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Categories: Instagram

Instagram Bio URL: Ultimate 2020 Guide

What do you use Instagram for? Is it business? Wanna keep in touch with families and dudes? Are you a fan of “Friends” and wanna catch up with the latest news which by the way it is true! They all claimed that It’s happening…

Instagram and the bio URL. Instagram is a platform that not only is incapable of putting links in the posts but also does not illustrate how to put a link in bio! I would say there are strategies behind it.

Whatever it is I am going to show you how to put a URL in the bio. It will take seconds I promise! But the impact of putting a URL in the bio of Instagram is huge.

Even if you just wanna use it to show off your work projects, professional endeavors or simply introducing the charity organization you support by adding their URL in your Instagram bio.

How to Put a URL in the Instagram Bio

There are 2 ways to put a URL in the  Instagram bio. They are:

  1. Put a URL in the Bio with AiGrow
  2. Put a URL in the bio using Instagram

Although it is easier to add a URL in bio using Instagram, AiGrow comes with extra and free features. That is why I go with AiGrow.

  1. Put Multiple URLs in the Instagram Bio with AiGrow

I know that there are like tons of alternative tools for adding a URL in the Instagram Bio. I was wondering if I must go with Liketree, SmartURL or AiGrow.

The reason I did not choose SmartURL is that comparing to even AiGrow premium, SmartURL probably costs you an arm and a leg.

I did not also go with Linktree, because you will face limits to put multiple links in the Instagram bio. Furthermore, after that tragedy that happened to Linktree, I kinda got a cold shoulder to suggest it to you.

Moreover, AiGrow, as a link in bio tool comes with some other features, including the pro scheduler, email form, social icons and many other features that will probably convince you the way it convinced me.

Why AiGrow for Instagram bio URL?

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram management tool that the bio URL feature is one of its so many features (including a VIP growth service, post, and story scheduler, DM tool, engagement PODs, etc) to help you grow on Instagram. Here we will focus on the URL feature, however, you can create a free account and test all the features yourself.

The URL feature includes:

  • Beauty features to customize your link in the bio page
  • Number of URLs
Customize Link in the Bio Page with AiGrow
Nowadays lots of people have an account on other social media platforms. What if you want to address your followers in your Instagram bio?

A great feature of AiGrow is that you have many options to customize your Link In Bio Page. you can use buttons, background images, social icons, and many other features to create an eye-catching Link in Bio Page.

Add Social Media Link in Instagram Bio with AiGrow

Nowadays lots of people have an account on other social media platforms. What if you want to address your followers in your Instagram bio?

AiGrow offers this service for free. It not only offers a free landing page to put all of your social media links in it but also it gives you this opportunity to add any other business links to a stunning page.

Number of URLs in Instagram Bio with AiGrow

Everyone can put a link on Instagram bio. No need a tool for that. But what Instagrammers use tools is that they want to add multiple links in bio. Here is a question. How many URLs dp we mean when we say multiple URLs?

Earlier I mentioned that Linktree has limits when it comes to adding URLs in bio. With Linktree you can put up to 7 links in bio. However, with AiGrow, you can specify a URL to each of your Instagram posts. No other platform could ever claim such a thing. At least nothing that I know of.

Pricing of AiGrow

Wanna hear something cool? It’s free! Linktree and SmartURL come with fewer features and yet they cost you. But AiGrow is free.

Of course, AiGrow offers you to upgrade your plane and buy VIP packages to grow on Instagram in all matters, but you can use the scheduling and linking features free forever.

2. Put a URL in the Instagram Bio Using Instagram App

To put a URL in the Instagram bio you have two options:

  1. Putting a URL in the Instagram bio on mobile
  2. Putting a URL in the Instagram bio on desktop

1. Put a URL in the Instagram Bio on Mobile

  1. Open your Instagram mobile app
  2. Go to your profile on Instagram
  3. Tap “Edit Profile” at the top of the screen

4.Write a custom description in not more than 150 characters

5.Add a brief link to your website in the form of

6.Add URL to other profiles by tapping “@” followed by the profile’s handle

7.Add hashtags by tapping “#” followed by the hashtag you associate with

8.Tap “Done” to save your bio.

2. Put a URL on Instagram bio on Desktop

  1. Go to Instagram website and log in
  2. Click on the profile page
  3. Click on the profile next to your user name
  4. Type the URL you wanna include in your Instagram bio in website box
  5. Click on submit

Use a URL in Instagram Bio Cleverly

Now that you learn how to put in the bio, it is the time to use it cleverly. Here you are some ideas to address people.

Use the URL in Instagram Bio to Get Traffic

If you are an E-commerce owner that you probably have a website. If it is so, you and I have something in common. We both want to bring traffic to our website. Now that Instagram is this popular, why not put the URL in Instagram Bio to get traffic?

Add an URL in Instagram Bio to Run Giveaways

If you wanna sell more or gain more followers on Instagram, run a giveaway for the love of God to see how it rockets your account.

People love to win. Take full advantage of this innate desire of human beings to grow your Instagram and consequently yourself. It is a win-win deal.

Address Followers to Other Social Media of Yours via Instagram Bio URL

If you are trying to retarget your followers in all your social media, address them through Instagram bio URL. Do I have to mention it again that AiGrow provides you with icons via Instagram bio URL?

Gift Followers Via Instagram Bio URL

You know what cheers followers up except for giveaways? Give them something free. You will be surprised to see how much the ER of your page increase.

What to Gift Via Instagram Bio URL

  • Free product
  • Coupon code
  • Something educative
  • Ticket of an event
Tips about Gifts
  • It must be valuable to followers
  • It must be relatable

Put a YouTube URL in Instagram Bio

I don’t wanna bore you with data about how pop YouTube videos are. You also know that comparing to pictures, videos engage followers 4 times on Instagram. So it is not a very bad idea to put a YouTube link in the Instagram bio. It is not complicated I promise.

How to put YouTube link in Instagram Bio

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Tap add a profile
  • Tap website
  • Add the URL to your YouTube video, your YouTube channel

At The End

There are very smart ways to use link-in-the-bio to reach whatever your objective is on Instagram. Although Instagram lets you put only one link in the bio, AiGrow allows you to put multiple links in the bio completely free. Take the chance! Add the URL in the Instagram Bio and grow!