Twicsy Review 2022: Is It Trustworthy?*Warning*

Twicsy Review

Do you consider using Twicsy to grow your Instagram? If so, you are in the right place. Because today’s third-party service review is about Twicsy, taking your time to read this review can help you decide on the growth tool that is right for you. Additionally, by learning more about these tools, you can avoid spammy ones that can negatively affect your Instagram presence and reputation.

Thus, this post will focus on the Twicsky Instagram growth service to analyze it from different perspectives. Is Twicsy one of those best Instagram growth services in 2022 that provides genuine support or one that exploits gained trust to make quick money? 

In the end, I will introduce AiGrow as an ideal alternative to Twicsy and will explain why AiGrow is a smart choice for those who are truly concerned about organic and safe growth. Continue reading this all-inclusive Twicsy review to find out more. 

What Are the Best Instagram Growth Services

Before we begin our full Twicsy review, let’s talk about which Instagram growth services are worth it?

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today. With over 2 billion active monthly users from different corners of the globe, Instagram is an excellent tool for marketers and businesses to get more leads on the platform and substantially increase their revenues and sales. 

However, growing your Instagram account can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the platform. To gain the attention of IG users and keep them engaged on your page, you need to spend a lot of time creating content ideas for your Instagram marketing account and publish them at the best times to receive maximum engagement for your content. Moreover, you have to interact with your target audience and build solid relationships constantly.  

Many proven Instagram growth tools can come to your rescue, helping to grow your organic following instantly. They make your job easy by taking care of all aspects of your social boost. That is why millions of people consistently invest in them. 

But, with so many choices, all claiming to be the best, is there a way to distinguish the most effective Instagram growth companies from the headaches? There is no guarantee that all services will deliver what they promise and claim.

For this reason, we will focus on Twicsy reviews to check out whether it is worth it or should you avoid using the service. Here, you will learn more about its background, strengths, and weaknesses to make a more well-informed decision about investing in it.

What Is Twicsy

Twicsy claims that it offers high-quality Instagram likes, followers, and views from real accounts and helps improve your online presence instantly. That is, Twicsy is a social media marketing service that sells Instagram followers, likes, and viewers to quickly grow your account on Instagram. 

But what is the truth? Is Twicsy safe or a scam that will disappoint you in reality? 

Twicsy doesn’t provide you with active organic growth and engagement based on our extensive research. What makes us say so? Keep reading to find out more. 

Twicsy Vs. Buzzoid 

Twicsy is a product of Buzzoid, a reputable social media growth company. In our complete Buzzoid review, we covered everything related to this Instagram growth tool. 

Therefore, Twicsy works exactly like Buzzoid but under a different name. Consequently, it suffers from the same flaws we discussed in our Buzzoid review.

How Does Twicsy Work

  1. First, you need to go to www.
  2. Then you need to select the package that best suits your needs. 
  3. Next, enter your IG username and email address. 
  4. Choose the number of likes/followers/views you wish to purchase. According to the website, your order will be delivered instantly.
  5. Finally, make the payment via Visa or MasterCard. Upon receiving your order confirmation, your package will begin processing.
  6. If you have any questions, get in touch with their team using the contact form. 

Twicsy Features

Twicsy Features
  • Allegedly high-quality followers and real engagement.  
  • Instant delivery  
  • Automatic Instagram likes and views. This package allows you to build your social proof and generate more awareness and credibility for your brand. These packages start from 50 likes and can reach up to 2500 likes. You can split likes on multiple contents, which can be a valuable feature.

Twicsy Price

Twicsy Pricing

The Twicsy cost depends on how many followers, likes, or views you wish to gain.

  • Followers packages include 100 to 5,000, starting from $2.97 to $49.99.
  • Likes packages vary from 50 to 10,000, starting from $1.47 up to $88.99.
  • Views packages range from 500 to 50,000, starting from $1.99 to $74.99.

Once you’ve selected your package, you should choose between high-quality or premium followers. Twicsy premium followers are a step above their high-quality followers. Additionally, premium followers cost about twice as much as high-quality ones. 

As you can see, many factors impact Twicsy pricing. Twicsy offers a discount on the standard price when you buy a large quantity.

