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Categories: Instagram Marketing

How to Become a Freelance Instagram Marketer?


So, we are here to see how to become a freelance Instagram marketer. Thanks to its easy to use features, Instagram has been a fast-growing social media since its launch. People of almost any age range have been getting obsessed with Instagram during the last decade. Many of us start our day by checking and scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning.

Obviously, when the media attracts a lot of attention, it gets attractive for businesses as it becomes a profitable channel for their sales. This fact becomes more important when chances of physical sales and profit get relatively low. For instance, businesses have turned more towards selling online after Covid-19.  Long lockdowns, ban of shops and market openings, and the considerable amount of time spent by people at home created the condition for many businesses to switch to online platforms.

Sales on Instagram has no limits; From art sales on Instagram to selling a house on Instagram or even selling jewelry on Instagram is possible. Businesses may also want to know how to build a free Instagram shop to become an online seller. Unsurprisingly, businesses have started to search for practically profitable marketing strategies and expert marketers to grow their accounts; they want to enhance their business operations.

Why Become a Freelancer?

According to Upwork, freelance workforce growth in the US has been three times more than the growth of the overall U.S. workforce growth since 2014. People choose to be a freelancer mainly because they are tired of working/cannot work for someone or cannot adapt themselves to the standard 9 to 5 office work. Freelancers are free to manage their own time to work and therefore can work under a flexible circumstance. So, they can work while lying under a blanket, sitting in a cafe, flying over cities to get to their destination, etc. and make money! This is the bright side of the story. However, there is also another side that requires a lot of diligence and hard work.

Why Become a Freelance Instagram Marketer?

You may have various personal motives for becoming a freelance Instagram marketer that is different from person to person such as:

  • You are an introvert and prefer to work from home
  • Loads of lessons to study does not let you work 8 hours a day
  • Freelance payment is higher
  • You are better to manage your own work than to let others manage you
  • You have kids or the elderly in the house that you should take care of
  • etc.

Whatever the reason, you have now made up your mind to become a freelancer Instagram marketer. Neither Instagram nor working for yourself is boring. A mixture of both is fascinating enough to choose the career. If you have already worked in the field of Instagram marketing, you are one step ahead on the way to become a freelance Instagram marketer. If you have not, you should first learn Instagram marketing tips and strategies. The next step is to use Instagram marketing packages to boost your Instagram. Remember to keep in mind that becoming a freelancer needs patience.

What Does a Freelance Instagram Marketer Do?

A freelance Instagram marketer is above all an independent social media expert with digital marketing skills. The responsibilities contain the strategic management of the Instagram business accounts. A freelance Instagram marketer’s job differs from that of the Instagram bloggers, e.g. from travel bloggers to microbloggers. But as all of these categories are under the umbrella of freelance work on Instagram, you can always search to see what they do to earn money. Time management skills, high research skills, creativity, copywriting skills, and online behavior management skills are the top requirements of this job. 

What Skills Does a Freelance Instagram Marketer Have?

A freelance Instagram marketer needs to have the following skills in order to be successful:

1. Time is Gold for Freelance Instagram Marketers

In the world of technology, time is really important. Posting time and scheduling on Instagram is a crucial key to the growth of the business account you are managing. Constantly posting and creating content for the accounts keep your followers engaged. So, if you cannot handle the time alone as a freelancer who does everything by themselves, you can rely on AI tools to facilitate the process.

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In order to avoid losing track of time and ending up with a pile of incomplete tasks, it is better to resort to these AI tools for assistance. One professional tool that can help you with scheduling your Instagram posting is AiSchedul. After signing up for free, you log in to your Instagram account via PC. You choose the picture you want to post and type an engaging caption. Then it is time for hashtags.

AiSchedul is one of the best Instagram hashtag apps. All you need to do is to type your keyword and then it offers up to 30 related hashtags. It is probably the best way to search for multiple hashtags. Remember not to add hashtags that are widely used because your post will be lost among the millions of upcoming posts each day. Then, you set a time and schedule your post. Piece of cake! Sit back and enjoy it!

Watching this video will show you these steps:

2. Freelance Instagram Marketers are Skillful Researchers

Those who are always updated with the latest tools and technology are the winners of the modern era. Here the importance of your researching skills comes into light. Generally speaking, marketing without research does not make sense. As a freelance Instagram marketer, you need to learn about different marketing strategies and different Instagram features. Only in such a case can you beat your rivals and find your way to the top. Find, get to know, track, and analyze the Instagram influencers in the industry, and learn from them. 

