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More Likes, Less Time – Using an Instagram Like Bot (10 Options)

Note: if you’re interested in why using an Instagram Like bot is way more effective than buying bulk Likes, read the first section. If you’re just interested in the bots themselves, scroll past the first section below.

Why Instagram Likes are so important

For better or for worse, Instagram Likes are a huge indicator of the quality of your Instagram content. The more Likes your posts get, the better it is in the eyes of the viewer.

In this sense, Instagram Likes convey a sense of authenticity about your Instagram page. To people visiting your page, seeing that every one of your posts gets a large number of Likes essentially tells them “Hey, a lot of people are engaging with this person’s content. They must be worth following!”.

The downside of buying Instagram Likes in bulk

Because of this, many people look for ways to increase the number of Likes they get on their posts. This desire leads many people to purchase “bulk” Likes.

Bulk Likes are often untargeted Likes from inactive or fake accounts that you can assign to your Instagram posts.

For example, if you buy 1,000 bulk Likes, you can assign all of those Likes to one specific post, or you can assign 100 Likes to 10 of your posts, and so on. Some bulk Like services even allow you to automatically assign a certain number of Likes to every new post you upload.

The problem with buying bulk Instagram Likes is that they often come from inactive, fake, or Instagram accounts unrelated to your target audience.

This is a problem if you are trying to build an Instagram page for the purpose of attracting brand deals, for example.

When a brand decides to pay you to post sponsored posts on your Instagram page, it’s because that brand thinks that your audience trusts you enough to listen to your recommendations (and therefore buy their products as a result of your recommendation).

If a brand checks out your page and sees that the majority of Likes you get on your posts come from Instagram users completetely unrelated to their target audience, there goes your sponsorship. Why would a brand pay you to advertise their product to an audience who isn’t interested in what they do?

Why a smart Instagram Like bot is the solution

People have begun to realize this poor ROI from buying bulk Likes, which is why many people are now turning to a new method of generating more Instagram Likes – the Instagram like bot.

The most organic way to attract people interested in what you to your page and have those people Like your content is by engaging with other people in your niche.

Put another way, a person is likely to check out your Instagram page and Like your content if you’ve already Liked one of their posts.

With this in mind, the more posts that you Like related to your niche, the more people you are likely to attract back to your own Instagram page, and therefore the more Likes you are likely to get on your posts from those people.

However, the process of manually Liking hundreds, if not thousands of targeted posts every single day is very time-consuming. The process is even more time consuming the more detailed your targeting gets (Liking posts using specific hashtags, Liking posts tagged in a certain location, etc.).

Fortunately, services have emerged to automate this process and allow you to spend your time and energy on more important things.

An Instagram Like bot essentially takes all the work described above and automates it. Simply specifiy the kinds of posts you want to engage with (hashtags, location, posted by a follower of a competitor, etc.), hit “Start”, and go about your day.

The best thing about Instagram Like bots is that most of them have built-in safeguards. These safeguards essentially guarantee that you will Like as many posts as Instagram allows you to every single day.

Manually Liking this many posts might take you hours every day. Because an Instagram Like bot does the work for you automatically, you can dedicate this freed up time towards something else.

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at 6 of the best Instagram Like bots around:


AiGrow gives you the option to automatically Like, follow, unfollow, and comment on real channels with the intention of driving relevant and organic traffic back to your own channel (and ultimately converting that traffic to followers).

This way, instead of buying Likes in bulk from fake, inactive, or generally untargeted Instagram users who don’t fit your target audience, you’re organically gaining Likes from real people who are actually interested in what you do. Plus, you’re gaining these real Likes at a much quicker pace than you would if you were not using a tool like AiGrow.

With AiGrow, you can target Instagram users based on:

  • hashtags they use
  • competitors they follow
  • where they’re located
  • custom lists of usernames
  • whether or not they’re public or private
  • whether or not you have already followed (and then unfollowed) in the past

You can specify how many Likes you would like to perform on a daily basis, ranging from 300 to 1,245. AiGrow also provides analytics detailing how many Likes, Followers, and/or DMs you perform every day, as well as how many Followers you gain every day.

It works on any operating system, it doesn’t require any download, and will continue to run even if you shut your computer off. It will only stop if you tell it to stop.

Interested in trying AiGrow out yourself? Sign up here and try it for free.

Social Steeze:

Social Steeze works in a similar manner as AiGrow.

After setting up your targeting, Social Steeze will begin automatically engaging with your targeted users in an effort to generate more traffic to your page and ultimately convert that traffic into Likes and followers.

There is no free trial, but it does offer a 30-day money back guanatee for any of its paid packages.

Follow Adder:

Follow Adder has the capability to manage both your Instagram and YouTube profiles.

This automation tool saves you time by automatically engaging with targeted users based on the hashtags they use and where they’re located.

Follower adder also allows you to schedule photo posts from your desktop.

There is no free trial, but all users are entitle to a refund within 7 days of starting their plan.

Like Social:

While Like Social does not offer any targeting options, it does provide Likes to every new post you upload automatically.

In addition to Likes, this Instagram Like bot also provides auto views.

Pricing plans change depending on how many likes and followers you need.

Their plans range from $10/week for 50 Likes/week to $99/week for 2000 Likes/week.


Risesocial helps you organically grow your Instagram following and engagement through in-person consultation and “cutting edge technology”.

Like most of the Instagram Like bots mentioned already, they engage with targeted posts on your behalf with the intention of attracting relevant traffic back to your Instagram page.

Their does not appear to be any free trial and their paid plans range from $20/week to $33/week.

It should be noted that RiseSocial will help you generally grow your Instagram page. If your sole focus is gaining more Likes for your posts, then they may not be the best option for you.


Instazood is also a desktop software requiring no download.

You can automatically Like other Instagram users’ posts based on:

  • users from a specific list
  • followers of competitors
  • followers of a specific hashtag
  • users of a specific hashtag
  • users in a certain location

In addition to using automation, you can also simply buy Likes for your posts.

Instazood offers a free 3-day free, after which you must upgrade to a premium monthly package.

Monthly automated prices range from $9.99/month to $14.99, and bulk prices range from $0.50 for 100 video views to $$1.00 for 100 Likes.

Read our in-depth review of Instazood here.


Have you had success with an Instagram Like bot not mentioned in the list above? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!