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April 6, 2020

50 Creative Instagram Accounts in 10 Categories

By Mpro

Instagram is a place to share your creative ideas and make your art go viral! Here, we are gonna see some of the most creative Instagram accounts in 10 categories! 

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Food

1- Gordon Ramsey

One of the best food accounts you must follow on Instagram is the official account of Gordon Ramsey! Definitely, you know that he is the best chef alive on the earth, and hence, you can expect to see some creative food recipes here!

2- Jamie Oliver

Another creative Instagram account you must follow to see amazing foods is Jamie Oliver’s official account! Doubtlessly, after Gordon, he is the best contemporary chef in the world! Also, if you don’t have time to shop for groceries every day and cook advanced foods, his “5 Ingredients” recipes can be really fruitful!

3- twisted

It’s not possible to visit this account randomly on Instagram and don’t get hungry! Twisted is a food account that always teaches you new and creative recipes! So, if you are a fan of cooking new foods, you must follow them with no doubt!

4- Healthy Little Cravings

Are you trying to live and eat healthily? Roberta tells you how to do that! This professional food photographer shares amazing photos of healthy food and inspires you to try them all!

5- So Yummy

If you are the kind of person who cares about the taste and likes to design the food, this is where you should be! So Yummy is a creative food account that shows you how to cook delicious, eye-catching, and aesthetic food!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Illustrations/Comics

1- Planet Prudence

Undoubtedly, she is one of the most creative illustrators you can find, and she has her art noticed on Instagram! Actually, as she said in her bio, her creative Instagram account helps you see that your thought aren’t alone! Also, if you are a feminist or want to know more about it, Planet Prudence can help you see what’s going on funnily!

2- Kit Agar

Kit Agar brings you to another world with her creative Instagram account! Actually, she is an abstract illustrator, and what she does can inspire you to find your own way of creativity! Also, she sells gift cards, pencil cases, and other stuff designed by her creative paintings!

3- Koketit

Another creative Instagram account is Koketit! Actually, she is a digital artist, and as she mentioned in her bio, the world is her canvas! She draws some amazing art pieces on pictures from the real world, which is exactly what makes her unique!

4- Adam Ellis

One of the best, coolest, and most amazing comic drawers on Instagram is Adam Ellis! Actually, by exploring his page, you will feel better! Additionally, he has a video game that has been introduced on Fever Knights’ account!

5- Catana Comics

If you are looking to see some cute couple comics on Instagram, Catana can help you for sure! Undoubtedly, Catana is one of the best illustrators out there. Sharing some of her moments with her fiance using these funny comics reminds you to enjoy every moment with your partner!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Travel

1- Marie Fe And Jake Snow

Marie and Jake are a couple who travel to the most pristine natural spots in the world and encourage you to live healthily!

2- Beautiful Destinations

If you are a travel addict and like to know more about your next destination, you must take a look at this creative Instagram account to find the most beautiful destinations all around the world and maybe choose where to travel!

3- Tara Milk Tea

Another good Instagram traveler is Tara Milk Way! Following her account, you can travel to eye-catching destinations on the earth and see some amazing photos! 

4- Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann is a travel influencer, photographer, and filmmaker who travels the world and captures amazing photos! Actually, what makes him unique and creative is how he captures the style of women in different parts of the world!

5- Pretty Cities New York

If you love New York City as I do and have not been fortunate enough to travel there yet, follow this account to explore it through Instagram! Also, if you live there, you can look at this account to find some new and amazing spots in your city!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Fashion

1- Gigi Hadid

Gigi is one of the most beautiful models worldwide, and following her account, you can learn some essential fashion tips!

2- Stefania Model

One of the most amazing models you must follow on Instagram is Stefania Ferrario! Actually, Stefania is a body-positive model and tells you that you are beautiful in every size and color!

3- Bright Bazaar

Don’t know how to look handsome in colorful clothes? Well! Let Will Taylor tell you how to do it!

4- Fabio Attanasio

If you are a fan of classic fashion but don’t know anything about it, this account is good to learn some creative tips from!

5- Pull & Bear

Following the Pull & Bear Instagram account, you can get some ideas about young youth fashion!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Photography

1- Natural Geographic

Natural Geographic is one of the most creative Instagram accounts in the category of natural photography! Actually, here you can see the best shots of the best natural photographers all around the world!

2- Babak Amin Tafreshi

Babak is one of the best contemporary natural photographers you can find! Actually, he is posting true single exposures of the universe!

3- Macenzo

Following Dirk, you can see some amazing, creative, and eye-catching geometrical photos taken from buildings and objects!

