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Categories: Digital Marketing

Gen Z Marketing Strategies: 5 Crucial Tips

It seems like only yesterday that Millennials were the main topic of numerous conversations. They’ve made such a huge impact on the world around them as they were the first generation to do things differently. However, now that we’ve got a bit more familiar with the way Millennials do things, it’s already time to look into the future. While Millennials are certainly going to stick around for quite some time, Generation Z will shortly follow. That means that companies need to get back to researching once more how to market to this new generation of consumers. And even though these two generations may seem similar at first glance, there are still subtle differences companies need to appeal to. With that said, here are 5 crucial marketing strategies that seem to appeal most to Gen Z.

#1 Offer Experience Rather Than Just a Product

Gen Z is the generation that grew up with the internet. As such, they’ve already come in contact with various products and services from a very early age. That’s why simply trying to sell them what you have to offer usually won’t work. Gen Z is not just looking to make a purchase. They’re actually looking for the experience that follows it. That’s why companies should focus on putting more emphasis on the said experience. For that reason, companies that not only offer products but also a great idea that follows them stand to gain a lot. For instance, brands like Urban Outfitters offer cute and trendy clothes. But they also offer the vibe of edginess and uniqueness that appeals to their audience. Also, take a look at their Instagram account:

That’s why some experts say that, nowadays, 25% of what you sell is your product and 75% is the experience, especially on social media websites like Instagram. So, offer an experience rather than products and improve your strategy to sell on Instagram.

#2 Use Video to Boost Your Gen Z Marketing Strategies

It’s no secret that video content is a good way to entirely overtake the world of content. Today, it’s the most sought-after and consumed type of content. Gen Z actually really prefers this type of content over any other. That’s why platforms such as Tik Tok became so popular so fast. Additionally, YouTube is the other platform mostly frequented by Gen Z. That’s why marketers need to pay more attention to producing high-quality, entertaining video ads. Again, you need to be careful not to simply shill your offer to your audience. Instead, you should offer them a chance to learn and entertain themselves as well.

By the way, one of the best platforms to share short videos is Instagram. Actually, if you have channels on YouTube and Tik Tok, a great way to boost your video views is to share them on Instagram and add CTAs to invite people to watch the videos you have shared. This way, you may need to convert Tik Tok videos to Instagram posts or share a YouTube video on Instagram.

Unfortunately, this is not possible using the Instagram app itself. However, using an Instagram scheduler like AiSchedul, you can make it way easier and also share longer videos on your Instagram account. So, go ahead, sign up for free, and give it a try.

#3 Foster transparency

Transparency is the key to success. This is particularly true in this day and age. Consumers can nowadays learn all they need to know about a company without even visiting their website. And, in most cases, modern consumers do just that before they decide to try a brand out. That’s why businesses need to put transparency front and center. A great example of this is one of the best review websites AskGamblers. Within their niche, in particular, transparency plays a crucial role. That’s why, today, AskGamblers is deemed one of the most reputable resource websites in the industry.

#4 Choose the Right Influencers

Influencer marketing has always been a great way to reach certain audiences and help your business out. However, the days of hiring top-tier influencers are long behind us. Just remember the commercial Pepsi did with Britney Spears back in the day.

The cost of that campaign reached millions. Nowadays, brands should turn more towards micro-influencers. Not only will the campaigns cost significantly lower, but they tend to feel more genuine. Since we’ve already mentioned YouTube, turning to YouTubers and Instagram influencers is a far better idea. Some of the lowest-tier influencers may not even charge for their services as long as they find the brand worthy of promotion. And even though their reach is not as big as the one of Shane Dawson or Jenna Marbles, they still have a pretty significant following.

#5 Ace Customer Engagement

In the end, it’s important to mention that Gen Z is not only looking for companies they will do business only once with. Instead, they’re looking for businesses they can keep on working with in the future. To Gen Z, businesses that foster the relationship with their customers are quite appealing. That’s why you need to make sure you engage with your customers as much as possible. Listen to what they have to say even after they’ve made a purchase. Foster strong connections with your audience. Ask your audience for feedback and actually try to implement some of their suggestions. With Gen Z, the communication needs to happen both ways if you ever hope to retain them.

Final Thoughts on Gen Z Marketing Strategies

As you can see, these strategies that seem to work best for Gen Z aren’t hugely different than the ones that apply to Millennials. These strategies most commonly focus on keeping no secrets and being transparent with everything you do. Nowadays, checking a business out is super easy. So, make sure that anyone looking for your business will only see honest positive things.