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6 Tools To Help You Get Free Subscribers On YouTube

Read first: before you resort to using the tools below to help you get free subscribers on YouTube, consider using Instagram first.

Here’s why: 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing a post with a call-to-action.

What “Taking action” actually means is going to change depending on what a post is asking viewers to do, but in this case, taking action means checking out your YouTube channel and potentially subscribing to you.

For example, let’s say that you get an Instagram post advertising your YouTube channel in front of 100 people a day. According to the study above, that means that you expect roughly 75 of those 100 people to go check out your YouTube channel and potentially subscribe to you every single day. If you maintain this every day of the week, that’s 300 new visitors to your YouTube channel every week!

So how do you get your posts in front of people on Instagram who are actually interested in what you do on YouTube?

Here’s an easy 5-step road map (or read a dedicated article about hashtag research):

  1. think of a general keyword related to your YouTube channel (if you’re a fitness YouTuber, for example, you could search a keyword as simple as “fitness”)
  2. Search this keyword on Instagram
  3. record all of the popular hashtags that result from your search
  4. Like and comment on as many of the posts using these hashtags as possible.
  5. repeat this for every keyword you can think of related to your YouTube channel.

While this method is effective for connecting with your target audience on Instagram, it’s also very time-consuming. As a YouTuber, you don’t want to take away precious time from creating quality content and building up your channel by Liking and commenting on posts all day.

To help you get free subscribers from Instagram while still having the time and energy to focus on Youtube, use a tool like AiGrow.

Just take the hashtags from your research above, feed them into the AiGrow growth engine, and AiGrow will begin automatically Liking, following, DMing, and commenting on posts of people using these hashtags (your target audience).

But don’t just take our word for it! Try AiGrow for free by clicking here and see the results for yourself.

Okay, onto the tools!

Here are 5 tools you can use right now to get free subscribers on YouTube.


How it works:

Free Plan (Basic Plan): After signing up for free, you will be redirected to a screen with a number of Youtube channels. After subscribing to 10 of these channels and Liking 10 videos, you will then receive 3-5 new subscribers within 24 hours.

Free Plan (Starter Plan): Same as above, but you have to subscribe to 20 channels and Like 20 videos. In return, you will receive 10 new subscribers within 12 hours.


How it works:

Same services as Subpals. Likely owned and operated by the same people. When used in combination, you can gain even more free subscribers.


How it works:

After signing into your account, you must subscribe to 20 Youtube accounts in exchange for getting 10 new subscribers. You can repeat this every day.

How it works:

After creating an account and attaching your YouTube channel, you have to manually follow 10 Youtube channels in exchange for 5 new subscribers. You can do this once a day.


How it works:

This service works on a point-exchange system.

Every new subscriber you get costs you points. You earn points by subscribing to other Youtube channels, Liking videos. and inviting other people to join Traffup.

The more channels you subscribe to and videos you like, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more free subscribers you can “purchase”.

There you have it! 5 tools you can use right now to get more free subscribers on YouTube, as well as how to use a free platform like Instagram to drive more potential subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Know another way to gain free subscribers not explored above? Drop us a comment below sharing your wisdom.