4- Darryll Jones

“Just a dude. Taking pictures of his 12” plastic toy, and friends.” This is how Darryll Jones explains himself and his photographs on Instagram! He is definitely one of the most creative photographers you can find!!

5- Maria Svarbova

If you are looking for a colorful, creative Instagram account in the photography category, Maria is the one you should follow! Actually, she has really creative ideas and captures some amazing photos!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Science

1- TED

Of course, you know TED! TED is one of the most creative Instagram accounts you can find in the science category! Here, you can get some professional advice from professional speakers in every single field you can imagine!

2- Technology Review

MIT technology review is one of the most creative accounts on Instagram that must be followed to know what’s going on worldwide! Following this account, you will be informed about the newest events, technologies, and ideas!

3- New Scientist

If you are the type of person who always loved to be a scientist, this is where you must seek on Instagram. Here, you can find some amazing pieces of information and become a person who knows many things!


To infinity and beyond! This is what Buzz Lightyear tells you, but the NASA account on Instagram makes you feel it! If you are enthusiastic about the earth, stars, life on other planets, etc., this is the most creative Instagram account you must follow!

5- Technology

You are a technophile? And you want to know what technological devices have been invented recently? So, the Technology account is the right place for you!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Shopping

1- Swatch

Undoubtedly, Swach is famous for its colorful amazing watches, and its Instagram account is one of the best shopping accounts you can find!

2-Design Within Reach

If you like to buy some decorations and want them to be unique and creative, this account can be helpful for sure!


Colorful, amazing sneakers and T-shirts! This is what Vans offers you! Additionally, they have a creative Instagram account which makes you buy something for sure!


Not only do they offer you high-quality bags and backpacks, but also they encourage you to care about natural resources! Bellroy’s account shows you how their products have been made from recovered plastic bottles, and this is what makes them creative!

5- S’well

Here you can find the most creative bottles all around the world! S’well is an Instagram shopping account that sells unique bottles and home stuff and captures them aesthetically!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Fitness

1- Mr. And Mrs. Muscle

Searching for amazing home workouts to do with your partner? This account can be helpful! Actually, Mr. and Mrs. muscle teach you some creative cardio workouts to do at home!

2- Kaisa Fit

Kaisa is one of the best athletes you can find on Instagram! Despite the skinny workout instructors you see on Instagram, she is a large person with awesome muscles that have her own style in working out!

3- London Fitness Guy

Follow James to see how does a London guy does sports! He is another creative Instagram sports instructor and shows you how to do your best to stay fit!

4- Sjana Elise

A feminist, self-lover, and Yoga instructor! This is exactly how one can define Sjana!

5- Alex Crockford

Alex is one of the best Under Armour fitness trainers who shows you how to do heavy workouts!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Inspiration

1- Copper Guitars

Looking for inspiration to create your own musical instruments? Copper Guitars is the one that inspires you for sure! No matter what! He creates a guitar from whatever you can imagine; iPhones, Noodles, etc.! 


If you are a dance lover and can’t wait to dance but are not inspired enough, this account can help you! Here, you can see some amazing dance choreographies!

3- Matt Haig

Matt Haig is the bestselling and award-winning author of “The Humans”! Actually, his Instagram account is one of the most creative inspirational accounts you can find! He inspires people to start living and enjoy every moment, especially in these hard days of quarantine!

4- Paola Antonini

Suppose you have lost your passion for keeping on working and trying your best, taking a look at Paola’s Instagram account! This amazing, adorable, beautiful, and hard-working lady shows you that nothing and no one can keep you from achieving your goals!

5- Steve Maraboli

Steve Maraboli is an author, behaviorist, and speaker who pushes you forward when you are stuck in the middle of hell! So, if you are looking for a creative Instagram account to inspire you, this is the one you must think of!

Creative Instagram Accounts in #Fun

1- Cartoon-Box Animation

If you want to have fun during your Instagram exploration, follow Cartoon-Box and laugh for seconds! He is definitely awesome! 🙂

2- Dude With Sign

Definitely, you might have noticed photos of a guy with a message on cardboard on Instagram! Actually, this dude stands in the streets with his sign and tells people to do something which is not funny, but what he does is really funny!!

3- Sarcasm Only

Don’t know how to be sarcastic? Well, maybe this Instagram account can give you some ideas!

4- Brent Rivera

If you are looking for some funny videos on Instagram, you must follow Brent with no doubts! Definitely, Brent has one of the most creative Instagram accounts in this category!

5- Amanda Cerny

You have definitely seen Amanda’s videos on Instagram! She and her friends try to create some funny Instagram videos, and recently, they have become viral worldwide! Also, she has creative ways of using stories

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