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Categories: Instagram Growth

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram? 2021 Solution


If you think that it is time to clean up your Instagram account, you should learn how to mass unfollow on Instagram. Before you start to grow your account on Instagram, you should first clean it up and make a rational ratio between the number of your followers and followings. Perhaps there are ghost followers or users who do not follow you back and you want to clean your account from them. Here in this article, we will discover the solution.

How to Unfollow on Instagram?

You might have started a huge follow campaign in order to get more follow backs and a new audience. Now, your feed is full of content from those accounts that you have had no particular intention to follow. So, you must be thinking about unfollowing these accounts and give yourself some space. 

There are two ways you can unfollow users on Instagram. If there are not many accounts, it is possible to do it manually by checking each account. This process is quite simple to do. Another way is to automate the process of unfollowing. It actually is useful when you have a quite large account and the manual process is practically not possible.

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Why Mass Unfollow on Instagram?

If you care about the growth of your Instagram account, you should always check the ratio between the number of your followers and the number of accounts you follow. The reason is that when new visitors check your profile, they may find it hard to count on you as a reliable account to follow if they see that you have followed a lot of accounts but you have a few followers in comparison to that. 

When the number of accounts that you follow is remarkably high, it can signify that you are a spammer, fake account, or in the best-case scenario, you are struggling very hard to get followers by following the accounts. There are many Instagram hacks you can use to grow your Instagram account, so resorting only to the mass follow/unfollow strategy to grow the number of your followers is not wise. 

Therefore, to maintain the trust of the visitors who check out your profile, you should get rid of the accounts that you are following for no good reason. To do this, you should perform a mass unfollow on your Instagram account using the available tools. But which tool is the best for mass unfollow on Instagram? You will get the answer in the following paragraph.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram?

Learning how to unfollow everyone on Instagram might be a blessing to you as an Instagram account owner. The best AI tool that lets you do mass unfollow on Instagram is AiGrow. AiGrow is an Instagram management service. It has different functions that altogether try to automate your Instagram account and facilitate account management. 

To unfollow all non-followers on Instagram, you should first sign up for free on AiGrow. One great thing about this service is that you can enjoy a one-week free trial to make sure it can help you the way you want. When you are assured that AiGrow is the right fit for your needs, you can click here to read about all the features, see the pricing, and choose the best plan. 

How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram?

Instagram has set a limitation for unfollowing users. There is a time limitation for unfollowing users. For instance, if you unfollow too many accounts within one hour, Instagram will show you a message telling you that you cannot unfollow more accounts. 

There are different reports about the number of accounts you can unfollow per hour. Taken as a whole, you can unfollow something between 160 to 60 accounts per hour on Instagram. 

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Which Accounts Should You Mass Unfollow?

The presence of some accounts on your Instagram account may seem annoying to you. These accounts can be inactive accounts, bots, fake accounts, those who have not followed you back. It is up to you to choose whether you want to follow them one by one or do the mass unfollow using a third-party. Regarding the size of your account and the number of accounts you want to unfollow, you can decide which way is better and less-time-consuming for you.

Inactive Accounts

Inactive accounts are the accounts that have shown no activity since several years ago. They are there simply because their owners have forgotten passwords or have lost interest in checking Instagram so they have uninstalled the Instagram app. These accounts can do you no good and their presence adds no value to you as a follower. Therefore, you are better off if you unfollow these accounts.

Bots/Fake Accounts/Ghost Followers

Instagram bot accounts could be as much as 95 million of the 1 billion monthly active users. Bots and fake accounts or ghost followers are hard to find as their actions are similar to a real human account. However, there are some signs that you can investigate to see if they are real accounts or bots. For instance, these accounts have a few followers but a lot of followings. The followers of these accounts are usually new or inactive. Moreover, bot or fake accounts have unusual content. For instance, they either lack content of any kind, or they have nonsense content.

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Accounts that Do Not Follow You Back

Accounts that do not follow you back can sometimes make you ask yourself why you are following them. Moreover, when you do mass follow on Instagram, you should always have an eye on the number of accounts you follow so that they do not get so high in comparison to the number of your followers. To unfollow all non-followers, it is better to define a time limit for these accounts and unfollow them if they did not follow you back within the time limit. 


Keeping a reasonable Instagram followers to following ratio is necessary if you want to grow your Instagram account. Users who visit your profile take some seconds to see if your account is worth following. If they jump to the conclusion that you are not worth it based on the unreasonable ratio, you will lose them as new followers.

Therefore, it is essential that you unfollow the accounts that should be unfollowed from time to time. If there are many accounts to unfollow, you should perform a mass unfollow using AiGrow services. Wish you the best of luck!