How to Get Sales on Shopify with Instagram in 2018 (4 Ways)

How to Get Sales on Shopify with Instagram in 2018 (4 Ways)

If you are a small business on Shopify and you aren’t on Instagram, you’re missing out.

Here are some quick stats explaining why:

  • Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform.
  • The average order placed on Instagram is $65.00, which is higher than any other top 5 social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • 60% of users find new products on Instagram

What do these stats tell us? People are leaving comments, asking questions, and generally engaging with content on Instagram, they are willing to spend a lot of money, and they are constantly on the look out for new products.

If there was ever a time to succeed on Instagram from a business perspective, it’s now.

Read on to learn how to get sales on Shopify through Instagram:

How to Get Sales on Shopify: Work with Instagram Influencers

Gone are the days of celebrity endorsements. People believe their friends more than they believe celebrities they don’t know.

Research who is influential in your niche and reach out to them asking if they’d be willing to share your content with their audience.

In exchange for them posting about your business, offer to provide free samples of your product or a portion of the sales made through a link placed in their bio.

Larger “macro” influencers may also for a fee to share your products with their audience. See the infographic below to get a better of idea of what you can expect to pay:

how much Instagram influencers make
Courtesy of Bloomberg

In addition to using influencers, you can also encourage satisfied customers to post to Instagram and tag you in their posts. Don’t worry about the size of their audience as these types of posts are more to provide your business withs social credibility.

When people visit your channel and they see pictures of satisfied customers, their decision to check out your store and ultimately buy from you becomes easier. When they see that many people before them have been satisfied with their purchase from you, you as a business become more trustworthy.

For a WAY more in-depth article explaining how to find the right influencers for your business (and how to set up your first influencer campaign from scratch), read our guide Instagram Influencers: Finding Them, Working With Them, and 10 Cases to Learn From.

How to Get Sales on Shopify: Integrate Your Shopify Store

As a business, you want to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible for your customers.

Especially when you consider that 60% of users find new products on Instagram

That’s why integrating your store into your Instagram page is a necessity.

Once you integrate your Shopify with your Instagram page, you can tag your posts with products from your Shopify store. When clicked on, users are brought right to your Shopify store where they can then easily make a purchase.

shoppable instagram

Here’s what you need to integrate your store according to Shopify:

  • You need to have the Facebook channel with an approved Facebook Shop.
  • You need to use the Online Store sales channel.
  • You need a business profile on Instagram.
  • You need to be on the Basic Shopify plan or higher.
  • The Instagram app that you are using needs to be the latest version available in your country.

Watch the video below to learn how to integrate your store with Shopify:

How to Get Sales on Shopify: Advertise in Your Instagram Bio

Your bio is the only part of your Instagram profile where you can place a clickable link. As a business, it then makes sense that you should place a link to your store in your bio.

including link in Instagram bio

After linking to your store, your bio should consist of any other necessary information people need to know about your business. A simple way to do this is to include:

  • what you do
  • any credentials/awards
  • a strong call-to-action (“get your discount through the link in the bio!”)

For a dedicated article explaining how to best optimize your Instagram profile, read our article Beyond the Post: Optimizing Your Instagram Profile.

How to Get Sales on Shopify: Instagram Advertising

It’s not free, but it might as well be.

For less than the price of a Starbucks coffee a day, you can put your store in front of your target demographic.

instagram advertising

You can target your ads based on (from Instagram):

  • Location: target people based in specific locations like states, provinces, cities or countries.
  • Demographics: narrow your audience based on information like age, gender and languages.
  • Interests: reach people based on interests like apps they use, ads they click and accounts they follow.
  • Behaviors: define your audience by activities they do on and off of Instagram and Facebook.
  • Custom Audiences: run ads to customers you already know based on their email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Lookalike Audiences: find new people who are similar to your existing customers.
  • Automated Targeting: we help you quickly create an audience who might be interested in your business using a variety of signals including location, demographics and interests.

You can also look at Instagram advertising as helping you to refine your non-paid targeting. For example, if you are a business selling pet food bowls and you notice that your paid campaign targeting dog owners in Los Angeles is performing substantially better than your other campaigns, you can take that information and use it to optimize your hashtags.

You can do this manually by tagging your content with these optimized hashtags and engaging with people using these hashtags, or you can use a smart automation tool like AiGrow which allows you to auto Like, comment, follow, and DM people based on hashag-use, location, and competitor connection. When you know the kind of people who are likely to buy from your business, you can tell the automation engine to engage with those kinds of people as expressed through hashtags.

Here’s how you would target dog owners in Los Angeles using AiGrow:

get more leads for Shopify

We’re targeting Instagram users who are using such hashtags as #dogsofinstagram and #dogsitting, who are located in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and who are following such Instagram users as @dogs.lovers, @corginstagrams, and @lacorgi.

Engaging with people who you know belong to your target audience (as indicated by the hashtags/geotags they use) is one of the most effective ways to attract people to your Instagram channel who are likely to convert to paying customers.

Use any of the four tactics above to drive more traffic to your online store and generate more sales for your Shopify business.

Have you had success promoting your Shopify business on Instagram? Drop your wisdom in the comments below!

To really get your store running on hi-octane, Here’s a set of Shopify apps to help you drive more sales.

In the meantime, to save time and produce even more results for your Shopify business, consider using a smart Instagram automation tool like AiGrow. Sign up for AiGrow free today and see for yourself!

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