Can you Buy 100k Instagram Followers and Should You Do It?

buy 100k instagram followers

Instagram is one of the best and topmost social media networking platforms around today. Every day so many creative, beautiful, and motivational images get posted instantaneously into user’s feeds. On the other hand, Instagram followers play a vital role in building your brand on Instagram. That is, many Instagram marketers think to buy 100k Instagram followers.

Actually, when you buy a considerable number of followers, you’ll see a rapid spike in your following. However, within a few days or weeks, that number will begin to dwindle as the number of users following you on Instagram starts to decrease. Why is this? There are a lot of factors that influence an Instagram user’s activity and followers.

Here you will read if it is legal to buy followers cheap and increase your followers instantly.

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Is It Possible to Buy 100k Instagram followers

Actually, many platforms provide users to buy 10k Instagram followers for $5, buy Instagram followers cheap for $1, buy 5000 Instagram followers for $5, and more other options. Therefore, you can easily buy 100k Instagram Followers or buy 10k Instagram followers for $5 and get likes for free. 

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Although it isn’t illegal to buy 100k Instagram followers, it is against Instagram’s terms of conditions and policies. Though, that misleads companies and would affect the people that buy100k Instagram followers and likes. Because, for instance, Instagram influencers with different ranges of followers have noticeable various incomes. 

What Happens If You Buy 100k Instagram followers

You may think there is no other better way to use social media networks such as Instagram to build a massive following and sell your products. Therefore, you could buy 10k Instagram followers for $5 to grow your brand reach ASAP.

Indeed, to make the best decision, you need to know what happens when you get 10K Instagram followers.

As much as your followers’ number increases, you will enhance three factors for your brand:

  • Authenticity
  • Credibility
  • Trustworthy

Actually, with many people following you and sharing your images, you will easily make money from online ads.

Therefore you can buy 100k Instagram followers or buy 5000 Instagram followers for $5, and at the first glance, when the audience notices them, they may trust to follow you. Of course, this would be great and fascinating, but will they maintain your engaged followers or loyal customers on your page?

As a matter of fact, starting a relationship is useful and easy, but keeping that is excellent and needs effort and knowledge. 

Indeed, to buy 10k Instagram followers for $5 may endanger your business on Instagram:

Buy 10k Instagram Followers for $5 and Damage Your Credibility

Unfortunately, many influencers and celebrities have tended to buy Instagram followers and have been caught. 

It seems an easy job to buy 100k Instagram followers or buy 10k Instagram followers for $5. However, many of these followers are inactive Instagram followers and ghost followers that have no real value for you. So, when you buy Instagram followers for $1, you’re only paying for a number, but engagement is not guaranteed, or even close. Because these followers will never like or comment on your posts or purchase your products. 

Buy 100k Instagram Followers and Wane your Performance metrics

When you buy 100k Instagram followers, those inactive followers and fake followers won’t take any useful action. On the other hand, the Instagram algorithm evaluates your performance by your posts’ engagement, not your followers’ number. 

Therefore, gaining real engaged followers and keeping and turning them to your loyal customers is critical. As a result, it would be best to grow Instagram followers organically.

So, if you crave to buy 100k Instagram followers, this is probably not the best option for you.

Buy 100k Instagram followers or Gain them

As mentioned above, there are many cons to buy Instagram followers for $5 or buy Instagram followers cheap 10k.

The first thing you’d better know is that everyone uses Instagram for different goals, so it stands to reason that people will follow you if they think that you have something interesting to share. In fact, the only way to assure that they’re interested in what you have to say is by being visible, which means being the first person they’ll see when they login to their account. Instead of buying Instagram followers cheap 10k it would be best to try other methods of boosting your Instagram account’s performance and engagement rate. For instance, creating a viral video, just like any other social marketing campaign, except it’s easier because you can upload it to YouTube instead of Instagram. 

In the following, there are the best methods to boost engagement and drive brand awareness:

Most Importantly, to all these tasks and grow your followers, you can make most of an Instagram growth service that entirely fulfills your needs.

AiGrow: A Complete Instagram Growth Service

AiGrow is a complete Instagram marketing tool for professional marketers to rely on and grow followers organically. Actually, this app is an all-in-one Instagram management service that can manage all your tasks perfectly.

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This app attracts niche-related followers for your multiple Instagram accounts. Accordingly, managing multiple Instagram accounts on PC and mobile can increase sales conversion, engagement rate and generate more leads. 

Consequently, using AiGrow, you can achieve all your objectives that you don’t even think to buy 100k Instagram followers or buy Instagram followers cheap $1.

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Get Instagram Followers

Therefore, if you want to buy Instagram followers cheap 10k or buy 5000 Instagram followers for $5, you can sign up for AiGrow for free instead, Get 5 Days of Growth For $5 and build a reliable brand and fly off the charts.

Final Thoughts 

Instagram has one of the highest conversion websites on the web, and there are many new ways to get followers on Instagram without following. You can sell products on almost any social platform, make big bucks, and put it aside to buy Instagram followers cheap for $1.