Why You Should Unfollow all Instagram Users with These Traits (+ how to do it)

Why You Should Unfollow all Instagram Users with These Traits (+ how to do it)
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Nothing looks worse than seeing someone on Instagram following 3,000 users with only 300 followers. To these people, I would kindly direct them to one of the most under-utilized buttons on all of Instagram – the unfollow button.

A proportionate follower/following ratio is one of the first things a potential followers or sponsor looks for when they visit your channel. Too many followers can come off spammy, and too little following can come off as pompous and unengaged. A proportionate follower to following ratio, however, particularly if you are a business, conveys a sense authenticity.

With this in mind, you should unfollow all Instagram users who belong to any one of these three categories:

  • Inactive accounts
  • Bot accounts
  • Those who haven’t followed you back (to a degree)

Inactive accounts

Someone who hasn’t been active since 2016 is probably worth unfollowing.

While you can manually go through and unfollow all Instagram users who are inactive, this can be super time-consuming. You’re better off using a tool like Followers Assistant or Cleaner IG which both allow you to unfollow ghost or inactive accounts in bulk.

Bot accounts

Bot accounts can be tricky to identify as they can often closely mimic human behaviour, but here are some tell-tale signs to watch out for:

  • Humongous following but small number of followers
  • Followers largely consist of new or inactive accounts
  • Large following but terrible or non-existent content

If you find a user you’re following to portray any of these signs, best to hit the unfollow button.

Those who haven’t followed you back

If you’re going to follow someone and commit to seeing their content on your feed, unless the person you’re following is a celebrity or popular figure, the least the person can do is follow you back.

A simple way to make sure that every one of your follows is reciprocated is to use a tool like AiGrow. If you follow a user and that user doesn’t follow you back within a certain amount of time, you will automatically unfollow that user. This is also a super easy way to maintain a proportionate follow/following ratio.

With AiGrow, you can even set follow/unfollow cycles so that after following a set number of users, you will automatically begin unfollowing those who haven’t followed you back.

Cleaning up who you’re following makes your profile look more trustworthy to visitors, more attractive to potential followers and brands, and narrows down the content on you’re Instagram feed to stuff you actually want to see.

Have you experienced any benefits from routine unfollowing? How did you go about it? Share in the comments below!

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