Influencer Spotlight Edition 5: @prestige_hypercars

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This edition of Influencer Spotlight looks at car enthusiast @prestige_hypercars.

Tirelessly scouring the web and reposting the best of the best when it comes to supercars and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with them, @prestige_hypercars has exploded in popularity, now boasting almost 30,000 followers.

In addition to reposts, @prestige_hypercars also encourages people to send in their own photos of supercars through DMs. And unlike a lot of other similar channels, @prestige_hypercars refreshingly makes an effort to give credit to any photos they post that belong to other people or channels.

@presitge_hypercars also leverage their popularity to sell their own apparel, directing attention to the link in the bio wherever possible.


TOP or BOTTOM⁉️ ▪COMMENT below!!! ? ▪TAG a friend!! ? ? ▪FOLLOW US ⛽ @prestige_hypercars – – – – – – – – – – – This photo is used solely for entertainment purposes, if you the original owner would like to have it removed or if proper credit was not given and needs to be corrected, please send us a direct message @prestige_hypercars or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. ?: @dotwhipz #prestigehypercars #tire #hypercar #bugatti #supercar #ferrari #lamborghini #luxurycars #luxury #expensive #road #carsofinstagram #carsdaily #highway #speed #fastcar #narghilè #black #gold #fastcar #exotic #exoticcar #racecar #aventador #aventadorsv #boss #millionaire #money #cash #huracan

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Enter AiGrow

Since signing up with AiGrow at the beginning of April, 2018, as illustrated in the picture below, @prestige_hypercars has organically gained almost 2,000 new followers.

Using comments for growth

A large part of their growth comes from their emphasis on comments, using AiGrow to leave over 3,500 targeted comments since the beginning of April.

For those looking to improve their Instagram comment strategy, consider AiGrow’s new automated response feature. As part of AiGrow’s Managed Plan, this feature allows you to automatically respond to any comments left on your most recent posts.

AiGrow comments

Want to see more of AiGrow’s star roster? Stay tuned for the next edition of Influencer Spotlight!