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May 15, 2019

Twitter vs. Instagram: Best Social Media for Business

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A few years ago, Twitter was dominating the social media marketing world. This quick-paced platform was flooded with marketers who want to get their content creation ideas out. Millions of people log in to Twitter every day.

Now, Twitter is still very popular, but it’s not that dominant unlike before. One of the reasons for this decline is Instagram. There have been debates on Twitter vs. Instagram. A lot of big brands and marketers have shifted away from focusing on Twitter to put more effort on Instagram.

At this moment, Instagram is where most consumers live. But does this mean that you should forget about Twitter?

Absolutely not.

Let’s break down the differences and similarities between Instagram and Twitter to find out which platform is best for your brand.

Best Social Media for Business – Statistics

Simply because a social network is more popular than the other doesn’t mean you have to make your decision based only on numbers. No. But it’s a great place to start. So here we’ll take a look at the best social media for business based on the numbers:

Instagram Statistics

  • 40+ billion shared photos
  • 400+million active users monthly
  • 80+ million average images per day
  • 3.6+ billion likes in a day

Twitter Statistics

  • 80% of active mobile users
  • 316+ million monthly users
  • 77% of users are outside of US
  • 500+ million tweets on average per day

Twitter may have been longer, but Instagram has already surpassed the monthly active users of Twitter. This statistic is the reason why businesses noticed the app and started Instagram marketing. However, when it comes to content sharing, Twitter still wins.

Best Social Media for Business – Audience

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A lot of Instagram vs. Twitter debates come from the fact that they have identical audiences. Their demographics show that the two social networks share the same users in income, location, age, and even education level.

Both networks have 18 to 29-year-olds as their leading age group. Twitter and Instagram are most popular with people in their 20s who have recently graduated or are currently in college. This is the user base which drives the growth of both platforms because they are the most active.

If your brand is more on the younger demographic, these two platforms are great for you. Plus, there’s an even divide in location and gender among these two so you can reach both males and females.

Overall, both networks have an evenly matched demographically. You can quickly check out your dashboard to see who is following you. This way, you can put out more posts that are tailored to your followers to get the best results.

Best Social Media for Business – Engagement

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When it comes to engagements, Instagram has the most engaged users over all networks. This platform focuses on keeping your users glued to your app while browsing. There are no clickable ads or captions when they scroll through their feed, so they are more focused on the contents posted. This is a massive advantage to you and your company.

On the other side, there’s Twitter. This is a usually noisy platform. Your feed has several links to news articles, blog posts, videos and other content that can take you away from the site. This is why you might have a hard time getting your followers to engage and see your content. Because Twitter moves very quickly, the Tweets’ lifespan can vary drastically depending on how many users your followers are following.

Take, for example. Your follower is following more than 1,000 people. Your content will be in between thousands of others. When other people start Tweeting, your content will be pushed further and further until it’s unseen in other cases.

However, Instagram may have more engagement than Twitter, but the latter builds engagement outside of the platform. This is why a lot of marketers should be thinking twice and thrice about not focusing on Twitter since readers can’t easily share blog posts to Instagram.

Social media engagement on Instagram is only enclosed in the app. But on Twitter, you can quickly drive engagement outside of the platform.

Best Social Media for Business – Functionality

Compared to Twitter, Instagram keeps you within the app. Its value comes from inside the app and highlights the contents that users share.

In a nutshell, Twitter is a content distribution tool. But of course, you have to create content based on content creation guidelines and have your staff be in the content creator workflow. There’s not much original content on Twitter, and the network often consists of users sharing live updates or links. It’s all about following real-time happenings. Twitter’s value comes from the content that you find from other websites. Just imagine if people could not Tweet any link. Then, the platform would not be as successful as it is nowadays.

But, this does not mean that one approach is better than the other. These two platforms are just different. As such, it is important that you look at the goals of your brand. One might be much more favorable compared to the other.

Take, for example, if your company offers content writing services and has a consistent supply of fresh website content creation that you want to promote, then Twitter is excellent for you. It is one of the ways to easily share your content online and with millions of users.

However, if you have a relatively static site, then you might want to take advantage more of Instagram. You can share quality content on the platform and keep a link to your website on your bio on what you want to promote at the moment.

Twitter offers customer interaction for your business. After all, this social network is all about conversations which is the reason why a lot of brands prefer it for customer services. Consumers love using Twitter for feedback and support, and people are not afraid to voice out their opinions of companies in their Twitter accounts, good or bad.

Instagram has different functionality. Companies do not actively monitor their accounts on Instagram as they do on Twitter. In fact, most businesses use Twitter for support. If you sell products like makeup or services like content creation services, Twitter is essential. You can directly interact with customers here. It’s also one of the reasons why Twitter is one of the top social media channels today.

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