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Categories: Instagram Marketing

Top Reasons Why All Businesses Must Be On Instagram

Instagram has gone through a total transformation. It is no longer just a trendy teenage hangout and has become a social media platform that means serious business. Instagram holds a lot of promise for businesses. Businesses thrive on Instagram because it is a powerful marketing tool. Over 34 percent of the Internet users in the United States are on this versatile platform. Instagram seems to be the second-highest after only Facebook, as far as, US audience penetration is concerned.

Here are some reasons why every business needs to be on Instagram

Internet Users Are On Instagram Most of the Time Apart from Facebook

As per the research conducted by ComScore, the Internet users in the United States are on Instagram for almost 12 billion minutes every month. However, they do spend around 230 billion minutes on Facebook every month. However, if businesses are intending to dominate in a truly picture-oriented and more niche network, Instagram would be offering a marvelous opportunity.

You Could Consider Building a Targeted Following on Instagram via Hashtags

As per, hashtags play a pivotal role since they allow brands to target their marketing to people who are interested in their services or products. Most organizations average roughly seven hashtags for every picture they post. If you can identify certain hashtag topics which are best related to your organization, you could come across people who seem to be specifically interested in such services or products and then consider targeting those people directly rather than wasting your energy and endeavors by devoting attention to individuals who are not interested at all. You may consider seeking professional assistance for receiving накрутить лайки инстаграм from reputed digital marketing services.

Instagram Helps You in Boosting Your Brand with Amazing Visual Content

Visuals are far more expressive than words. We know that pictures speak volumes and visual content gives you a fabulous opportunity to determine how you wish to display your brand. A great benefit of sharing pictures on Instagram is the availability of a broad spectrum of filters. We know that you could use diverse filters and give a whole new look to all your pictures. The edited pictures could play a pivotal role in conveying your desired message and mood.

Instagram Videos Get a Tremendous Amount of Shares on Facebook

As per the findings of several studies by Unruly, we understand that nine out of every ten Instagram video shares seem to be on Facebook. This is wonderful news for digital marketers who have been concerned about bridging the gap between these two social media giants. Integration between Facebook and Instagram is the way to go for achieving a major boost in the brand’s overall online presence.

Conclusion: Instagram Is the Go-To Platform with Relatively Higher Conversion Rates

Digital marketers are well aware that direct sales generally are not a major advantage of utilizing social media; however, it comes as an unanticipated bonus when Instagram assures high conversion rates. Instagram offers 4th highest conversion rates among all other social media platforms. We have discussed only some of the reasons why all businesses must include Instagram in their social media marketing strategy. There are many more reasons to do so. So it is high time you jumped on to the Instagram bandwagon.

Author Bio

Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic.