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How to Use the Best Shopify Instagram Apps for Business

November 23, 2018

Helping to automate marketing activities, sales, and even shipping, Shopify makes it easy to launch an online store. That is, over 1 million businesses use Shopify to run their online stores. Furthermore, Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms of the decade. The fame of Instagram is for its high number of influencers who help sell everything from cars to cosmetics. Brands can also take a practical part in selling their products through Shopify and Shopify Instagram Apps.

If you are a business marketer or want to start one, dive into this article and see how Shopify Instagram Apps can help you grow your business.

Why You Should Use Shopify Instagram Apps on Your Shop

Digital marketing and Social media is a great way to market your products online. Though, it would be time-consuming if you don’t do it correctly. Hence, it would be best to use beneficial methods to quickly and easily share content on your Instagram. This is whereby Shopify Instagram apps can help. Adding these options to your site can help you promote your shop’s products without logging in to your Instagram account.

Therefore, utilizing these social media platforms can make it faster and more fun. Besides, the best Shopify Instagram apps let you remarket the customers you have already connected with your shop.

Toronto, Canada- Shopify

How to start a business by Instagram in Your Shopify

Starting business and shopping on Instagram demands:

  • Create your business in a supported country.
  • For your approved Facebook shop, make a Facebook channel installed in your Shopify store.
  • Make an Instagram Business account.

After all, you can connect your Instagram page to your Shopify store. Then, go to your Instagram and in Business Settings, enable the Shopping feature.

Now you can add the Instagram feed to Shopify, tag posts, and making your products discoverable to global audiences, use the top hashtags on Instagram.

Additionally, Tagging products can boost engagement and lead your customers to your merchandise on Instagram and checkout straight on Shopify, without visiting a link in your bio. 

How to Boost Organic Sales from Instagram

Let’s jump into the four main ways you can boost organic sales from Instagram:

1.Profile Shop tab

Shop tab is the point your profile visitors can find all the tagged products in your Instagram posts, including the content that features them.

2.Posts Product Tags

 Instagram product tags are the same as tagging other users in your posts, except you’re tagging your products. Hence, this lets customers tap on your tags and quickly buy your catalog of products.

3.Stories Swipe-up Links

Swipe-up links are a unique way of driving traffic to specific pages directly from Stories. Indeed, all business Instagram accounts with more than 10k followers can add links to Instagram Stories.

4.Stories Product Stickers

 E-Commerce brands can tag specific Stories products by Product Stickers in Stories like standard product tags in posts.

How the Best Shopify Instagram Apps for Business Can Help

Shopify App Store is full of incredible Shopify Instagram apps to promote your eCommerce store’s functionality and grow your business.

Here are the 2021 updated features of the best Shopify Instagram apps that support you to enhance your Instagram marketing.

  • Design Shopify Instagram apps
  • E-Commerce Shopify Instagram apps
  • Video Shopify Instagram apps
  • Marketing Shopify Instagram apps
  • Management Shopify Instagram  tools
  • Analytics Shopify Instagram apps

Top Shopify Instagram Apps for Business

Instagram has almost one billion monthly users who share millions of posts per day. Since most Instagram users log in every single day, it has the second-highest engagement rate behind Facebook, which owns Instagram. Likewise, if you are willing to start with your Shopify Instagram store and want to know exactly which apps you should be using, keep reading.


Instafeed is an official Instagram app that Showcases custom shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store. This app focuses on customer journeys that enhance your sales and eliminates features that mislead your customers and hardly get tapped like stories, sliders, and animations. Moreover, it drives fresh new content to your store automatically. Hence, you can build social proof and convert your store visitors into loyal customers. 

Supporting Image and video, it is Compatible with all themes and devices. Posts automatically adjust to the screen on desktop and mobile. Luckily, it is lightweight and doesn’t decrease your page speed, and is fully customizable so that you can Choose feed title, number of rows and columns, and space between posts. Besides, it Links posts to Instagram or opens a popup window directly to your store. 


Instafeed Pro shows the number of likes on each post and the number of rows and columns for mobile. Also, you can tag products on your posts and create shoppable Instagram feeds, and publishes multiple Instagram feeds(up to 3 feeds)

Instafeed Plus filters your posts by hashtags and publishes unlimited feeds. 

You will save time showcasing your Instagram content precisely as you wish in less than a minute using a simple and intuitive editor. Therefore, you can expand your Instagram reach to your store visitors and get new followers and likes. Hopefully, no coding skills are required for doing all of this. 

 Price: Instafeed free is free forever; Instafeed Pro costs $3.99/month; Instafeed Plus costa $19.99/month

Covet. Pics

Covet. Pics is a Shopify Instagram app that lets you create galleries from your Instagram photos to your website. It showcases your posted business images. Also, Covet. Pics enables you to invite your clients to upload your product pictures they have to your gallery. 


It lets you tag products in your photo gallery, show pricing, and include a direct Buy button on your popup. Additionally, Covet. Pics provides detailed analytics with metrics like views, engagements, and orders that explains how your galleries perform.

Price: It is free for one gallery and one product tag per photo, from $14.99/month for the Basic plan, including multi-product tagging, uploading custom photos, two galleries.  


With UserGems, you can work out if any of your customers might be important on social media. Indeed, this Shopify app draws in your customers’ social media information so you can list it to find the person you’re exactly searching for.


Besides, UserGems lets you identify among your customers who have over 10k followers or who uses the word “blogger” or “journalist” in their profiles to help build out an influencer campaign. Moreover, if you’re working on a targeted user-generated content campaign, you can monitor your customers’ faces.

Price: It is free for up to 100 customers per month, from $19/month for the Starter plan that supports 250 customers per month.


SNPT helps you to make the most of your Instagram account by making your Instagram feed shoppable. On the other hand, you can build a shoppable Instagram feed on your website by linking photos and videos to your products on Shopify.


Furthermore, it allows you to set the shoppable Instagram feed and user-generated content in your store, blog, and website. Above all, it enables you to link various products together using Shop the Look Card to magnify the shopping experience.

Price: Free; In-app Pro Feature options

Final Thoughts

The listed apps are amazing! Loving the fact that Shopify joining Instagram has built such a great eco-system. I recommend utilizing one of the top Shopify Instagram apps to get in touch with your customers and accelerate your business growth.

This post was last modified on December 14, 2020 15:21


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