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Best Instagram Contest Picker & Giveaway Apps in 2021


Have you ever run an Instagram giveaway contest? You want to pick the winner but it takes a great deal of time? Don’t worry! In this article, we want to talk about the best Instagram contest picker apps that can help you with this issue.

An Instagram winner picker is an app that helps you find those people who qualify your contest rules and picks the winner randomly or nonrandomly based on the rules you have determined for your IG giveaway contest. So, stay tuned to save time and automate your giveaway contests!

Top 5 Instagram Contest Picker Apps

Undoubtedly, Instagram giveaway contests help you a lot with growing on Instagram, increasing the engagement rate, and also increasing the awareness about your Instagram page and business. However, it is obvious that if thousands of people enter your contest, it will become so hard to find the winner and check all the conditions manually for each user! So what can you do to deal with these time-consuming considerations? Is there a way to automate the process of winner picking?

Of course YES! In the following sections, we introduce the top 5 Instagram contest picker apps that will help you with this problem. So, keep reading. 

#1 AiSchedul; Instagram Contest Picker

One of the best Instagram contest picker apps you can use is AiSchedul. Actually, as you can guess AiSchedul is an Instagram scheduler with a complete package of tools and features for managing and growing an Instagram account. Hence, using it you can be sure that your business is on the right path. Using this amazing tool you can:

And more. But let’s see how to run Instagram giveaways and pick the winner with AiSchedul?

How to Post and Reward with AiSchedul:

The contest-related tool of AiSchedul is named “Post and Reward” which helps you schedule posts containing giveaway announcements and automatically posts them on all the accounts you want to share the post on simultaneously to do your best. Moreover, it generates captions containing the rules you want to set for your giveaway contest. So there is no need to waste time on these simple steps. But how does it help you with picking the contest winner?

Actually, AiSchedul checks if people qualify your pre-set conditions automatically. So, you do not have to create Excel sheets or use any databases to find out who has done the things you asked and who has not. Moreover, you can write a DM template to automate the informing process. What does it mean? This means that as soon as a person meets the conditions, AiSchedul will automatically send the DM and notify them of their success!

As you see in the following picture, it helps you pick the winner in 2 ways:

  • By checking the comments as a comment picker,
  • or checking post tags and followed accounts.

AiSchedul contest picker app

So, no matter if you are running a loop giveaway or a simple contest, it helps you pick the winner and prize them automatically which is great. So, give it a try for free and enjoy the ease of working with this tool! 🙂

#2 Gleam; Run Beautiful Competitions

Another good choice to automate the Instagram giveaway contests and the prizing process is Gleam. Actually, Gleam is an app that has focused on Instagram giveaways and doesn’t support any other features like AiSchedul. However, it can still be considered as one of the best Instagram contest picker apps. Because it really helps you in saving a great deal of time. 

Using this platform you can run giveaway contests on different social media accounts such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, and etc. Moreover, it has so many templates to use which will make the process much easier. 

This platform offers so many plans and you can see the prices in the picture below:

Also, if you want to use a full package of the features, you have to pay 97$ per month. 

#3 Wishpond – Pick the Winner Easily

Another good Instagram contest picker app is Wishpond. Actually, Wishpond is a growth tool but has so many other features as well. One of its features is “Social Promotions” which lets you run contests and grow on your social accounts. 

Using this tool, you can automate the giveaway process, have photo/video contests, and much more than this. Also, the prices are as shown in the picture below:

#4 Easy Promos App, as an Instagram Contest Winner Picker

Easy Promos App is a random Instagram contest picker. Actually, this app helps you pick one among all the users who have commented under your posts to enter your giveaway contest randomly. So, it doesn’t track the users’ actions.  Hence, it can be suitable for contests that don’t have any strict conditions, and for those that the only rule is to share a comment!

Actually, you can see the plans offered by this platform and their prices in the picture below:

#5 Instagram Random Comment Picker

Another random Instagram contest picker to use is Instagram Random Comment Picker! This app is totally free and using it you can just pick a winner randomly among all the users that have entered your contest. 

So, like the Easy Promos app, it can be considered as a good choice to pick a winner in simple Instagram giveaways. 


To wrap it up, Instagram giveaway contests can help you a lot to grow on Instagram and gain more followers and interactions. However, sharing contest posts regularly on multiple accounts, tracking the users to check the conditions and etc takes a great deal of time. So, it is better to automate the process and use an Instagram contest picker. Actually, AiSchedul can help you a lot with these tasks, because it automatically tracks all the actions done by users and picks the winners. Moreover, it notifies the winners right after the contest has finished. So, check it out and try it for free.