Is it Beneficial to Embed Instagram Feed on Website?

embedding Instagram feed on the website

Social media is a whole new world in itself with a distinct ecosystem that satisfies the needs of people, brands, and businesses. And it has been growing rapidly in recent years with the dawn of new social platforms.

Instagram also is sort of a recently emerged social platform but it has enlarged exceedingly fast against its competitions. And 1 billion active monthly users with 500 million daily users are evidence to it mammoth growth.

As the lines between social media and commercial activities are getting thinner every day.

It becomes essential for businesses to link social media to their digital business storefronts i.e. Websites to expand reach, awareness, engagement, and amplify conversions.

Instagram should be the top priority for your business to integrate and marketize your website. And further, we have explained why it should be done and how it benefits your website/business.

Instagram And The World

Instagram is a visual sharing platform with countless features customized and designed for the ease of use, creative representation of content, and effective engagement.

Instagram is extremely popular among users for these features and has one of the highest interaction and engagement rate among social platforms.

These features are not just limited to the audience but for the brands and businesses as well.

More so than ever, the commercial benefits are extremely high with the availability of millions of daily users, engagement rate, visual aesthetics, shoppability, and many other elements.

Instagram feed is an excellent feature for reaping the benefits of social media for your business.

Instagram feed is a aggregation of posts/content garnered from Instagram and displayed on a single feed relevant to a specific hashtag, keywords or handle.

Embed Instagram feed on website is an excellent strategy to promote your product/brand, interaction & communication, embrace user-generated content, showcase creativity, extended exposure, and attracting a fresh audience to your business.

We have stacked some highlights as to why embedding Instagram feed on your website is beneficial to you.

Vibrant Aesthetics

“Judging the book by its cover.” It is a basic statement used to express how one judges something by how it looks. This holds true to the websites as well.

People are obsessed with visual aid & cues. They are attracted to and are engaged by creative visuals, striking images, high-quality videos, and infographics.

Adding the Instagram feed to your website will make it more attractive and interactive for the users. You can garner relevant beautiful images and engaging videos to your website.

Besides, visuals are more expressive and easy to remember. This makes it easy for you to deliver an excessive amount of information with a simple image.

It will enhance the user’s experience of browsing your website and most probably resulting in a conversion.

Channelize Traffic From Social Media

Embedding Instagram feed on your website creates a link between social media and your business. And social media is accessed by half of the world’s population daily i.e. more than 3 billion people.

Therefore, it presents you the opportunity to target this vast audience and bring a huge number of interested users to your website.

It will amplify the reach, awareness, and exposure of your business in the digital world. As it is not necessary that all the traffic will convert into customers but maximum traffic will result in maximum conversions.

And we all know social media influences a consumer’s purchase decision and linking Instagram to your website will allow users to make the purchase in real-time.

A shorter buying process will attract the consumer to buy your products more, providing superior consumer experience.

Display User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be understood as one of the best advantages of Instagram feed embedding. Over digital commerce, it is essential to have the availability of positive user-generated content.

UGC is a key driver to influence the buying decision of a user. People tend to believe the word of other customers, their experiences, feedback, and reviews.

You can showcase the content that people are posting about you on Instagram in your feed. This will show the reliability, authenticity, and trustworthiness of your website/business.

Basically, displaying UGC will provide the crucial social proof for your website. This will result in building community, loyalty, and extended conversions.

Easy Discoverability

Users experience this often where they are unable to find the product that they came across on social media but could not find the product on eCommerce platforms.

Embedding Instagram feed will make the products easily discoverable as the people will be able to see the product on feed and then click on it to buy it in real-time.

Real-time buying is enabled by the shoppable feature where you can tag products shown in the visuals with the buying option. This will take you to the checkout page directly for completing the purchase.

This removes the hassle of exploring pages and websites to find a product. Besides, People tend to make instant buying decisions when they are interested in a product over the internet.

Amplified Dwell Time

Dwell time here is the average time spent on a website by the user. Embedding Instagram feed allows you to display more engaging and creative content.

This will make the users interact and engage more with the feed and website leading to increased dwell time.

Increased time spent on the website will lower the bounce rate and cart abandonment possibilities.

It is an essential benefit that will result in amplifying the search engine result page ranking and quality rank of the website.

This rank increment will lead to more exposure in search engines and queries leading to generating higher leads and conversions.


Embedding Instagram feed on a website is extremely beneficial for your business. This is an excellent method to build community, loyal customer base, enhance trust, showcase authenticity, and grow revenue.

It does not require huge time and monetary investments and can be automated through social aggregation tools.

So, it is advised that you embed Instagram feed on your website to bring liveliness, creativity, and interactivity to it.

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