How To Make Money As A Fashion Blogger On Instagram

How To Make Money As A Fashion Blogger On Instagram

1. Affiliate markets

The first way of making money through Instagram is to sign up for an affiliate marketing platform. When we are talking about fashion and lifestyle Instagram mainly “reward style” and “shop style” pop up to our mind.

Affiliate network basically allows you to sign up and then shop the different products and brands. You’ll find a specific product, it’ll create a unique link for you and if a followers purchases that product you get a small commission back from the sale.  The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that it really doesn’t matter how big your following is. If you have an engaged audience who really trust your opinion and wants to see your fashion style, you stand the chance to actually make a little bit of money off of the sales of yours. Reward style might make you apply to be accepted but I believe shop styled will take anybody under the lifestyle.

Instagram platform and they have apps within their platforms which allow you to take the links from the products and put them into your photos. So followers can click on the photos, see the products and then you earn a small commission from that.

This is definitely the most widespread way available to everybody. The problem is the small commission. It might take a long time to see any money back for the amount of work you put into it because it does take time to know you’ll find the links and set them up. Even though you don’t see a huge return especially not at first you actually get insight into valuable metrics basically your followers purchasing habits or what they’re interested in.

For example, if you see that you’re making a lot of sales on beauty products but not necessarily your fashion choices you might see that your followers are actually more interested in what you have to say about beauty. So you can kind of lean your content into that.

Making money on Instagram is definitely about knowing your audience and what they like and if you have access to any sort of metrics in that regard it is very valuable. The affiliate network definitely is not my favorite. It can stand the chance to take a little bit of time to make any sort of real money but if you’re going to be sharing the links you may as well make a commission off of the sale. This is definitely the first place to start when you’re going through the process of starting to make money off of your Instagram account.

2. Create branded content

The second way that you can make money on your Instagram account is to advertise products on behalf of other companies through your Instagram. This would mean creating content and photos geared around this product or service, mentioning them in this caption and charging a price to that company.
For example, a match company wants me to promote their matches on my Instagram account. I can actually charge them a fee for taking photos with the matches as well as advertising them on my Instagram account.

This definitely does come with time. You may find that once you start developing an audience and getting more into Instagram that companies will be approaching you to promote their product. They often won’t mention any sort of payment. The magic word is to ask them if they have any sort of budget.

Budget is basically is a nice way to say “Do you have any money?” and to be honest sometimes the companies won’t. However, it is a good way to kind of open that gate into potentially getting paid for any sort of work that you’re doing with your Instagram.

There are two frequent questions of how many followers you need to have to begin or when people think they’re ready to start asking companies for money.

The answer is it really doesn’t matter on the numbers. If you have an engaged audience who really trusts your opinions and you’re having companies approach you to create content on their behalf and advertise on your Instagram, you are definitely in a good place to approach them and ask them what sort of budget they have for that project and expect payment for the work.

There are pros and cons.  The pro is that you send to make a lot more money that way as opposed to going the affiliate marketing route, although you don’t have to do one or the other.  The con is that you really need to make sure that everything you’re accepting stays true to your Instagram.
For example, if I have a fashion and lifestyle Instagram I definitely want to only accept payment for products that fall underneath the fashion and lifestyle brand.

create branded content

Those are the two most common ways to make money with your Instagram account.

3. Freelance content creation

The third way is freelance content creation. It is basically doing the same thing as the other ways which are creating content, circling around a different product or service, but not posting it on your account. Then charging a company to create the content on their behalf and then giving them the photos to post on their own account. This is also a really interesting way to get into the world of making money off of your Instagram and the best part is you already have your portfolio done.

Then contacting different businesses with local businesses in your area that you can tell are really wanting to get into the world of social media. Show them your Instagram accounts. Give them some ideas of how you think that you can help them out and see if they’re interested that way.

This is my least favorite way to make money using my Instagram account. The reason is that you take a lot of risks when you’re representing yourself especially when you’re working with a smaller company and you don’t really have the ability to like their legal team. You really have to place a lot of trust in that person especially in terms of payment.

Make sure that you’re drafting up a contract signed by both parties before engaging in any sort of business relations with these other companies.  Also, make sure that you have a very good idea the company is looking for before you start creating photos on their behalf. Remember if you don’t have payment beforehand and you’re sending off your photos for the review you watermark them.

So this is a great way to start making money off of your Instagram account because you don’t have to be advertising on your own account, you already have your portfolio and what you can potentially do for these companies through your own Instagram.

photography assistant on instagram

4. Photography assistant

The fourth way is reaching out to different bloggers or Instagrammers in your area and offering your services as an amateur photographer.  What happens a lot of times with bloggers and Instagrammers, including myself, is I like to edit my own photo.

While I love working with different photographers, I definitely want to have my own camera, photos and edit my own stuff. The problem is I always see somebody on the other end of the camera to help take the photos.

I’ve had people reach out to offer their services. I looked at their Instagram accounts. I’ve already seen that portfolio and what they’re capable of. I’ve employed them for a different project or just to have an extra set of hands to help me take photos.

Send the bloggers a private message or an email. You may not hear back at all but if you’re really proud of your photography and you think that you can help somebody else it is definitely an interesting way to explore to make a little more money on the side through your Instagram account.

photography assistant on Instagram

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