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May 1, 2020

How to Add Email Button on Instagram? Anyone Can Have It!

By Mpro

A few years ago, Instagram introduced the “email address” button in the profile. Using this feature, users can send an email to the page’s owner. If you add a phone number to your Instagram page too, the button changes its name to”contact.” If you want to know how to add an email button on Instagram, read this article till the end!

But first, let’s see what the advantages of having an email button on Instagram are?

Why add the email button on Instagram?

With this button, your followers can easily contact you via email. You might think the email button is unnecessary, as Instagram has another great way of sending messages: Instagram DMs. But the truth is, email has some advantages over direct messages or other types of communication on Instagram.

First of all, email is still the most professional way of interacting with customers. Secondly, you have more flexibility using email when it comes to sending documents. For example, if you have a fashion page and sell clothes when a customer wants to see more of what you offer, it’s much easier to attach your products’ catalog to an email rather than sending their pictures one by one via DM.

Finally, and most importantly, by having such button on your page, you can start collecting your fans’ emails. Why having your followers’ email addresses is essential? Because after a while, you will have a valuable list of emails that you can use to run a successful email campaign! In case you don’t know, although it is older than other modern marketing channels, email has the highest ROI (return of investment). Email marketing produces $44 for every $1 spent!

Moreover, you can increase the email clickthrough rate by 300%, only by adding a video to your email. This video can be your latest promotional video that you’ve also uploaded on your Instagram page. On the other hand, your followers’ email addresses are double precious, because these are people who already show their interest in your business by following you. So, as you can see, email is a fantastic way to communicate with them! Then why not use the most of it? Let’s see how!

How to add the email button on Instagram?

It’s easy to add an Instagram email button to your page. All you need is a business account, and the Instagram app installed on your phone. Follow these simple steps to see how to add an email button on Instagram.

Step 1: in your profile, click on edit.

Edit Profile

Step 2: under  “public business information,” click on “contact options.”

Contact Options

Step 3: add your email address and tap on the tick.

Add Email

And it’s done! Your profile will look like this:

Email Button on Instagram

How to hide the email button on Instagram?

If, for any reason, you prefer not to show your email address on Instagram profile, you can simply go to the “contact options” again and simply remove your email address. But this way, you lose the opportunity to collect your followers’ emails. Don’t worry; there is still a way to receive emails from your followers without them seeing your email address. Read the following to find out.

AiSchedul: unlimited links in your bio

AiSchedul is an Instagram marketing tool that offers many tools to make things a lot easier for you on Instagram. As the name indicates, AiSchedul’s main feature is a great scheduler for Instagram. But, in this article, we’re going to introduce another excellent feature that this Instagram manager app offers: Bio Link.

AiSchedul bio link

With AiSchedul bio link, you can add unlimited external links to your bio. Also, using this feature, you can create an email form and interact and collect your followers’ email addresses without showing your own email address. This is how AiSchedul bio link works:

First, sign up for AiSchedul for free. Then click on the “BIO LINK” tab and start discovering its features.

Bio Link

Here, you can claim your unique bio, which will be added to your Instagram bio. With this link, you can add as many external links to your bio as you want. Here is an example:

Bio Link Page

As you can see, you can also add your social media links, coupon, and of course, the email address so that the followers contact you easily. To add your email address to this part, drag and drop the “contact me” button to the left side. Here, you can enter your email (it won’t be shown to the followers). When you click ok, an email form will appear on your URL like this:

Contact Me Button

Why use AiSchedul instead of the Instagram email button?

There are several advantages of using AiSchedul email contact form instead of the Instagram email button. First of all, using AiShedul, your email address is hidden from your followers. Secondly, your Instagram profile might seem a little bit messy if you add an email button and other “call to action” buttons. Not to mention that you can add only one “call to action” button, but with AiSchedul, you can add as many buttons as you wish.

Conclusion on the Instagram email button

Using an Instagram email button can significantly help you to increase your engagement with your followers. So, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing and make the most of it by using Instagram marketing tools such as AiSchedul to collect email addresses.

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