Influencer Spotlight Edition 4: @ketobabeforlife

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This edition of Influencer Spotlight looks at Nurse extraordinaire and health and fitness motivator, @ketobabeforlife.

She may put the lives of other first, but shaping herself into the healthiest and best-performing version of herself is not far behind. @ketobabeforlife started off the year with a bang by committing to an exclusively keto diet and lifestyle and continues to document her journey along the way.

@ketobabeforlife’s Instagram is packed with her delicious daily recipes, in-action shots and videos of her workout routines, motivational quotes. and body updates showing off her continuous progress.

She also works with other fitness bloggers and makes it easy for people to follow along by promoting easy-to-make and delicious recipes in her bio.

Enter AiGrow

Since signing up with AiGrow at the end of February 2018, as illustrated in the picture below, @ketobabeforlife has organically gained almost 1,000 new followers. That’s an increase of almost 100%!

AiGrow Instagram Growth

Want to see more of AiGrow’s star roster? Stay tuned for the next edition of Influencer Spotlight!