A Working Alternative to Gram Multi Tool 2 for Mac/Linux Users

A Working Alternative to Gram Multi Tool 2 for Mac/Linux Users

Gram Multi Tool 2 (GMT 2) is one of the most popular and reliable automated Instagram growth tools around.

And rightfully so. The services offered by Gram Multi Tool 2 include *takes a deep breath*:

  • Auto-Follow
  • Auto-Unfollow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Comment
  • Direct Messaging
  • Delete Posts
  • Repost
  • Post Scheduling
  • Live Stream
  • Stats
  • Templates
  • Hashtag Generation
  • Track Users
  • Analytics
  • Spintax & Emoji
  • Embed Browser Verification
  • Filters

The only downside to Gram Multi Tool 2  is that it’s primarily only for Windows users. Mac users can still technically use Gram Multi Tool 2, but they are required to install the service on a virtual machine which can be a hassle.


For Mac users (or users of any OS other than Windows) who want to benefit from using an automated growth tool like Gram Multi Tool 2, consider using AiGrow.


Using AiGrow is as simple as signing up for a free account, connecting your Instagram account, customizing your settings depending on the kind of follower you’re looking to target, and hitting “Start Growth”.

Below is a breakdown of all the features offered by Gram Multi Tool 2 which are also offered by AiGrow (** indicating that the feature is also available on AiGrow):

  • Auto-Follow**
  • Auto-Unfollow**
  • Auto-Like**
  • Auto-Comment**
  • Direct Messaging**
  • Delete Posts
  • Repost
  • Post Scheduling**
  • Live Stream
  • Stats** 
  • Templates** 
  • Hashtag Generation** 
  • Track Users
  • Analytics** 
  • Spintax & Emoji** 
  • Embed Browser Verification
  • Filters**

The best part? While Gram Multi Tool 2 requires you to purchase a VPN for it to be able to run 24/7, AiGrow doesn’t require any additional downloads – just set up your account, hit “Start Growth”, and you’re done. Walk away, turn your computer off, throw it out the window – AiGrow will continue running until you tell it to stop.

Have a peak at the video below to get a better idea of everything AiGrow has to offer:

Don’t take our word for it. Sign up for free now and test out AiGrow for yourself.

(Then let us know what you think!)

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