Using an Instagram Server for Followers? Use This Instead

Instagram server for followers

Want to gain more followers on Instagram? Well, everyone wants that! Some people, especially those who know how to use codes even try to make their own bots using software such as InstaPy which is based on Python. In this article, we’re going to show you what is an Instagram server for followers and the better alternatives to grow Instagram more effectively.

What is an Instagram server for followers?

An Instagram server for followers allows you to take everything you would normally do to grow your Instagram channel (Liking, commenting, following, etc.) and hand that works off to a program. In other words, you either use an Instagram bot or you build your own bot using codes.

How do I create a follower server on Instagram?

When you use programs such as InstaPy or anything using Python language to build an open-source Instagram bot, you can manage to make that bot personalized. You have the total control of the bot. There are some tutorials that learn you how to build one, even if you are not familiar with coding. Here’s a tutorial of InstaPy on Udemy and a case study of using such Instagram servers for followers.

Is it safe to use bots for gaining followers?

Nope, it’s not. I get it; you need more followers so that you can be a winner in the crazy world of Instagram. But it was long ago when you could use any bots to gain fake followers. Now, Instagram has got smarter; the ever-changing and the ultra-smart Instagram algorithm won’t let automated bots to perform effectively on the platform. So, it is highly risky to use the old ways of gaining followers.

But don’t worry about it; we happen to know a great better way to gain an audience without using an Instagram server for followers. Keep reading this article to find out!

AiGrow: The best way to promote your Instagram

Instead of learning how to build an Instagram server for followers, why not using a better option such as AiGrow? First of all, AiGrow has many other advantages rather than just gaining followers. It offers a smart Scheduler, a Social Calendar, Bio Link, and DM to Email. But for now, let’s take a closer look at its promotional packages which will bring you many benefits such as more organic fans, more likes, and comments.

Instagram server for followers

AiGrow’s promotional packages

Unlike bots and an Instagram server for followers, AiGrow uses Instagram virtual assistants who are real people, experts in Instagram marketing, and your niche, that will take control of your account(s) on your behalf. By using AiGrow’s promotional packages, you can have access to VAs and let them perform promotional efforts to grow your account.

AiGrow offers many different packages for any taste and budget. If you aim to gain engaged followers that will turn your Instagram page to an interactive place, we highly recommend trying AiGrow VIP and PRO packages. Using these packages and based on your chosen package, you will gain (at least) between 300 and 500 authentic followers per month.

Instagram server for followers

Moreover, using AiGrow, you’re virtual assistants will design beautiful posts for your feed. Want to hear about another fantastic feature of AiGrow? Here you go: you can use all the other features available on the platform when you purchase VIP and PRO services!

Benefits of using AiGrow instead of an Instagram server for followers

  • Fast set up
  • Gaining real followers instead of fake ones
  • Guaranteed number of monthly new followers
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • No need to use codes
  • Specialized VAs in your niche
  • Safe and secure: not breaking any Instagram rules
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Personalized promotional activity
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Being aware of the latest trends
  • More likes, comments, and overall engagement
  • Running Instagram contests and giveaways


Instagram is an active social media with a lively community. You can confirm this by just looking at the number of Instagram’s active monthly users: Over one billion! So, it requires a full-time job to manage Instagram accounts effectively. As you might not have that amount of time, you may turn to use an Instagram server for followers and bots. But we strongly suggest to not use them and instead try safe ways such as Instagram management applications like AiGrow. So, what do you waiting for? Sign up for AiGrow for free right now!

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