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Buy Instagram Likes | Best 5 Apps (with Free Trials)

January 19, 2020

Are you looking for a reliable app to buy Instagram likes? Do you want to get real likes from real people? Well, you are in the right place.

Here we are going to introduce a few Instagram likes apps for real likes from real people. Our team has tested all these apps, and they were working in 2020.

Note: before choosing your app, make sure that the likes are from real people, not some fake bot accounts. Those fake likes will not only add any value to your page, but they will put your account at risk of getting shadowbanned and may be removed by the Instagram algorithm.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Likes

Instagram likes directly influence your engagement numbers, and together they are an important measure of your posts’ performance. The more likes you get on your posts, the higher chance you have to appear on the explore page on your hashtags, and this is the best organic way to grow your followers.

So buying Instagram likes is also buying Instagram followers! This is the best way to invest in your account for later revenues.

Best Apps to buy Instagram likes

1.AiGrow – Instagram Marketing Made Easy

AiGrow is one of the best Instagram marketing platforms available on the market. It comes with some great features, including a professional Instagram scheduler, Auto Direct messenger, Multiple-link-in-bio tool, VIP growth service, and many other cool features that you can test with a free account. But here, we are going to focus on their engagement PODs which is the best and most organic way to grow your likes, comments, and other engagement metrics.

AiGrow PODs come in a variety of niches and functions (like, comment, share, re-post). The pricing depends on the number of people in each POD (which equals the number of likes/comments you get on your posts. you can buy any of their like packages based on your account’s growth. There are 3 types of PODs for buying likes on AiGrow:

Starter PODs – up-to-100 Likes –  Free

Rising PODs – 100 to 500 Likes

Turbo PODs – 500 to 1000 Likes

SuperTurbo PODs – up to 5K Likes

AiGrow Pricing

As you can see below, you can buy Instagram likes from AiGrow in 3 Packages:


Likegrowers is an online platform that offers organic growth for Instagram. Using this tool, you can get real likes from real people on Instagram. So, there are no worries about being blocked by Instagram. Actually, this platform uses growth engines. Hence, you can set targets to achieve the appropriate number of audiences you need. 

Likegrowers offers three different plans that differ mostly in the maximum number of likes you receive. These plans are as follows:

To buy Instagram likes from LikeGrowers, click here and proceed with your account.


Another good social media engagement tool you can use to buy Instagram likes is Robolike. Robolike is an Instagram auto-liker bot and helps you to receive as many likes as you want. Actually, using this tool, you can target HashTags to get relateable likes. Moreover, you can gain followers and auto-likes using it. 

Robolike offers just one plan, and as you see below, it costs 7.77$ per month. Moreover, it has a 3-days free trial, so you can examine all the features to get familiar with its features. 


InstaLike is another Instagram engagement app you can use to buy Instagram likes for your Instagram account. Actually, this app is more than just a like gainer platform, and using it, you can also have some other features such as:

  • Automatic Likes, Comments, Following, and Unfollowing
  • Promote Unlimited Accounts of Instagram
  • Offline Service: No Need for Installing an App
  • Showing All Instagram Chats in One Place
  • Schedule Videos
  • Send Direct Messages Automatically

InstaLike offers three different plans, and each plan is focused on some of the features. In the following image, you can see the packages, their prices, and also features each one supports:


As another choice, you can consider buying likes from InstaMacro. InstaMacro is an Instagram management tool helping you buy Instagram likes and follows. What this platform does is give you real likes from real people. So, it can be an excellent choice because Instagram has put some strict limitations and prevents users who use bots from receiving likes and follows.

Luckily, InstaMacro offers so many plans. So, you can easily choose the best for your needs and get better results. This platform’s good option is that you can customize your own plan and calculate the price if you are not satisfied with the offered packages. In the picture below, you can see the prices:


In a nutshell, to grow your Instagram engagement rate and succeed in your Instagram business, you need to receive more likes, comments, and followers. Undoubtedly, to get the best possible result in a short time, besides all the simple things you can do, it is essential to use an Instagram like-app. Fortunately, there are so many apps that you can buy Instagram likes from. However, it is hard to choose the one. So, in this article, we introduced some of the best apps and also their features. One of the best apps you can use to buy Instagram likes from is AiGrow that is based on engagement pods and lets you receive real likes. So, open their website right now and sign up for free

Do you know any other reliable apps for buying Instagram likes? drop us a comment below and share your brilliant ideas with your friends 😉

This post was last modified on July 14, 2021 18:54


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