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The Only Instagram Likes App You Need For iPhone

July 15, 2019

Note: Not interested in the details and just want to get your free Instagram Likes app for iPhone (and other devices)? Click the button below.


AiGrow is one of the most popular and trusted Instagram Likes apps for iPhone around.

You can Like posts based on:

  • the hashtags they use
  • who the owner of the post is following
  • where the post is located.

You can get even more specific in your targeting by providing a list of specific usernames. If you choose this option, you will only Like posts uploaded by the usernames in your list.

After hitting “Start Growth”, AiGrow will then begin automatically Liking posts of people who fit your targeting. You can stop growth any time you want and AiGrow will never start or stop without your permission.

AiGrow will also like multiple photos on the same Instagram page to increase the chances that people see your Likes, check out your page in response, and ultimate Like your own posts.

You also never have to worry about overstepping AiGrow’s daily limits. AiGrow works to automatically deliver the most possible Likes every single day without going over Instagram limits.

See the video below to see AiGrow in action (and how it can also help you get more followers as well):

Why AiGrow is the best Instagram Likes app for iPhone (and other operating systems)

Often times with other services, the Likes come from inactive, fake, or generally unrelated Instagram accounts. When you use a tool like AiGrow, all Likes you get on your posts are from real people in your community.

Plus, it looks very suspicious if all of a sudden you go from getting 10 Likes per post to 1,000 Likes per post. This is often the case when you get Likes from other similarly-purposed apps.

With AiGrow, while you are still getting way more Likes than you usually would, you’re doing so over a more natural period of time.

AiGrow works on all operating systems, doesn’t require any download, and continues to generate Likes even when you shut off your computer.

See the video below to see AiGrow in action (and how it can also help you get more followers as well):

As a bonus, AiGrow also offers 300+ active, niche-based Instagram engagement groups (aka Instagram pods).

In addition to the Likes you generate through AiGrow’s growth engine, AiGrow’s automated engagement groups are another way to guarantee potentially thousands more Likes on every one of your posts.

8 examples of popular Instagram pods on AiGrow’s platform.

Want to start getting more Likes today? Sign up for AiGrow for free by clicking on the button below!


This post was last modified on November 12, 2020 13:49


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