Digital Marketing Strategy: Scale it with Engagement

digital marketing strategy

As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset. It’s important, then, that when setting up your digital marketing strategy that you invest your time wisely and effectively.

A large part of a successful digital marketing strategy comes from building a loyal online community. While this certainly takes time, there are certain measures you can take to speed up the process.

Perhaps the most effective way to speed up the process is automation.  Having said that, it is also important to begin your online presence on a more authentic note, entrusting a seasoned human voice to kick off your company in the right direction. How to strike the perfect balance between human-driven and automated is explored below.

Here are 5 tips you can integrate into your digital marketing automation:

True engagement will always require a suitable social media or community manager to speak on your brand’s behalf.

The first tip which is the most important in digital marketing automation, particularly when first establishing your digital presence, ensure you hire social media managers who have proven experience. It may be tempting to simply cycle through interns, but inexperienced voices directing the digital image of your brand can end up in bad PR.

Focus on building a community of real people who actively engage with your product

After hiring an experienced social media manager, it is necessary that you create a strategy that focuses on the needs of your clients. Regardless of the type of situation, be it positive or negative, it is essential that you engage with your followers.

Use automation to extend your reach and expand your voice

There are various automation tools that you can use to promote your brand, one being AiGrow. These tools help you reach people located in certain areas, using particular hashtags, and following competitors.

Content should be created in-house, but can also be distributed via automation

Writing quality content is time-consuming enough. Schedule your content in advance using automation tools like AiSchedul or Buffer to avoid investing even more time manually posting each and every post.

Automated comments should be conversation starters, not closed-ended statements

Automated comments like “Nice pic!” or “Love your channel” don’t create engaging conversations. Customize your comments in such a way that they open up a conversation with potential followers or customers. For example, ask an engaging question.

Do you another way to help improve digital marketing strategy and engagement? share it through the comments.