Use Your Camera to Socialize: Tips for Introverts


We all spend time and socialize differently. Some people are pretty good at making friends and establishing new contacts. They want and love to be the center of attention and the life of every party. But others just don’t. They prefer spending time on their own to going out with peers, they savor loneliness instead of rocking out together with their friends.

And if you belong to the latter, don’t worry – it’s only natural and you shouldn’t worry about it. There’s nothing wrong in any kind of pastime, be it a solitary reading of your favorite photo blog or a big dance party shindig on Saturday night. And if you love to take pictures all by yourself, it’s good too.

As statistics say that, from 30 to 45 percent of us are more or less self-absorbed. But very few are pure introverts with clearly determined signs. So if you believe you are the one, chances are you are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and therefore shouldn’t struggle with your inner self too much when trying to convince yourself that you do need social interaction. Indeed, being an introvert and/or having problems with socializing do not condemn you to a bleak social future, especially if you have something that would connect you to other people, such as a passion to share. 

So if you feel excited about photography and have a camera, the job is half done – just start creating bonds with people right now with socializing methods below. Try those and see if they would work for you (spoiler: they would work perfectly!).


#1 Popularize your hobby among peers either in person or via social networks

In every group of people, there is at least one person whom you can catch in your web of photo shooting. You might have Flickr, Facebook, Instagram accounts, or maybe an account on photo stocks like DepositPhotos, Shutterstock, Pixabay, etc. If so, just make your acquaintances aware of your talents – repost your best shots across your social accounts and soon you’ll see the number of likes growing along with the interest in you as a personality and later as a photo shooting friend. And these are not just words: according to researchers, shared enthusiasm and hobbies form a strong bond between people that lasts until they break their habits or change interests.

#2 Socialize with local photographers

The field of photography is extremely competitive. If you don’t believe it, just take a stroll in the nearby park and see how many photographers are taking shots of people. The advent of digital photography has made everyone capable of holding a camera a photographer, so it’s only natural that picture-takers might see each other competitors, not friends.


Nevertheless, interacting with local photographers has undeniable benefits that you might not reveal at first.

Join the web community of local photographers

To start with, try and find a local social media community of photographers. This may be a Facebook group, a topic on the forum, or anything else with lively discussions and the ability to express your point of view. Leaving meaningful comments and helping other people is a great way to start a private conversation and then arrange a personal meeting to share experiences, make extended research on the subject of discussion, etc. By this, not only will you be able to stay in touch with kindred spirits but also get the advice you need and buy props and accessories sold by discounts at such groups, as well as lease or rent the equipment.

Join a photography club

A live talking in a local photography club is perhaps the best way to socialize with the help of your camera. All the perks of web communication included except for you are talking to real people that do not hide behind nicknames and avatars. To succeed in a live discussion, don’t be shy. If you have something to say, just initiate a conversation. Enjoy the company (and even if you feel awkward at first, fake it until you make it – you will feel much more comfortable as soon as you start receiving positive social feedback), smile, keep eye contact, acknowledge new people, and you will socialize before you know it.

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Last but not least, no matter the way you’ve established the connection with local photographers, put some time and effort in the first place to make it stronger and present yourself as a valuable and interesting companion. Generally, the farther you go with socializing, the easier it becomes.

#3 Expand blogging to live meetings

If you already have your unique style, high-quality pictures, and know something special about photography that you think other people might be interested in, immediately start your own blog since there’s no better long-run way to socialize. Not only the blog will help you in monetizing your knowledge but it will also allow you to touch base with your audience, arrange thematic meetings, and run internship programs. All in all, there’s absolutely no way you can avoid socializing when you are so helpful to people. And you shouldn’t be afraid of it – it will happen in the most natural way.


There are no secrets to socializing with your camera – just start interacting with people

You don’t need to go all science and determine the reason for your unhappiness with your social life. Instead, start utilizing your every advantage, whether this is your sense of humor, photography skills, or patience in listening and helping other people. The camera might be the only friend of yours right now. But it will take no more than a successful conversation, a witty remark, or an awesome photo to make new acquaintances and grow them into your friends through sharing your passion with them.