10 Tactics to Become Popular on Instagram

Instagram tactics

Looking for ideas to become insta-famous? Don’t worry, your search ends here! The fame attainable on Instagram is unimaginable. Since Instagram’s launch, it has developed into the epitome for sharing photographs. Models have begun careers, and companies have formed massive consumer bases, thanks to this photo-sharing social platform. Can you do the same? Surely you can! The days of inserting some random hashtags to a post and expecting attention are over – it’s becoming much more scientific. So you ought to plan a strategy. Either you’re expanding your own private account or operating in the interest of a company, utilize these 10 top Instagram tactics we recommend that will help you to grow a larger, more suitable amount of followers on Instagram. Let’s begin!

Instagram Tactic #1 Buying Instagram Followers

Looking for some sure-shot shortcut Instagram tactics? Then this is the way to go. Believe it, or not, you might be shocked by how many people actually decide to buy Instagram followers.  Some buy because they are just new to the platform and wish to buy a quick boost to stimulate their followers, while others simply desire to be Instagram famous. Therefore, buying more Instagram followers and likes is a quick and convenient tactic to get the desired result. But, be aware that when you buy followers, you are only paying for the number (and credibility it brings) and only select the best site to buy Instagram followers. This denotes that the followers you pay for will not typically engage with your Instagram posts or stories.  If you prioritize having a huge follower count, buying Instagram followers will undoubtedly fulfill that. 

Instagram Tactic #2 Utilize your Bio and clearly communicate what you do

It is the principal real estate on your Instagram profile. Once you get started, you’ll want to start getting detailed with your account and bio. Use a superb profile picture and ensure your Instagram handle immediately expresses who you or your brand are and whether they should follow you. Your bio should be utilized to highlight a call-to-action, branded hashtags, and a link, which is a huge deal in the pursuit of fresh Instagram users. However; don’t plead, sound desperate or come across as spammy. Therefore, make the most of your bio URL in a healthy way. 

Actually, this is one of the most important Instagram tactics to get popular! So, you must try all the Instagram bio hacks you know and use some of the best Instagram bio tools to leverage your account.

Try Link-in-bio tools

Luckily, there is an amazing Instagram bio tool that helps you to have a professional Instagram profile. AiSchedul is a professional package of tools that let you manage your account(s) more professionally and become popular in a short time! 

link in bio

Using this tool you can:

  • Schedule posts and stories to be shared at a specific time 
  • Use a social calendar to share trendy posts
  • Automatically share the posts on stories 
  • Giveaway coupons automatically from within your bio URL
  • Generate Email leads and let people contact you directly via email

and etc. So, using it you can manage to try more Instagram tactics and become successful. So, sign up for free and try it ASAP.

Instagram Tactic #3 Give your Posts a Unique Look and Cross-promote Instagram Content

Instagram is an extraordinarily pictorial platform, therefore one of the best Instagram tactics you must care about is to put effort into having an eye-catching Instagram layout. When there is a chance, try to reiterate your brand’s visual uniqueness. Focus on captioning your photos and videos. And inject a wee-bit of individuality. Inserting emojis lends a bit of extra pop. All posts should be pertinent to your business, and you require searching methods of adding substance to your posts. So figure what you can add that will inspire others to like and repost it.  Growth can occur remarkably fast if your followers sense they have some stuff to gain from following your account.

Assure your pre-existing fans are well-aware that you’re on Instagram through cross-promotion. Instagram makes it pretty handy to share your pictures with other social platforms, which could obtain some additional exposure and can lead users to turn to your Instagram account. You can also give a shot on embedding Instagram images in your blog posts.

As an example to see what we mean by this one, just take a look at @juniperoats’s Instagram account. That looks amazing, isn’t it? So, do your best and be as creative as you can to succeed.

Instagram tactics

Instagram Tactic #4 Content is King

One of the other Instagram tactics to know is that with great content, comes great followers! It’s human psychology to wish to blend in, but on Instagram, you have got to stand out of the box. How will you figure out what your followers prefer? Use your analytics. If you’re going to make it big on Instagram, you ought to understand what to post. Anything your enterprise or your account requires to meet the interests of your target audience, develop that in your own Instagram style. It should be high-quality content that your followers enjoy and would get involved in.

Use a Social Media Calendar

Luckily, if you don’t know what to share you can use the AiSchedul social calendar to see what day it is, what are the trends, and what people share these days! Also, it lets you schedule posts and stories to be shared at specific dates and times.

Instagram tactics

So, try it for free and get great ideas to post every day! 