3. Freelance Instagram Marketers are Creative

Creativity is both about idea and design. So, it encompasses both visual and textual content. In the colorful and exciting atmosphere of Instagram, you must be creative to lead followers into your account. A smart mind behind your posts will capture the attention of those who see your page and turn them to followers. However, creativity is not only restricted to posts, but to contests, games, lives, etc. On the other hand, the creative and vibrant design of your posts can also help grow your account and turn you into a successful freelance Instagram marketer. 

4. Copywriting Skills Are Necessary for Freelance Instagram Marketers

Instagram marketing without copywriting and content marketing skills? Not possible at all! Though Instagram is a visual application, the importance of suitable captions and the choice of hashtags should not be neglected. Instagram captions should be concise, to-the-point, catchy, and interesting. To engage your followers through caption, you can ask them about their opinion, or ask them a particular question. 

5. Freelance Instagram Marketers Manage Online Behavior

Instagram analytics have a major role in your future strategies toward your followers. So, a careful analysis of Instagram analytics is required which needs behavior management skills and expertise. An Instagram marketer should not only understand the analysis but also use the analytics in their following strategies. Moreover, this skill helps marketers a lot in their direct relationship with the followers, e.g. in DM messages, comments, etc. 

How Much Does a Freelance Instagram Marketer Make?

Like all other jobs, earning depends on skills and experience. Usually, it is between $20-500 per month per client for a package of services with time limits. Of course, it is capable of exceeding the range and go beyond thousands. In the case of charging hourly, the normal rate is between $10-50 per hour. 

So, How to Become a Freelance Instagram Marketer?

After all, we will introduce 5 tips hereby that help to become a freelance Instagram marketer. Take a quick look at the tips first:

1. Improve Yourself and Excel at the Newly-Acquired Skills

No justifications are approved. You have to learn all the so-far mentioned skills in no time if you do not already possess them. Keep improving your knowledge all the time and make it your privilege over others. If you have budget issues, you can join online courses or watch available videos for free. Moreover, following the successful Instagram marketers will definitely teach you a lot. 

2. Explore and Practice Instagram Features

Practice Instagram features on a handy account. Do not rely on yourself and search for others and see how they have used Instagram features. Use the hashtag search feature of Instagram and find the relevant people in the industry. Then, set their behavior on Instagram as your model. Be careful not to imitate them because it is destructive to the growth of your account: people are smart and do not like imitators. Each and every feature is important in giving you creative clues on how to use them to attract more engagement. 

3. Build Your Brand

An online presence, like a website or an account on social media, is necessary for a freelancer in the sense that it is a representation of their work. To grow your brand on Instagram or website, add your skills, portfolios, sample works, previous collaborations together with their results, reviews, current projects, and any other things that you think are necessary. If we consider the freelance services that you provide as a shop, then your online presence is the door to your shop. So, create a perfect website for your small business or freelance brand, make your brand professional and grow it with your skills. In addition to your expertise, attractive designs on your website/account can also impress your clients. 

Here are some freelance accounts on Instagram. Check them out for better ideas about a successful freelance brand account.


Here is a post from the account:


Check out one of the posts:


Take a look at a post from this account:

Also, remember to check their websites through the links they have added to their bio. 

4. Decide How Much to Charge

Prior to any other reasons, most people work to make a living. Deciding about how much to charge is totally personal but here you will read some points that are better if taken into consideration. If you are a beginner, it is better if you charge low rates. Low rates are more preferred by small and low budget businesses, so you do not involve yourself in a huge project. Consequently, you will decrease the risk of failure in the first step. Plus, the first rule of economics is that demand goes up if the price is low. As a result,  this strategy might be risky for your financial situation but is most probably effective in the long run.

5. Find Clients

Taken all the 4 steps, you are now ready to find your clients and start earning money as a freelance Instagram marketer. There is enough space on Instagram to grow and enough users to turn to your first client.

You should continuously search hashtags to find your desired clients and try to attract their attention by positive activities instead of spam activity in DM. This positive activity can be defined as liking, commenting on, sharing, or saving their content. Remember that you should find those accounts that are not already grown on Instagram.

If it took longer for them to make a move towards you, you can send them an email and offer your service. If you could not find their email address in their bio, a Google search is always a clue. In addition, try to be active on your other social media and advertise your Instagram marketing skills on them. When you finally managed to get your first client, remember to ask them to leave a review on your website. It is a highly valuable credit to your brand.


You must have ambitious and courageous characteristics if you choose to become a freelancer. It has its own pros and cons like anything else in the world. It is risky in terms of financial and trust issues in the beginning but it gets fine after your first few projects. Whenever you get hopeless on the way towards your goals, think of the satisfaction that is waiting for you just a few steps away. Believe in yourself, your skills, and your management. It will not take so long.