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Categories: Instagram Marketing

The 2020 Guide to Instagram Contest Rules


Instagram contests are one of the most effective ways to promote sales increasing high-level engagement.

But for an Instagram contest to end up successful, there must be a set of rules and regulations to be followed by all participants.

Below is a simple set of guidelines to make your next Instagram contest the best one yet:

Contest Laws

There are basically three main kinds of competition:

  1. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are the most common type of contest, in dishes out prizes to entrants based only on chance. No purchase or payment should be made necessary to enter.

  1. Contests

Contests rely more on contestants’ skills are require a certain degree of skill to entry. In the case of Instagram, the skill required is usually photographic in nature. An example might require the winner to take the best photo of a city skyline.

  1. Lottery

Lotteries require a combination of entry money and luck to win. However, it is not recommended for Instagram since private lotteries are outlawed.

Instagram guidelines

Here are four guidelines that, when taken into consideration, will ensure safe, successful, and trouble-free competitions:

  1. First, is that one is fully responsible for ensuring that all operations of the competition are guided by existing laws.
  2. Secondly, is to avoid incorrect tagging of competition entries. This might take the form of tagging an unrelated post simply to garner attention.
  3. Third, is the need to notify all contestants that Instagram is not the sponsor of the competition.
  4. Lastly, is that Instagram is not a party to your contest but only a medium. Moreover, you should incur all the risks pertaining to your competition.

Contest Best Practices

Keep it simple

Keep your rules simple. You can achieve this by sending a link to all the participants to access full details of the rules. An easy way to do this would be by using a tool like AiGrow to automatically send Instagram messages in bulk.

List out all the steps

Clearly describe all steps required to win the competition.

Keep your eye on the prize

Make sure your contestants are well aware of the prize amount, as well as the number of winners.


Know your competition rules to avoid going against the law. For example, the age of participants and the region whose residents can participate given that different regions have different rules.


You are ready to go. Create a fun-filled competition to attract a flood of participants. Be sure to be well versed with the rules in your region and be fully responsible for your actions.