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Categories: Digital Marketing

How To Counter PBN Sites With Content And Social Media

There are many ways on how you can build quality links and establish website authority. One is by using Private Blog Networks. But what exactly is a PBN? And how can you counter a PBN tactic?

Private Blog Networks can help you acquire a massive amount of links from authoritative websites. The domains that are part of a PBN are either already expired or are expiring soon. But why would anyone spend cash on expired domains?

The reason is quite simple. Search engines still recognize such website to be highly-authoritative, thus the backlinks in there are also of good quality. With an already established website linking contents to your money-making site, your site gets an instant boost.

However, not all PBNs are worth it.

To better understand why PBNs can either hurt your SEO efforts to boost your rankings and domain authority, here are the pros and cons of PBN websites linking to your page.

Pros of using PBNs

The main purpose of using PBNs are to acquire backlinks. By having good quality backlinks linking to your website, it gives search engines enough reason also to trust your page, thus increasing your domain authority. With backlinks acting as site recommendations, it can also help improve your Google rank.

Cons of using PBNs

While PBNs can indeed help with your SEO, a single moment of vulnerability can lead to penalties. Google makes algorithm updates regularly. The reasons are to catch better those who try to trick their ranking system. Think of PBNs as a get-rich-quick scam. You may easily achieve the results you want, but once Google catches you, you get to enjoy penalties.

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Competitors And PBNs

So, you’ve decided not to work with PBNs. You know that it can give positive effects to your SEO. But you also realize the risks that come with PBN use. But what happens if a competitors make use of PBNs and managed to outrank you in search results? Think of the following scenario.

You’ve been working with your backlink strategies for a while now, and so far, your efforts are paying off. But one day, you learned after a competitor’s analysis that one site is using the very same keywords you use to rank. This caused a drop in your Google rank, and consequently, your organic traffic and conversions. What does it mean?

You can conclude that that particular niche site is using PBN backlinks to rank up in Google using the same keywords as yours. The following are signs that a page is part of a Private Blogging Network.

Links are irrelevant to the contents posted within the website

One of the most common mistakes of PBN owners is buying domains that are not related to their money-making site’s niche. Thus, they try to create backlinks by inserting links within the domain. They do this even if the link doesn’t flow naturally within the contents.

The page is likely to have tons of broken links. It is unusual for PBN owners to spend time fixing broken links and filing them with contents. One can check this with a public backlink scan.

Hidden WhoIs data

Website owners register their contact information in the website Some page owners indeed opt to keep their privacy. However, a considerable number of PBN owners always have their WhoIs data in private.

Low To No Traffic

Good blogs get a good amount of traffic monthly. If you suspect a blog to be part of a PBN, check their estimated traffic data. SimilarWeb can help you with this. Watch out for unusually low to no traffic at all.

Poor Visuals And Contents

PBN owners usually don’t care about optimizing their contents as well as their images. They typically use poor quality images and contents.

Countering PBNs with Contents and Social Media

If after some investigation, you are almost certain that a competitor site is part of a PBN, the best you can do is to counter it with better quality contents and a solid social media strategy. The main purpose of PBNs is to increase ranking, drive more traffic, and make conversions through link-building. However, creating quality contents and taking advantage of social media is the best way to build quality links for your website.

Here’s how to use contents and social media to fight PBN sites from raking in a higher rank in Google.

Create Quality Contents That Are Share-Worthy

It is not enough that you create quality contents that your target audiences will find useful and informative. It needs to have the qualities that make them share-worthy in social media. If it is not share-worthy, you’ll be stuck with having to wait for users to google your keywords and click on your content.

Share-worthy contents attract your followers and potential clients into reading your contents and visiting your page. If they find it useful and entertaining, it increases the chances of your contents getting shared in social media. The more reach your contents gets, the more you can benefit from it.

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Stay Social And Active

If you have a website, then it is imperative that you have a social media page. However, having one is not enough. Your social media profiles need to be appealing to your audience. It needs to be accurate and up-to-date. You need to keep on posting relevant contents to your niche that are share-worthy.

Another thing is that you need to be active in socializing with your followers, clients, and potential customers. Answer their messages and comments and respond to feedback.

Take Advantage Of Local Citations

Business who offers local citation service has lots of services to offer. They can do local citation building service aside from citation audit and cleanup service. With a citation cleanup, professionals will thoroughly check all your business listings and correct the outdated and incorrect data. With this, your customers and potential clients can easily find you through local search.

Citation cleanup service also works to check on your backlinks and can provide you with new link sources. They can check on your site contents and let you know how much content is there, if there are any duplicates or if you need to add more or not.

Author Bio:

Alex Lopez is a web content writer, blogger, and marketer. She enjoys writing almost anything under the sun, but her favorites include SEO, Technology, Cryptocurrency and anything about local citations and SerpSpace Audits.