Best Instagram Marketing Practices

best Instagram marketing practices

Having an active social media presence is critical for businesses to survive. When it comes to social media, no business can afford to miss the social media marketing of Instagram. It has become the biggest platform for brands, sponsors and customers. There are more than 800 million active users on Instagram. Furthermore, 500 million Instagram profiles are active every day. One thing that might shock you is that: 70% of Instagram hashtags are of brands. 

What does that let you know? In the case that you are not active on Instagram, your contenders are. Those of you who as of now have an account set up is intended for success. At the same time, just having an Instagram profile doesn’t really convert into sales. So lets now discuss strategies for Instagram Social Marketing:

Best Instagram Marketing Practices

  1. Grow Your Followers Base

One of the initial steps of a productive Instagram marketing strategy is developing your supporter base. For example, you are a brand that provides mobile phones so for you, Without much followers, you will battle for your post to be seen by the ones who are searching for smartphones. Without followers, it won’t be simple for you to create sales. For those of you who have recently made your Instagram page, beginning with a zero number can be scary. Despite that, if you are now new in the market, you will already have some customers. This is the best spot to begin searching for followers.

There are several ways you can follow to grow your Instagram followers. among the best ways is the managed service by AiGrow. it helps you build your Instagram followers’ base quickly and organically.

  • Make Regular Updates 

In the case that you are adding an image or video to your profile just once per month, this isn’t a powerful strategy. I wouldn’t consider it a functioning profile. You need your brand to consistently be fresh in the psyches of your customers. Simultaneously, you would prefer not to flood your followers with lots of posts on the same day, this seems very irritating. You must locate the center-ground here. I would not prescribe posting more than once every day. In a case that you have a lot of content that you need to share every day, it is smarter to add it to your Instagram story. 

To keep consistent with your posting, you can use an Instagram scheduler to help you schedule your posts and stories days, weeks, or even months ahead.

  • Make Use of Hashtags

Adding hashtags is very important on Instagram. A hashtag is a tool where user following those hashtags instantly sees the updates that are using those hashtags. Before choosing hashtags, it is very important for you to get the ranking and trends of that hashtag like how many people are following that hashtag and which hashtag is trending during your post time. Also, remember that you can use only 30 hashtags. More than 30 hashtags are now allowed by Instagram now. Read our guide on “13 Ways to Win with Instagram Hashtags in 2019”.

  • Instagram Influencer Partnership  

Utilizing Instagram influencers to advance your brand, services, and products is a severely proficient strategy. Indeed, 94% of advertisers state that their social influencer strategy was successful for their organizations. Since supporters with social impact trust them. We realize that 82% of individuals are probably going to pursue the suggestions made by the smaller scale influenced. Also, 94% of buyers accept these influencers are exceptionally learned.

  • Use UGC

User-Generated Content is the full form of UGC. This is the type of strategy that encourages the users to promote your brand on their profile. Thus, your brand connects with all users and followers who are following that user. This type of strategy works as a recommendation, which we will define as a good promotion technique. Apart from the competitions and prices, the most ideal approach to support user-created content is to give a client picture highlighted on your profile.

So in the end, it can be concluded that social marketing on Instagram is very effective for the organization who are looking to promote their services and brands to a wide range of public according to their interest. 

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