15 Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

top Instagram influencers

As discussed in previous articles, finding and connecting with top Instagram influencers in your niche has never been easier. Even if you’re using an influencer agency, it’s still important to understand what the top Instagram influencers in your industry are doing right.

Below are 15 of the top influencers currently on Instagram. Take note of such things as content, posting times, and how they are engaging with their audiences.


Daily Dose has more than 200 million followers on Instagram. The founder, Tim Karsliyev, can reach out to about twenty-five percent of all the people in Instagram. Daily Dose was the first popular motivational account on Instagram.


The account is owned by Nikki Giavasis. The main function of this account is to close the gap between big-name celebrities and brands. Nikki’s account is a source of inspiration for people all over the world.


Tonio Skits is a comedian. The account has more than 3.6 million followers. The account also gets more than 50 million impressions monthly across all the social media, and it offers inspiration on how to create original content.


The account is owned by Jessinia Vice. The account owner is a singer, survivor, songwriter and a fitness enthusiast. Jessinia uses the account to advocate for gender equality and respect for women.


The account’s main content is lifestyle and beauty. Desi Perkins, the account owner, has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram. The account helps women who love beauty with creative ideas.


The owner of this account is both a model and a businesswoman. The owner, Claudia, helps women with ideas on how to succeed in the modern world.


The best place where people can learn how to prepare different types of food. The account is rich with recipes on how to prepare appetizers to desserts. The account owner gives priority to preparing healthy dishes.


The account is owned by Brandon Siwiak. The owner of this account is the highest paid social media influencer on Instagram. He has 10 million followers on about ten different pages. The main content in his pages is an inspiration for young people.

Other top Instagram influencer accounts to take note of:

  • @joelcontartese
  • @andyfrisella
  • @briandevans
  • @goodlife
  • @igbenlee
  • @zaptio
  • @rich20something

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