Why You Should be Using an Instagram Story Template (10 Free Templates + 2 Tools)

Why You Should be Using an Instagram Story Template (10 Free Templates + 2 Tools)
If you’re not incorporating Instagram Story templates into your Instagram strategy, you’re missing out.

Some quick stats about Instagram Stories:

  • 250 million people use Instagram Stories every day
  • Instagram Stories are discoverable (meaning people now following you can discover them)
  • 20% of all Stories result in a direct message (that’s one out of every five messages!)

Huge possibility for discovery, high ROI… All great things.

The only thing detracting from the use of Instagram Stories is that they require more work to produce than a normal Instagram post.

At least that’s what people think.

Stories may require more work than a typical post when first creating them, but once you’ve created a few you you can begin using templates to speed up the process.

The easiest way to do this is to sort your posts into recurring categories.

Do you use Instagram Stories as a weekly roundup showcasing your favourite posts and articles from the week? Do you use them to document your daily hustle? Do you use them promote seasonal products or deals?

Once you nail down these categories, you can create an Instagram Story template for each category.

That way, whenever you want to create a new Story, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. You can just choose the template corresponding to your post, update minor details like text and photos, and hit “Post”.


How to make an Instagram Story template:

Canva and Adobe Sparks are two useful tools to help you quickly and easily create Instagram Story templates.



Here’s a short video showing how to use Canva to create Instagram Stories:



Canva actually offers an Instagram Story template right out of the gate that is perfectly fitted for Instagram Stories (1080 x 1920 px). The thousands of free photos, font, layouts, and icons make it incredibly easy to quickly put together a professional-looking template for any kind of post.

Oh, and it’s free to use.


Adobe Sparks

Here’s a short video showing how to use Adobe Sparks to create Instagram Stories:



Adobe Spark offers similar functionality to Canva, with pre-sized templates and drag-and-drop functionality, but it also offers the ability to create and alter a lot of different templates at the same time. This is super useful if you need to change a logo, color, or other consistent feature throughout your posts.

Adobe Spark is free but requires users to pay to be able to use all features (and to remove the Adobe Sparks logo from user content).


Instagram Story Templates:

If you’re short on time, don’t know how to create an Instagram Story template, or simply don’t know what to include in your Stories, you can also use (or gain ideas from) any of the pre-made templates from the list below (thank you Buffer for the list):



Storytelling template

Use this template


2. How-to tutorials

How to tutorial template

Use this template


3. Blog post promotion

Blog post promotion template

Use this template

4. Lists and countdowns

Share a list template

Use this template


5. Limited time offers and promotions

Promote time limited sales template

Use this template

6. Giveaways and discount coupons

Discount template

Use this template

7. Data, research, and statistics

Statistics template

Use this template


8. Quotes and inspiration

Quotes template

Use this template


9. Introduction for an Instagram takeover

Use this template


10. Announcements, news, and updates

Use this template


Regardless of how you do it, Instagram Stories belong in your Instagram strategy.

If you’re strapped for time, or simply don’t know what to include in your Stories, using an Instagram Story template might just be your saviour.

To learn more about how to create Instagram content that people actually want to see, read our post How to Create Engaging Instagram Posts in 2018.






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