Your Best 9 on Instagram 2019 and What to Learn From It


It’s become almost expected now that customers receive a light-hearted email from their favorite companies detailing what happened over the past year. Uber sends you how many minutes you spent traveling, Spotify sends you who you listened to the most, and so on. One year-end recap that has really taken off recently, however, is best 9 on Instagram 2019.

Although not actually provided by Instagram, Instagram best 9 is a simple collection showing your 9 most popular posts over the past year. The team behind the phenomenon, aptly called 2019bestnine, first hit big in 2015. Upon release, it was widely received by the public with open arms and used the momentum gained from celebrity endorsement (some notableĀ users include Kendal Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Cristiano Ronaldo) to continue the project into followings years.

The process is simple: enter the name of your IG account, hit enter, and 2019bestnine will produce a 9-post grid illustrating your best 9 on Instagram 2019. The tool also pools the number of likes received on each post and produces the combined total underneath your grid for easy bragging rights.

2019bestnine in 3 simple steps:

2019bestnine tool

2019 bestnine

2019 best 9 Instagram posts

Nifty! And while the tool is certainly geared more towards people simply looking to share their yearly highlights with friends and family, some insights can be gathered for growth purposes.

Growth insights that can be gained from your best 9 on Instagram 2019:

  • What kind of content is producing the most engagement (from here, you can explore why)
  • What kind of visual themes are people reacting to on your channel (colors, shapes, layout, etc.)
  • Any recurring types of content that are consistently popular (behind-the-scenes posts, pictures of vehicles, fan appreciation videos, etc.)
  • Comparison to your most popular content last year (only if you used 2019bestnine or a similar tool in the past)

It may not be the most comprehensive tool in the world, but if you’re serious about Instagram and looking for areas to improve or build upon, your best 9 on Instagram 2017 is a great place to start. Combine this with AiGrow‘s content scheduler, automated DMs, and smart, automated growth engine, and you’ve got yourself a real recipe for success in the new year.