Top 12 Fitness OnlyFans Creators: Hottest Accounts in 2024

Top 10 Fitness OnlyFans Creators: Hottest Accounts in 2024

Fitness models have the hottest bodies in the world and thanks to OnlyFans, now you can see exclusive content from them. There are many top fitness OnlyFans creators on Instagram and TikTok that you may not be aware of. Therefore, we have gathered the best of them here.

These top OnlyFans creators are exactly what you need to get inspiration from, learn new methods and techniques, and even get a bit naughty😉

So get ready to meet some of the hottest fitness models on OnlyFans, and enjoy what these experts have to offer to help you witness the unseen beauty of fitness!

Top 12 Fitness OnlyFans Creators You Shouldn’t Miss

To simplify your OnlyFans search, we have mentioned the 12 best fitness OnlyFans models including three male creators just in case you prefer male creators instead of female ones.

These hot creators, including famous TikTokers with OnlyFans accounts, not only show off their sculpted physiques but also serve up a dose of motivation that will have you swapping that bag of chips for a dumbbell in no time. 

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#1 Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra OnlyFans Account
Anllela Sagra OnlyFans Account

If you’re looking for a free OnlyFans Fitness account, Anllela Sagra is your girl. With over 24 million followers on Instagram and 50k followers on X, Anllela is truly a popular Latina OnlyFans star.

Born in Cucuta, Colombia, in 1993, she is an inspiring bodybuilder, trainer, model, and social media personality. Despite having a degree in fashion design from the University of Colombia, Anllela decided to become a fitness model to pursue her dream body. She even released her own app on the Play Store and App Store for fitness enthusiasts to use. On OnlyFans, she has over 615k likes and 55 photos which users can see for free!

#2 Emily Kristie

Emily Kristie Onlyfans account
Emily Kristie Onlyfans account

Emily is an Asian Onlyfans creator with over 10k likes on the platform, 487 photos, and 18 videos. Her fitness OnlyFans account’s subscription fee is $10 per month. She shares exclusive content on her page including workout routines, live videos, BTS, custom content, and more.

She also has devoted fans on other social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. If you want to enjoy some Asian beauty with a tuned body and strong muscles, make sure you don’t miss her! She is one of the hottest fitness OnlyFans models on our list.

#3 Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri

One of the most popular gym girls on Onlyfans is Ana Cheri who has more than 1.53M likes on the platform. She has one of the hottest bodies on Instagram which helped her to attract 12.5M followers. And if you wish to see her curves without clothes, her OnlyFans page is for you.

As a fitness OnlyFans model, Ana is very active and constantly posts new content. She also posts costume content for her special subscribers. You can expect anything from this fit little angel. Ana certainly knows how to keep you entertained. Her normal page is free but her VIP page with more naughty content costs $29.99/month.

#4 Demi Rose

Demi Rose

Demi Rose has one of the hottest bodies on the internet. You can’t have a sexy body like hers without working out every day of the week. Lucky for us, she shows off her assets on OnlyFans for her subscribers to enjoy.

She is one of the most popular British models on Instagram and OnlyFans. As one of the best fitness creators on OnlyFans, Demi has received almost 1 million likes which makes her one of the top 0.1% OnlyFans models. Demi enjoys posting on OF and reading their comments about her. If you are into getting teased, she is the one for you.

#5 Muscle Girl

Muscle Girl Fitness OnlyFans Account
Muscle Girl Fitness OnlyFans Account

Chelsy is a professional bodybuilder and adult content creator with over 20k likes on OnlyFans. She’s one of the most famous fitness models on OnlyFans and X.

Chelsy also has a free account on OnlyFans where she shares pictures and videos of her workouts, routines, etc. But for NSFW content, users can subscribe to her original account for $29 per month. Muscle Girl has almost 500 pictures and 296 videos on this account and ensures fitness lovers that she will personally answer all the DMs.

Chelsy also has over 30k followers on X. If you’re a fan of big muscles and hot content, make sure to check her out!

#6 Natalia Kovaleva

Natalia Kovaleva OnlyFans Account
Natalia Kovaleva OnlyFans Account

Among Fitness OnlyFans creators, few are as shredded and dedicated as Natalia Kovaleva. With her sexy and hot physique, she is one of the best fitness influencers on OF. By paying $9.99 monthly, you can subscribe to her account and access her exclusive content including new workout videos, nudes, and spicy selfies.

Natalia is also active on Instagram and TikTok and continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts from all around the world.

#7 Kiera Bernier

Kiera Bernier OnlyFans Account
Kiera Bernier OnlyFans Account

If you’re looking for fitness content mixed with sexiness and beauty, Kiera Bernier has got you covered. She is a fitness Onlyfans creator, model, and social media influencer with over 319K followers on Instagram. 

