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7 Top Tools to Schedule Social Media Posts

July 7, 2021

Looking for the best available tools to schedule your social media posts? Need guidance on how to find the most useful one? Then you’re in the right place.

Social media marketing is a hot topic now, and many marketers have made huge bucks on it. It’s just like a marathon that every influencer or manager does their best to be a public figure and popular on social media. Everyone knows that to reach the climax of fame on social media is a hard nut to crack and doesn’t happen overnight. Communicating and interacting with your audience, being online all the time, and posting at the best time of the day are challenging parts of managing your accounts. On the other hand, as you grow on social media, you need more creativity and high-quality content. There are countless scheduling tools for social media on the market, which confuses us to pick one. 

Here, your hero would be the best scheduler app for social media that accompanies you in health, sickness, joy, and sadness. Now, stay with us to know them vividly. 

7 Top Tools to Schedule Social Media Posts

We have gathered the 7 top tools to schedule social media posts helping you perform your marketing strategies accurately. To make the most out of these tools, you can consider consulting with a seasoned social media expert to really narrow in on the tool you should be using.

1- AiSchedul: The Best Scheduling App for Social Media

AiSchedul is the top Instagram scheduler app and a convenient assistant for managers with hectic schedules. 

AiSchedul is the best scheduling app for Instagram because of its fantastic post scheduler. Using this scheduler, you have the opportunity to:

Happily, AiSchedul hires dedicated account managers to manually run and monitor your account according to the Instagram algorithm. In this case, you don’t have to worry about getting action blocked. On the other hand, its growth service will help you get 10K followers on Instagram without being banned.

Indeed, it integrates multiple features like Growth services, DM management tools, and an all-in-one bio link tool

To start using AiSchedul, you need only to follow these steps:

  • Sign up on AiSchedul for free
  • Add all your accounts to your dashboard.
  • Select ‘Manage Account.’
  • Then, pick the tabs: ‘POSTS & SCHEDULING’ and ‘SCHEDULER.’
  • Press ‘Schedule’ and choose ‘Feed,’ ‘Story,’ or ‘IGTV.’

Schedule Social Media Posts

  • Presently, upload your social media post
  • And, click on ‘Save.’
  • You can schedule social media posts and select ‘Post in future’ or ‘Post Now.’
  • Finally, press ‘Submit.’

Post Now

It also integrates social media scheduling with analytics. The good news is that you can run all your accounts via mobile phone and on the desktop. So you can download it on Google Play and AppStore. 

2- Loomly

Loomly is a social media scheduling platform with a clear, intuitive interface. 

Loomly is an Instagram bot that lets you set different time workflows. The default settings for teams with more than one collaborator are:

  • Draft
  • Published
  • Approved
  • Scheduled
  • Requires Edits
  • Pending Approval

It offers four pricing ranges after a 15-day no credit card trial: 

Base plan: $20/month for users with less than ten social accounts.

Premium Plan: $228/month, for up to 26 users and 60 social accounts

Creating a social media post is a simple procedure. Indeed, you can start a post from scratch or pick ideas from RSS feeds that create draft posts automatically. You make the base copy of a bar before you customize details for whichever social media you want to use. 

Do you intend to design a paid post for Facebook? Loomly provides you a feature to customize your audience and set a budget for your campaign.


3- Buffer

Buffer used to be a scheduling tool for Twitter. However, now it is a social media scheduling tool that posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In

Buffer provides you with a free feature to schedule 10 social media posts for free. Also, you can begin unlimited scheduling with a paid plan. This gives enough opportunity for a newcomer to learn whether social media automation is possible to benefit them.

Besides, it allows you to create and schedule a range of relevant social media posts you want to share to publish at more suitable times for your audience.

Buffer is a social media scheduler that enables you to customize your posts for each social network. 

It also recommends the most proper times for you to post to each of your social media. Additionally, it provides analytics showing how successful your posts were. The downside of this social media posting scheduler is that all the tasks are automated, which may endanger your account. Indeed, any automation will violate social media terms of use, and it’ll cause an action block of your account.


4- Everypost

Everypost is the perfect tool to schedule visual posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It lets you publish to both personal and business accounts on the app or Everypost’s website platform.

You can use Everypost to optimize your posts by customizing what you share on multiple social platforms at times most convenient to you. For instance, you can add hashtags, photos, and videos to tailor a post for each social network.

Depending on your needs, Everrypost ranges from a “Pay with a Tweet” Personal Plan to a $99.99 / month Team plan.

5- TweetDeck: The Best Scheduler of Social Media Posts on Twitter

If you are a tweeting fan and all you need is a social scheduling post for Twitter, TweetDeck could be perfect. Luckily, since 2011 it is a Tweeter owned social media scheduling tool, and it is free!

Using TweetDeck, you can schedule tweets among multiple Twitter accounts. 

It holds a complete dashboard enabling you to monitor the tweets in an account’s Home feed. Therefore, you can check Notifications, Messages, Activity, and Mentions in real-time. Besides, it lets you add columns displaying other items like Lists, Likes, Collections, Followers, and Scheduled Posts. On the flip side, if you scheduled a social media post, the app allows you to alter and add images and GIFs to it before it’s published. 


6- Tidal Media House: The Best App to Schedule TikTok Posts

Look what we brought for you, a TikTok scheduling tool! 

TikTok has recently been the standout social platform and has had a significant impact on people, especially GenZ. Surprisingly, TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2020 and had 689 million global active users in January 2021.

Now let’s get to the point of scheduling social media posts.

Tidal Media House is excellent for the creative folks who inspire others and advance to the next stage in their profession. 

They handle admins, scheduling to post at the best time on TikTok, emails, legalities, and strategic negotiation of your contracts. Indeed, TMH Talent helps you build and monetize your brand, creating multiple additional revenue streams. They have a three-month trial before submitting a contract and charge a 15% management fee on any brand partnership.


7- MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is an excellent tool to schedule social media posts that offer most of the usual tools for various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Indeed, their tool is called Edgar, and the webpage is where you “meet” Edgar.

It lets you schedule several posts using a social media calendar and create multiple categories for different types of content like promotional materials and blog posts. Besides, MeetEdgar automatically reposts your content over time to be visible to more people and various audiences.

The app costs $49 per month and considers discounts to be military and non-profit users.


Bottom Line

Persistence and consistency are the two factors of victory of top influencers and marketers. Therefore, if you have a massive organization or even own a small business and crave fame in your industry or community, you must schedule social media posts. Finally, we hope all the tools we mentioned could help you achieve your marketing goals and boost your social growth.

This post was last modified on August 28, 2021 03:25

Neda Sharifi

Marketing team member at “Watch Them Live.” Foreign commercial manager, language teacher. Seek for empowerment to create my own dwellings. My passion is learning languages, painting, fashion and technology. Morality, Environment and Equality are my concern.

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