According to the Twicsy Instagram followers review, premium followers are supposed to be real and highly engaged people. Nevertheless, the Twicsy followers’ review page does not provide much information about what you can expect to see. Also, as we will see in the coming sections, most Twicsy clients received bot or fake followers after purchasing Twicsy premium packages.

Twicsy Reviews

The Trustpilot site operates on the premise of being accessible and open to all. A place where consumers can voice their opinions and businesses can also respond and collaborate. Twicsy’s trust score on the platform is 4.5, which seems very good at first glance. 

Twicsy's Ranking on Trustpilot
Twicsy’s Ranking on Trustpilot

When we look at Twicsy reviews on Trustpilot, it appears they have paid many people to say nice things about the Twicsy followers’ app. Almost all five-star reviews are one sentence long, and they all generally say positive things about this tool. There are no four, three, or two-star reviews! 

What’s more, many of these positive reviews on Trustpilot are from users without photos and any other reviews, suggesting they were probably bought.

Therefore, do not fall for their fake reviews. It is a poly used by companies like this to bolster their ratings. 

If you look at the negative reviews, 13% of total reviews, you’ll see that the main complaints about this tool are:

  • Low-quality and untargeted followers 
  • Terrible customer support 
  • No refund 
  • Sudden loss of followers and likes

Twigsy has not even attempted to provide an answer to its unsatisfied clients, which is also very concerning.

Twicsy Reviews on Trustpilot

There is no way we can list all the negative reviews here, but we encourage you to read them carefully and critically to avoid falling prey to their false claims. 

Note: We searched the Twicsy Reddit reviews for further customer feedback but couldn’t find any.

Twicsy Pros & Cons 

In the same way as any other service, Twicsy has its pros and cons. Let’s examine its strengths and weaknesses to determine whether it will meet your needs or not.


  • Secure HTTPS website
  • No Instagram password is needed. 
  • The service has visible prices. 
  • Fast results for your order. 


  • It has no help and FAQ page. Most legitimate services have an ‘about page,’ so its lack is concerning.
  • It has no free trial. 
  • The service is relatively new in the industry.
  • Live chat and phone support are unavailable. Therefore, there is no way to talk to their team members directly. It also provides poor customer service. Customers cannot contact anyone from the company for help.  
  • There are fake or paid positive reviews on the website. 
  • You may get fake and inactive followers or bots using the service. 
  • Lack of real engagement or sustainable growth. 
  • Twiscy may get your Instagram account banned or deleted. 
  • There is no refund.
  • Twicsy lacks advanced targeting options.  
  • The identity of its team members is hidden. 

AiGrow: The Best Alternative to Twicsy

AiGrow cares about your growth and assigns you to an experienced and dedicated account manager to help you obtain more engaged and targeted Instagram followers. Your professional account manager will assist you with engagement, growth, and content strategies. Hence, AiGrow is an organic and manual Instagram growth tool that does not use bots or spammy practices.

With an excellent user rating on Trustpilot, AiGrow is also a well-reputed and trusted Instagram growth service in the industry.

Additionally, AiGrow combines human resources with its advanced AI technology to drive more qualified traffic to your page. It offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone. 

You can learn more about this fantastic service by reading our complete AiGrow review.

Guarantee your success with AiGrow right now!

How Does AiGrow Work

Follow the steps below to begin growing on Instagram with AiGrow:

AiGrow's Managed Growth Program
  • Next, choose your target accounts based on your location, hashtags, competitors, or relevant accounts. Note that AiGrow uses advanced targeting options to bring high-quality and engaged followers to your Instagram account. 
  • Following this step, AiGrow will connect you with its experienced team members to help improve your account for guaranteed engagement and following. Using AiGrow’s powerful engine, you can generate an Instagram following list of qualified, organic users interested in your products or services.

If your question is not addressed here, you can contact AiGrow’s support team via email. They offer free one-on-one appointments to help set up your account successfully and are always available to assist users.

