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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Seeing the success of SnapChat’s disappearing content and screenshot alert model, Instagram followed three years later in 2016 with their own version of the SnapChat model with disappearing DMs and Instagram Stories. Providing a near-identical experience to that provided by SnapChat, the shift from SnapChat to Instagram was monumental in size, and now there more people using Instagram stories than total users on SnapChat. Amidst this transition, however, one important question is left hanging: does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?

The short answer is no – Instagram does not notify you when someone screenshots your Instagram story.

Having said that, this isn’t to say that Instagram is completely void of defensive measures against potential creeps.

During its ephemeral revolution, Instagram also provided users with the ability to send disappearing messages over Instagram Direct. If when sending a temporary message to someone the receiver screenshots any photos or videos included in the message, Instagram will notify the sender that a screenshot was taken.

For those worried about people screenshotting their stories, there are a couple things you can do minimize the wrong people getting a hold of your content:

  • Make your profile private: this way, only those people that you approve can see your content. If your profile is public, anyone can theoretically view your stories.
  • Don’t include risky content in your stories: I swear this isn’t your Mom typing, but to completely avoid people screenshotting risky content… don’t include risky content in your stories. Plain and simple.
  • Remove unwanted viewers: you’ve just broken up with your partner, you’re lookin’ to cut a rug at the club, and you don’t want him or her being able to access your Instagram stories. Again, you need to have your profile set to private, but once you do you can remove individual followers from being able to see your content.

So, the clear answer to “does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?” is no, it does not. While things may change in the future, the only time Instagram will notify you of someone screenshotting your content is if someone screenshots a picture of video sent to them through a disappearing DM.