Instagram Tactic #5 Get Creative with Hashtagging!

Hashtags are Instagram’s signposts! When it comes to Instagram caption ideas, you ought to look beyond the one-word, obvious hashtags. Surely, you desire to use those, too, but merge it and use hashtags to express slice of your story. Be humorous, sarcastic, or outrageous – just don’t be BORING. The perfect hashtags (and location tag) can expose your picture to a huge and targeted audience. Ask users to “tag a friend”. This tactic works well for lots more than events, too.

Use Hashtag Tools

Fortunately, to avoid wasting time on this step, you can start using a Hashtag tool. Actually, there are so many tools you can use to add the best hashtags for followers. However, one of the best options you have is AiSchedul. Using this tool, you can search for the best art hashtags and add them to your posts to get more views and attractions. To do so, you just need to sign up for free and after adding your IG accounts tap on the “Schedule” button on the dashboard. Then, after uploading your post(s), tap on the “Search HashTags” button. 

Instagram tactics

Now, you just have to write down a keyword to find the most relevant and also the best hashtags for your post!


As you see, it also informs you about the popularity of the hashtag by giving you the number of posts existing with each hashtag! So, check it out and try it for free.

Instagram Tactic #6 Embrace Influencer Marketing for Wider Reach

Influencer marketing is the talk of the town! Nowadays people are increasingly purchasing services or items depending on what they find in their web-feed from the influential persons they observe. If you wish to get in touch with good consumers on Instagram, the quickest method to do so is via the influencers who have beforehand formed an audience with a huge following. Check out the profiles of every individual you’ve designated as an influencer in your personal space and get notified each time they post fresh content. You can engage with them daily and become one of their favorite person or brands. If you form a connection with every influencer, you’ll build long-lasting brand awareness with a new audience too.

Post and Reward

If you want to run any Instagram partnerships with influencers, companies, and etc, you must know exactly how to host an Instagram giveaway contest. Actually, after knowing all the steps you must take, you might doubt doing it because it needs a lot of time and consistency. But, using AiSchedul “Post and Reward feature, you can automate almost all the steps of the process and save a great deal of time and energy. 

Instagram tactics

So, give it a try and optimize your Instagram partnerships for free.

Instagram Tactic #7 Approve Photo Tags 

In terms of granting you better managing of which tagged photos show up on your profile, you can adjust your Instagram setting so tagged photos won’t appear unless you give consent to it. You ought to definitely fix this up to prevent possibly awkward positions

Instagram Tactic #8 Get Active! (Post Consistently)

The more frequently you post, the more likes and followers you gather. Consistency turns out to be a crucial component to getting your posts viewed and popping up at the top of the timeline. Watch out what your contemporaries are up to on Instagram – and above all, find out who is making comments on their posts. They are possibly your target market. So, it is reasonable to engage with and follow them. In this manner, you’ll begin to build viewers who will be strongly interested in what your business has to deliver.

Schedule posts and Stories for Weeks

If you don’t want to forget posting consistently, schedule what you want to share to be posted on Instagram! This way, you avoid forgetting to post, and also you can manage to share your content at the best time possible. So, try a scheduler like AiSchedul to share posts regularly and get more and more followers!

Instagram Tactic #9 Try Stories, Videos, and Live Videos 

It’s time for some fun! While Instagram emerged as an image-sharing platform, it has evolved beyond mere pictures. With fun elements like posting videos, live videos, and Stories, brands can now frame various distinct kinds of content to involve their viewers and expand their following. Stories can even be used to catch behind-the-scenes insider posts which may not be as “top-quality” as normal posts. Instagram also makes it convenient to experiment with tools to form stunning photos and videos for your stories.

Instagram Tactic #10 Engage your Fans

Instagram tactics

Engagement is one of the significant concerns. So, one of the essential Instagram tactics to know is that the more you can engage a post, the more viewers will find it in their feed. With several engagements, your posts may possibly be featured in the top posts of relevant hashtags resulting in acquiring more targeted followers.

Instagram is – or can be – a dual-way dialogue, so ask your followers to comment on your posts. And yes, of course, you then ought to reciprocate to any comments – it’s all about consistent engagement, not just having a massive following. So, go ahead and share the love!

Final Thoughts

In our hunt to increase followers, it’s always wise to keep in mind what actually is the subject of concern in all of this: The people we’ll converse with, the relationships/bonds we’ll grow, and the entertainment we’ll have. With continuous dedication and effort, everything is possible. Get your A-game on by spending a wee-bit of time every day to just hang out and posting actively.

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