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AiGrow Features

AiGrow provides a wide range of valuable features and tools to help grow your IG quickly and safely:

  1. Automated DM Marketing Tool
  2. Instagram Post, Story, and IGTV Scheduling Tool: this tool allows you to schedule and publish your posts at the best time automatically.
  3. Post & Reward Tool: the ‘Post and Reward’ feature manages Instagram rewards campaigns for businesses. You’ve probably seen those posts asking you to follow a page and tag a friend to win a prize if you’re on Instagram. The Post and Reward tool from AiGrow does this for you in an automated manner and with additional features.
  4. PostMate Feature: This feature will assist you in creating content.
  5. Link-In-Bio Tool:  This tool lets you hyperlink on Instagram, so you can link to as many social media and websites as you like. 
  6. A Dedicated Account Manager
  7. Manual Growth Activities
  8. Content Repost Tool 
  9. Mass Delete Feature
  10. AiGrow’s Giveaway Picker Tool: This tool will help you host giveaways on Instagram more effectively and pick your winners in no time!
  11. AI-Powered Targeting Options 
  12. 24×7 Customer Support 
  13. Social Monitoring + Analytics Tool
  14. Hashtag Generator Tool
  15. Managed Growth Plans 
  16. Mass Unfollow Tool
AiGrow’s Extensive Features

AiGrow is a complete platform with all the tools and features you may need to grow organically and safely on Instagram. 

Get immediate access to AiGrow now to use all its effective tools!

AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow offers a variety of growth plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best option. You can see all the plans and prices listed here.

Note: For new users, AiGrow offers a one-week package. The service costs $29, and you can cancel it at any time.

AiGrow Vs. Twicsy; Final Verdict.

Features Twicsy AiGrow 
Growth service 
Quick delivery 
Buy Instagram likes & views
Post Scheduling Tool 
Automated DM Marketing 
Repost Tool
Real and engaged Instagram Followers 
Advanced Targeting Options 
Real Engagement 
Account manager 
Providing Instagram content strategy assistance
Sustainable growth 
Detailed analytics 
Designed templates for content (feeds/stories).
All-in-One Bio-Link Tool
Instagram post deleter tool
Social Media Monitoring Tool 
Human-driven + advanced AI-powered Growth Strategies
Track Influencers
24/7 customer service

FAQs on Twicsy

Are you looking for some answers to your Twicsy questions? You can find some of the most frequently asked questions in this section, so let’s look at them.  

Q1. Is Twicsy Legit? 

We cannot guarantee that it is a legit service to buy Instagram followers. Some real customer reviews also consider Twicsy a scam that provides no customer service. 

At first, it may sound like a legitimate company, but many clients have tested the service and had unsatisfactory results. According to these Twiccy practical tests, you will lose your Instagram followers after a few weeks. Also, you can receive fake or inactive followers employing the tool. Therefore, the service will not grow your account organically and safely. 

Q2. How Long Does Twicsy Take to Deliver My Order?

When it comes to delivery time, the website provides contradictory information, making it difficult to plan ahead.

The service claims that orders start in 60 seconds on the views page. But if you read their FAQ, it says that you’ll begin to see results within 24 hours. 

They seem to convince you that instant delivery is the way to go. But in reality, their deliveries will take time. 

It is a common practice used by many companies like Twicsy, so it makes sense why it doesn’t state everything clearly. Thus, it is better to keep your expectations in line with the reality of the service.

Q3. Does Twicsy Refill My Packages If They Drop Off?

On the website, Twicsy claims that there will be no drop in likes or followers with its premium packages. Yet it doesn’t mention whether you will be refilled if followers or likes drop off in the future.

Also, there is no mention of the warranty on the website. Nor is there a clear timeframe for the guarantee, so the user does not know how long they will be covered. Not only that, under the terms of service, there is no mention of a drop refill or a warranty.

There are many inconsistencies and missing information on the website. 


In conclusion, we do not recommend Twicsy for several reasons. Firstly, there is a lack of vital information on their website. For example, they do not have an ‘about page’ telling you how long they have been in business or whose company they are.

Even though Twicsy can be a quick option to get more followers on Instagram, it cannot guarantee you will gain authentic and active followers in return for your investment. With Twicsy, there is neither precise targeting nor engagement. You may receive low-quality followers that will not lead to much more engagement and reach in the long run.

Instead, we propose choosing an established service, such as AiGrow. We confidently say that AiGrow is a more reliable and proven organic Instagram growth service in the field. Its professional human resources and advanced AI technology efficiently deliver highly targeted and engaged followers to your Instagram account.

Additionally, AiGrow offers valuable features and tools to grow your Instagram followers organically and safely. Altogether, these features and tools allow for massive, sustainable growth in the long run.

Give AiGrow a try now and get guaranteed results.