How to Repost on Instagram: 8 Simple Ways in 2019

How to Repost on Instagram: 8 Simple Ways in 2019

People expect consistent, daily content now more than ever. The problem with this is that people also expect quality content. You could post the highest quality posts but if they’re not consistent enough, people are going to forget about you. You could post twice a day every day of the week, but if your posts aren’t high enough quality people are going to scroll right by. You have to find a balance, and this is why learning how to repost on Instagram is a necessity.

Reposting on Instagram is a great way to be able to post daily while still having enough time and energy to create original, high quality content.

Disclaimer: be sure to ask the owner of the post you want to sure if they are okay with you reposting their content. Posting other people’s content without their consent violates Instagram user policy and could result in you having your account temporarily blocked or shut down. 

With that in mind, here’s how to repost on Instagram in 2018 broken down into methods requiring tools and methods not requiring tools:

How to Repost on Instagram With Tools


(watch the video above to learn exactly how to repost on Instagram using Repost)


  • Repost photos and videos (copy and past the link of the post you want to repost into Instarepost)
  • Repost editor (crop photos and add stickers, emojis, texts and drawings to your reposts)
  • Clear watermarks (give ownership in a clean and non-distracting manner)
  • World and Local Trends (see what posts are being reposted the most)
  • Custom Chronological Feed (follow specific users so that you see when they upload new content for reposting)

Repost claims to be the oldest and original reposting app with nearly 200,000 reviews on the Google Play Store. The many bells and whistles offered by Repost that span beyond just reposting posts could also help to give your reposts a signature flare and help set you apart from the competition.

Repost for Instagram

Instagram repost


  • Repost photos and videos (copy and paste the link of the post you want to repost into Repost for Instagram)
  • Clear watermarks (give ownership in a clean and non-distracting manner)

Repost for Instagram is perfect for people not wanting to fuss with editing or other non-essential features and just needing to repost posts.


iconosquare reposting

  • Save Instagram photos for easy reposting (with Iconosquare installed, simply click “Repost” at the bottom right of any Instagram post)

While Iconsquare offers many more features than just reposting (including Instagram scheduling, analytics, desktop account control, and more), it’s simple one-click approach to reposting is very convenient. After clicking “Repost” the post is sent to your email where you can then edit and upload the post.

Download Gram


  • Save Instagram photos and video for easy reposting (paste the URL of the post you’d like to repost into Dinsta’ search bar)
  • No signup required

Download Gram is a very simple and completely free website that will take any Instagram URL and provide you with a JPG image or MP4 video of the post.



  • Save Instagram photos for easy reposting (search any hashtag or Instagram user and download posts right from their profile)
  • No signup required

Webstagram is a free website that allows you to search any Instagram user or hashtag, view the posts associated with those users or hashtags just as you would on Instagram and easily download any post right from the site.

How to Repost on Instagram Without Tools


While it won’t automatically repost for you, screenshotting is the easiest way to save an Instagram post for reposting. Just find a post you’d like to repost, screenshot the image, edit out the caption, edit the image however you want, and upload it to Instagram (making sure to credit the owner in your caption).

Influencer Marketing

hold contests to gain instagram followers
Skincare company Body Lush partnered with beauty guru @babithome to promote their natural new coffee scrub. After she posted on her channel, Body Lush then reposted the content on their own channel.

Influencer marketing is partnering with influential members in your industry to promote your business/brand/products to new and relevant audiences (read how to set up your own influencer marketing campaigns here).

After an influencer posts on their own channel about your brand, ask if they are okay with you resharing the post on your own channel. Now only does this provide you with easy, on-brand content, but, particularly if you are a business, showcasing the fact that influencers in your industry are promoting your product a great source of social proof to your followers and any potential customers.

Customer Experience Posts

Instagram social proof
Body Lush also encouraged its customers to post about their product experience by offering 50% off their next purchase.

Similar to influencer posts, posts from satisfied customers about your brand and/or product are a great source of easy, on-brand content and social proof.

Because a customer’s first reaction may not be to post about their experience with your business, you may have to incentivize customers to post. Some simple ways to do this include:

  • exposure (offer to repost your customer’s posts on your channel and to tag them for easy exposure)
  • discount towards their next purchase (offer a discount to your customers they can use towards their next purchase if they post about their experience with your business/product. This also encourages your customers to make another purchase)

So there you have it! 8 different ways how to repost on Instagram in 2018. If you know of another great tool or method not explored above, please share your wisdom in the comments below!

NOTE: If you use one of the methods above that downloads the photo or video but doesn’t automatically repost for you, consider using a scheduling tool like AiSchedul.

After downloading all the images/videos that you’d like to repost, you can quickly schedule them for days, weeks, or even months ahead right from your desktop using AiSchedul.

Don’t just take out word for it! Start your free 5-day trial right now by clicking here (no credit card required).

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