Can you Buy Instagram Followers and Should You Do It?

Can you Buy Instagram Followers and Should You Do It?

With every day that passes, it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between real and fake accounts on Instagram. With the potential for becoming an Instagram influencer at an all-time high, everyone is racing to show top brands that they have a large following and high engagement. The question at the top of everyone’s mind then, is can you buy Instagram followers? More importantly, is it worth it?

Should You Buy Your Followers?

The short answer is probably not. People tend to believe that the larger their following, the more successful they will be. This isn’t necessarily the case. If a brand looks at an account with 3 million followers but only 1 or 2 comments on each post, it becomes quite obvious that those followers aren’t real.

What really creates success on Instagram is high engagement with your followers. Even if you only 1,000 followers, if you are receiving 200 likes and 20 comments on each post, that is way more attractive to a sponsor.

Enter Smart Automation Tools

Although buying followers may not be worth it (especially when you consider the price – 50,000 followers for $250, for example), you can certainly achieve a large following with high engagement using automation tools.

Automation tools, like AiGrow, take out all of the grunt work typically associated with growing a social media channel (liking, commenting, following, etc.) while still allowing you to build a legitimate following consisting of real people.

So can you buy Instagram followers? You certainly can, but you probably shouldn’t. Taking into account the cost involved and the return on investment for both buying followers and using automation tools, it makes much more sense to use smart automation tools to grow your following on Instagram.

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