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Categories: SEO

Instagram Automation: Good, Bad, & Ugly +Tools To Pull It Off

Is Instagram automation worth it?

Social media marketing is estimated to take 43% of marketers more than six hours a week, while 63% of brand owners are expected to spend between 1-5 hours a week on social media platforms. At the same time, by June of 2016, Instagram reported more than 500 million active users. Additionally, the Instagram platform provides brands with more than 20% engagement.

Here, now, is the business owner’s dilemma. How can a business effectively implement social marketing while investing the least amount of time possible?

The key is smart Instagram automation.

The Good

By using automation, you can take the majority of the grunt work typically associated with being active on social. This includes such activities as liking, following, commenting, unfollowing, and scheduling posts.

By using automation, you can significantly reduce the time associated with growing your followers, lead generation, prospecting, networking, and welcoming new followers and/or customers.

The Bad

There are two sides to every coin. Automation tools that auto follow and auto comment may cause unwanted situations. For example, you may begin communication with someone completely outside your target audience.

Additionally, too much automation is obvious. If a potential follower visits your channel one day and sees that you have 1,000 followers, and then visits again the next day to see that you have grown to 30,000 followers, it degrades your credibility.

Another issue that can occur is a large following with little to no engagement on your content. No engagement is more damaging than a small following.

The Ugly

When using automation tools, there is always the chance that Instagram shuts down your account. Plain and simple.

5 Automation Tools to Choose From

  • Crowdfire: allows you to manage your followers and who you follow.
  • Social Insight: allows you to monitor your engagements and interactions with followers.
  • Later: this is a web-based scheduling tool
  • Flipgram: helps in the creation of slideshow for your post.

What’s your experience with automation tools? Drop us a note in the comments below.