.

Instead, you can use an social media scheduler tool like Buffer to access all of your social media accounts from one nice dashboard on your desktop.

With Buffer, you can publish the same piece of content across all of your social media platforms.

Whenever you have a post, instead of having to login to the right account on your phone, just click the account on your dashboard, drag-and-drop your file, write your captions and hashtags, schedule a date and time, and you’re done!

Note: if you are just posting to Instagram, consider using an Instagram scheduling tool like AiGrow for the reasons described above.

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – You Can Post the Same Post Across Multiple Accounts Instantly

Sticking with the photographer example above, sometimes you may have a post that belongs on more than one of your pages.

If you want to post across different social media platforms, as explained above, Buffer is a great tool to help you do that.

If you want to post across multiple accounts on the same platform, such as Instagram, you can use a tool like AiGrow to post the same post instantly across multiple accounts.

Note: use with caution if you are posting to more than two or three accounts. Posting to more than two or three accounts at the same time can sometimes result in being flagged by Instagram.

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – You Can Learn From Analytics

As explained in our guide 67 Proven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2019, you can do your own research and guess what the best times to post are depending on your audience, but actual analytics will tell you much quicker.

You can certainly go through every one of your posts manually, examine their individual engagement rates, and calculate the best time to post for the best engagement that way, but this can be extremely time-consuming.

Instead, you can use a tool like Iconosquare which will automatically analyze your posts and give you an accurate time and day to post for the best possible engagement from your audience.

A detailed analysis of the best days and times to post according to your audience.

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – It Encourages You to Think Long Term

You just had a crazy weekend and recorded more Instagram moments than you could possibly count.

It’s Sunday and you’re still buzzing with excitement from the last two days.

You could post them all at once, but as mentioned at the beginning of this article, studies now show that daily posting is the way to go for quick and consistent social media growth.

Instead of waiting and posting your weekend moments one-by-one and possibly losing the enthusiasm you currently feel, you can just use a social media scheduler to schedule all of your posts right now for the upcoming week.

This way, you are able to translate the excitement you feel into quality captions while still benefiting from daily posting.

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – You Can Post from Your Desktop

Let’s consider Instagram for a second.

Posting content created with your phone on Instagram is a relatively simple process. Posting content created with other devices is more of a hassle.

This is becaause in order to post content created with a device other than you’re phone, not only do you have to transfer the file from your camera over to your computer, but you then have to send the file to your phone.

When you use a social media scheduler, you no longer have to worry about this extra step. Just create your content, transfer to your computer, and drag-and-drop the file onto the scheduler’s dashboard.

Uploading and scheduling posts to Instagram with AiSchedul is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler – It Encourages You to Create Content with Devices Other Than Your Phone

The tediousness associated with creating content with non-phone devices and having to transfer it to your phone to be able to upload can discourage people from using devices other than their phone to create content.

Phones have a come a long way and can certainly create some killer content, but professional cameras still produce superior quality.

When it becomes easier to upload non-phone created posts, as it does when using a social media scheduler, more people are encouraged to experiment outside of their phone.

Switching over to a DSLR camera, for example, could significantly improve the quality of your posts, which could improve the look of your overall page, which could result in more followers, and so on.

So there you have it. Know of any tools or resources not mentioned above that could help people out? Throw them in the comments below!

In the meantime, to take advantage of the many features described above, including desktop scheduling, posting across multiple accounts, and single-verification uploading, give AiSchedul’s Instagram scheduler a try for free by signing by here!