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Categories: Instagram Marketing

How to use Instagram for Business


We already know that Instagram is a great place for posting selfies and photos of food, but did you know that Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your brand?

In fact, a recent study found that Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement over other social platforms. And like any other social network out there, there are right and wrong ways to use it. Thus, how can you use Instagram to build an audience of customers around the business?

There are three useful methods that you can use to increase engagement and build a loyal following for your brand online on Insatgram.

Method 1: Use the right hashtags
Your goal on Instagram is to engage your current audience while growing your following. Posting new, interesting and engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement but if you want to start growing, you’ll find using hashtags to be extremely important. This is because hashtags make it easy for people to find your photos when they are searching for those specific terms. So, which hashtags should you use?

Instagram Online Hashtags

Well, like with Twitter and other social sites, users on Instagram use certain hashtags over others. So if you want to tag your photos properly, you’ll need to find and use the most relevant hashtags. AiGrow has a smart tool in their product for their growth engine for followers, a direct messaging tool as well as the Instagram Scheduler a hashtag search button which allows your search and find the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

Search Hashtags smartly

and Keep in mind that Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. Also, the popular words will change over time, so make sure you revisit your keyword hashtags every few months to make sure you’re using the best possible terms.

Now, here’s a trick you can try out for your e-commerce business. For every product and product category you carry, do the keyword research to see what the most popular Instagram hashtags are around those product categories. Come up with 15-20 popular hashtags for each category of products you sell, as well as a base of 5-10 popular tags that describe your brand and product offering overall.

Finally, try creating a list of popular local specific hashtags that relate to your brand. For example, if you owned a men’s fashion brand and were posting a pair of socks you carry, your hashtags might be like #mensfashion, #mensstyle, #menswear, #socks …

Keep all of these groups of keyword hashtags stored on your phone. This makes it easy and efficient when you’re about to post a new Instagram image optimized for the most relevant keywords. Organizing and saving the most applicable and popular hashtags will save you a lot of time down the road, increase your engagement and help garner new followers. Or alternatively, use AiGrow scheduler to post ahead of time and save a different group of hashtags and reuse them in the next post simply by clicking on your Hashtag library and adding them in.

Method 2: Steal your competitors’ followers
One of the best ways to find and attract new followers is by seeking out your closest competitors’ Instagram accounts and engaging with their audience. This method is extremely easy and effective.
The first thing you can do is picking a local competitor whose followers you can target. You may want to add your city to your profile, to create a greater sense of familiarity between your brand and the people you targeting.
There are three types of engagement on Instagram online. They are, follow a user, like a photo and a comment on a photo. These are all great ways of engaging followers, however the more effort you put in the better the results. So, you can start by simply following users who follow your competitors and this will definitely get you more followers. But if you want to make more impact, you might want to take the time to like and comment on a photo of theirs. This method guarantees your account to grow in term of targeted follows, as these users have already shown some level of interest in the products you carry simply by following your competitors’ account.

Method 3: Use Instagram growth engine
If you really want to make a big impact, you need to post your products to other larger accounts in your niche, so you can expose your brand to a wider audience. Unlike the previous tactics, this one isn’t free. However, if done correctly, it is worth the try. To get started, make a list of the larger Instagram accounts in your niche. Now, you may already be following these accounts, but if not take some time to find them.

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram in terms of followers and customers for your business is to use AiGrow. It gives you the chance of doing your Instagram activity automatically, driving lots of willing users to your business which use hashtags. For example, you can automatically like, follow, comment, and DM to all of your followers without spending your time doing yourself. Also, you can attract new followers by seeking out your closest competitors and engaging with their audience. So don’t waste time and come to our website now.