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Combine These 2 Tools for the Ultimate Instagram Tracker


There is quote by Peter Drucker that goes “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

While the quote applies primarily to growing businesses, it can just as easily apply to growing your Instagram.

To successfully measure your Instagram growth, you’re going to need an Instagram tracker.

Instagram Insights as an Instagram Tracker

You should measure the growth of your Instagram in the same way as you measure any other business asset.

This includes:

  • Impressions (how many people are you reaching on Instagram with your content)
  • Conversions (how many people who come across your content are converting to followers?)
  • User Engagement (how many people are commenting on, Liking, Sharing, and viewing your content? How about DMs?)
  • Your Engagement (how many comments, Likes, shares, and DMs are you performing every day? Who are are you engaging with?)
  • Audience Research (what kind of people produce the best results for your page? What hashtags do they use?)

This list goes on, but these are the basic measurements you want to be tracking.

Fortunately, a lot of this information can be found right within Instagram through its Instagram Insights feature.

Here the insights are broken into four main categories

  • Account
  • Actions
  • Discovery
  • Stories


According to Instagram, here’s what you get under the Accounts section of your Instagram Insights:


According to Instagram, here’s what you get under the Actions section of your Instagram Insights:


According to Instagram, here’s what you get under the Discovery section of your Instagram Insights:


According to Instagram, here’s what you get under the Stories section of your Instagram Insights:

While Instagram Insights give you a very clear picture of other people’s actions, they don’t give you as clear of a picture of the actions that you are performing.

Why would you want to know the consequences of your own actions?

Because they answer such questions as:

  • What kinds of people follow you back after you follow them?
  • What hashtags produce the most Followers/Likes for you?
  • How many actions does it take before you earn a follow back (Likes, Follows, DMs, etc.)?

Put more generally, the more understand the results your own actions produce on Instagram, the more you can refine your actions for the best possible results.

How to easily keep track of your own actions on Instagram

With an Instagram tracker like AIGrow, you can easily keep track of how many Follows, Unfollows, Likes, Comments, and DMs you are performing every day, as well as how many new followers you are getting every day, but you can also see the exact users you are engaging with and how you engaged with them.

AIGrow will show you who exactly you interacted with every day and how you interacted with them.

This is very helpful in helping you understand what actions and targeting produce the most followers for you.

You can easily see how many Likes, comments, follows, and unfollows you perform every day from one chart.

For example, if you notice one day you get a huge surge of new followers, you can look at your actions (how many Likes, Follows, Comments, and DMs did you perform that day?) and targeting (what hashtags, locations, and competitors did you target that day?) to help you understand what could have possibly produced that surge.

You can also keep track of how many new followers you gain every day.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, like what kind of content you posted that day, but your actions and targeting are very important to consider.

So that’s that.

Combine Instagram Insights with AIGrow to make the perfect Instagram tracker and gather all the information you need to optimize your growth on Instagram.