How to Sell a House on Instagram? The Ultimate Guide

sell home on instagram

When it comes to selling your house nowadays, the best way to do it is via the internet. The internet provides the most extensive target base of potential buyers, among other conventional media like TV or radio. Browsing the internet, especially Instagram is now an essential part of most users’ daily activities. The more the users have access to your ad, the higher the number of your prospective buyers. So, we want to show you how to sell a home on Instagram.

In the following, we discuss some professional tips to boost your customers and sell your home at the best price. So, stay tuned, and see how to sell a house online via Instagram.

#1 Begin with Your Instagram Handle

Definitely, a perfect Instagram profile is an essential part of your account and business. Your followers will typically use your handle when looking out for you. With this, it would be wise to make the handle unique while ensuring that it reflects on your business. When creating your handle, the easiest and quickest way is to use your actual name. If you’re working independently, on the other hand, you can use your name as the Instagram handle. 

Here, the most important thing is to customize your profile name. Notably, this’s different from your username or handle. It’s where you can use a nickname or entire name. Also, mention that you are selling a home on Instagram and help people find you by what you do out there! Here’s an example by @sellyourhomejimmyjones:

Sell home on Instagram

#2 Know Your Viewpoints

Real estate agents on Instagram have a great chance to boost their sellings. Actually, visual content is the basis of Instagram. And this is what makes you succeed. What this means is that you need to be aware of your angles. Use professional-quality photos or your headshot when publishing something on your page. Most importantly, capture the eye-grabbing, unique angles within the house that you are attempting to sell. The perfect shot of the open kitchen, an exclusive view of the living room, or even a dreamy closet can undoubtedly make a huge difference. The ideal shots are some of the things that stop people from scrolling and notice your home.

#3 Look for Your Filter

It would be best if you utilized filters to make your posts much better. You need to use at least one or two filters on every post you publish on your handle when it comes to using filters. Using the filters assists in creating a brand image for your house marketing efforts. This simple tool can certainly boost loyalty with your audience and brand recognition. What this tool does is that it makes all your posts seem much better together whenever your followers click on your page. It is crucial to make sure that the filters are constant and assess how the followers fall in love with the various types of homes, and their great viewpoints that you post.

#4 Use Hashtags to Sell Home on Instagram

After finalizing the visual part of your Instagram posts, you need to create a stellar caption to match the post. Captions come in various forms. For instance, you can decide to use a single post to talk about updates and information. The info topics may include a sold notice for listing, an imminent open home, or even a new listing.

On the other hand, you can decide to use casual captions. For example, you can post a couple of personal pictures from time to time. Here, write about any success story you have experienced with a seller or buyer, or even the reason you like selling your home online. This type of topic makes your Instagram home marketing seem more of a genuine connection than a typical sale. With this, it breaks all the available events and offers and focus on your brand.

Additionally, always use the best and most related hashtags. Using hashtags, you can easily boost your views, followers, likes, and sellings. Hence, do not hesitate to add the best hashtags to sell a home on Instagram. But how to find the related hashtags? 

Well, we suggest you use AiGrow’s hashtags research tool.

Using this amazing tool, you can search for multiple Instagram hashtags and add all of them to the first comment of your posts automatically. Also, you can schedule posts and stories, repost content, and grow on Instagram using it. So, sign up for free on AiGrow and give it a try.

#5 Sell Home on Instagram by Posting Stories

Another option to be more genuine with selling home on Instagram is to utilize the Instagram stories. These stories are all about showing your followers what occurs behind the scenes of your handle. Make use of this functionality to take your leads on a virtual, quick tour of a new listing. In some instances, you can post the meal you are taking or even the new business cards you designed. These simple moments possess a significant impact on your social audience. They indeed keep you connected with your followers in a relatable way.

Moreover, we highly recommend you to add links to your Instagram stories. Actually, Instagram doesn’t let you add links to stories without having a verified account or 10K+ followers. However, AiGrow has a simple solution for this. Using the AiGrow All-in-one bio link, you can simply add links to your Instagram stories. Just sign-up for free and then, watch the following video to see how it works:

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#6 Get in Touch with the Local Community

When it comes to getting in touch with your audience, it is essential to make an effort to connect with the local community on the internet. This is inherently valuable for your house selling if you plan to get into another neighbourhood or city. You can tag the business accounts that you regularly interact with. It may be the bakery where you order foods, the coffee house you work from, or even a cleaning service that cleans your car.

Regardless of the business that you work with, you need to tag it if it’s local. Do this on many posts as well as in some comments and stories. Another option is that you can communicate and tag national businesses as well.

Additionally, you can use AiGrow’s growth service to get local followers on Instagram. Using this tool, you can set your locations, choose your business category, and set up hashtags. Then, our expert Instagram account managers start to attract your target audience on Instagram. This way, you’ll be sure that you sell home on Instagram in a shorter period of time. So, sign up right now and try it for free.

Final Thoughts on Selling Home on Instagram

If you still have problems selling your house on the internet, you may need to consider the experts’ help. So, try to connect to an Instagram account manager and consultant and get some professional advice. Also, if you know any tips, leave us a comment, and share your own experience.