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Categories: Instagram Marketing

Generating Network Marketing Leads with Instagram DMs


Instagram has swiftly escalated up the pecking order of social media networks utilized by marketers. Therefore, If you are craving for generating network marketing Leads on Instagram, you are on the right path. 

As the platform with the highest engagement, it is now a vital tool for growing faster on your business and becoming popular on Instagram. Indeed, followers play an essential role in implementing your Instagram marketing strategies. Sending Instagram direct messages is one of the best ways to interact with our audience.

This article will help you how to generate network marketing leads with Instagram DMs.

Strategies of Network Marketing Leads with Instagram DMs

Potential customers who expose interest in your products or services are social media leads. Furthermore, they contribute some information that freelance Instagram marketers can follow. 

In this case, some foolproof strategies give you a direct connection with these potential customers.

Make Most of DM Groups for Network Marketing Leads

An Instagram DM group is a community built inside Instagram in 2013.

Basically, you can add up to 32 users in an Instagram DM group. You cannot access these direct message groups from the Instagram desktop; However, some third-party apps enable you to do that.

Previously, you could only share text messages and posts on DMs. But at the moment, you can record voices, send gifs and stickers, share profiles, timed self-destruct videos and photos, hashtag links, and location tags.

Keep in mind that a DM group is under the control of Instagram. Therefore the service can block or restrict access.

Run Giveaway to Boost Network Marketing Leads

Call attention to your followers’ competing nature! 

Since everyone loves a contest, and Instagram is the ideal platform for people to host one. Therefore, you can reach more audiences by hosting giveaways and contests and use that leverage to promote network marketing.

If you consider how to succeed in network marketing fast, you can send automated Instagram DM and request people to sign up for your email list, follow your account and raise your subscriber amounts.

The magnified engagement on your giveaway posts will make you more noticeable to new clients, who you can then make an Instagram network in other actions.

Cash in on Email leads

One of the best network marketing ideas to grow your business by Instagram is to generate email leads using Instagram.

Additionally, even if you have several Instagram followers, some may miss your posts. Nevertheless, if you get their emails, you can send profitable information such as the latest posts, new products, services, launches, openings directly to their inbox.

Focus on UGC to Grow Network Marketing Leads

User-generated content (UGC) is a flinging word now. Reposting your customers’ photos, stories, videos, and revisions is a fail-safe way to drive engagement. Also, Repost tags and mentioned posts play a significant role in network marketing as it operates as a digital version of WOM marketing.

This will heighten conversion rates (more subscribers on your list) and provides you access to a lot more worthy content. Indeed, the simple way is to create a hashtag and inspire followers to add their photos and stories. 

Then, you can use UGC gathered information in Instagram ads to build your network marketing leads. 

Draw on CTA

Constantly asking your audience to take the next move and using calls-to-action to encourage them to click, register, sign-up, or buy may seem like a basic tactic, but it’s also amazingly efficient.

Also, if you have an Instagram business account, you can add CTA buttons to your bio. Moreover, your profile can hold a link to your business contacts and email so followers can keep in touch with your brand.

Certainly, using words like “sign-up,” “register,” “buy,” and “download” remarkably enhance conversion rates, so why not do well out of these great catchwords?

To figure out how to succeed in Instagram network marketing fast, it is best to use CTA in your bio to lead followers to your freebie or join them in your posts to reach new followers finding your posts through hashtags or other features.

Run Influencer Campaigns

Running micro-influencer campaigns using models and local-influencers seems to be a perfect strategy for your brand. Apparently, micro-influencers are the future of influencer marketing because of their credibility and built trust among users.

Especially, you can bring Gen Z value to your brand through their favorite influencers. Therefore, Instagram DM groups aid you to send messages to influencers and their followers and keep in touch with them to boost Instagram network marketing lead.

Send Cupones to Increase Network Marketing Leads

One of the best ways for social media network marketing is by sending coupons to your followers and loyal customers. 

By building DM groups, you can send mass DM and bulk messages on Instagram

How to Network on Instagram

As a matter of fact, all these strategies you take need you to make Instagram Direct Message groups. You can make Instagram DM groups in your Instagram app or log in to your account on  Instagram.com and easily send Instagram DMs on your desktop

Unfortunately, you can not send bulk messages through the official Instagram platform, and there is a limitation of 32 members in each Instagram DM group. So it takes much time to select followers one by one and make small Direct Message groups. 

Generate Network Marketing Leads with Instagram DMs via AiGrow

AiGrow, an All-in-one Instagram management tool, the most popular and trusted Instagram marketing tool, will ease all these tasks for you.

AiGrow Management

Post Scheduler

You can sign-up for a free account and schedule, send & receive Instagram direct messages perfectly. 

AiGrow scheduler

Most importantly, you can add 80 accounts to your platform and monitor your DMs and respond to them by email and manage Instagram direct messages on the desktop for multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

AiGrow DM features

Direct Message

By AiGrow, you can filter all of your sent, read, and unread DMs and reply to them directly. 

Also, you can manage Instagram DM notifications and share links, images, and videos inside your DMs with the same interface as your Emails. Moreover, you can save a DM video on Instagram in a minute.

AiGrow DM

Additionally, you can send direct messages on Instagram in different categories as below:

  • New followers
  • Current followers
  • Influencers Followers
  • Excel List
  • Tags Users

Target followers

This app lets you grow a cold marketing strategy by sending auto direct messages to your target audience and share links and images.

Bulk DM

You can effortlessly send bulk Instagram Direct Messages to selected loyal followers and customers and interact with a group of them, which is a great approach to warm marketing strategy. Likewise, this is an excellent feature to send welcome messages, giveaway ads, coupons, and invitations to a particular group of followers and customers. 

AiGrow Bulk DM

By inserting your email inside your dashboard, you can send and receive Insta directs. 

Besides, you can find all the posts you have been tagged or mentioned in them and repost and use them as UGC.

AiGrow Add Tags

CTA Button

Similarly, you can add your bio link and CTA button to your posts.

So, the “Contact Me” button will collect all emails and send them to your email and make email leads.

AiGrow CTA Button

Send DM via Inbox

The coolest feature is that you can check your DMs from your inbox and mark them as unread messages. 

AiGrow DM via Inbox

Final Thoughts

Certainly, Instagram is a hot asset now. Furthermore, it is an amazing platform to reach new clients and promote your brand. Also, it’s an excellent place to generate network marketing leads.

To sum up, as social media and email marketing are effective individually, an integrated strategy with Instagram DM can build your following notably better than each channel alone and drive big bucks.

Therefore, you can perform this through competition, UGC, incorporating choice CTA, or the new power of Instagram Stories. AiGrow, the most potent Instagram management tool, will help you manage all these tasks and generate marketing leads.