As a Pre-PA student, Kiera makes sure to keep the balance between her academic pursuits and her passion for fitness. Her engaging content not only showcases effective workout routines and health tips but also exudes a captivating blend of sensuality and beauty. 

Kiera has more than 120k likes on Onlyfans, and her account is completely free. So, make sure to subscribe now!

#8 Amy Muscle

Amy Muscle OF Account
Amy Muscle OF Account

Are you looking for adult content mixed with fitness and muscles? Amy muscle is a fitness girl Onlyfans creator with massive muscles and a love for sharing +18 content with her audience. She has over 235k likes on Onlyfans, 891 videos, and more than 4k pictures.

With only $6.99 per month, fitness enthusiasts can access her exclusive content including hot workouts, adult videos, and more! 

#9 Melissa Melgfit

Melissa Melgfit Fitness OF Account
Melissa Melgfit Fitness OF Account

With over 10k likes and 225 posts on OnlyFans, Melissa Melgfit is a well-known fitness enthusiast and content creator on the platform. She was born in 1995, and with her dedication and by doing hard-work, she’s one of the top female bodybuilders.

Melissa is the CEO of Fit Esteem, and has over 800k followers on Instagram. Her Fitness OnlyFans account is completely free, and subscribers can enjoy a variety of exclusive content, including workout routines, nutritional tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Melissa Melgfit’s fitness journey. 

#10 Peachy Boy

Peachy Boy fitness OnlyFans Account
Peachy Boy Fitness OnlyFans Account

Onto the next top fitness OnlyFans creator, we have Peachy Boy. He is one of the top male OnlyFans creators in the world and he also loves fitness.

For only $9.99 per month, you can subscribe to Peachy Boy’s account and embrace his ‘long naughty videos’, according to himself. Moreover, he also has a free account but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On his paid account, he has 1k pictures and over 600k likes. 

Peachy Boy is also a well-known figure in the TikTok fitness community, with almost 1 million followers. You can also follow him on other social apps and join his vast fanbase!

#11 Vlad Parker

Vlad Parker OnlyFans Account
Vlad Parker OnlyFans Account

When it comes to fitness influencers with OnlyFans accounts, Vlad Parker’s name shines brightly, recognized for his exceptional physique and sensual content. With over 450k likes and 218 photos on Onlyfans, Vlad makes sure his audience gets what they want, whether it’s motivation, inspiration, or pleasure.

His subscription fee is higher compared to other fitness models with OnlyFans accounts, at $49.99 per month, but it’s completely worth it. Vlad also boasts a significant following on other platforms like TikTok and X. His fans can’t get enough of him, and you won’t be able to either!

#12 Adam

Adam OnlyFans Account
Adam OnlyFans Account

If you’re an active user on TikTok, then you’re already familiar with Successful Degenerates. Adam is the CEO of this channel and has a massive fanbase on the platform. Luckily, he’s also one of the top fitness Onlyfans creators, and he’s not just building a following for his humor. 

Adam’s OnlyFans account is where he reveals the secret behind his impeccable fitness routine – turns out, it involves a daily dose of laughter and a strict regimen of ‘dad jokes.’ But that’s not all. He also shares adult videos for all tastes, and by paying $19.99 monthly, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect blend of fitness motivation and, let’s say, adult entertainment.


The world of fitness OnlyFans creators has evolved into a vibrant space where enthusiasts can find inspiration, motivation, and a touch of spice. 

The top 12 creators highlighted in this article offer a diverse range of content, from sculpted physiques and workout routines to adult entertainment with a fitness twist. 

So, embrace the unconventional, swap the treadmill for a dose of naughtiness, and join these fitness influencers on their captivating journeys.


Q1. Why Should I Follow Fitness OnlyFans Creators?

Following fitness OnlyFans creators can provide you with the motivation and inspiration you need to stay committed to your fitness journey. These creators not only showcase their sculpted physiques but also share workout routines, techniques, and health tips. Additionally, they offer a unique blend of entertainment, making fitness fun and enjoyable. 

Q2. How Can I Subscribe to Fitness OnlyFans Accounts?

To subscribe to fitness OnlyFans accounts, you can visit the creators’ profiles on the OnlyFans platform. Once you find the desired creator, you can sign up for a subscription directly on the OnlyFans website or app. Typically, there is a monthly subscription fee associated with accessing premium content.

Q3. Are All Fitness OnlyFans Accounts Subscription-Based?

No, not all fitness OnlyFans accounts operate on a subscription-based model. There are also many free accounts available that users can subscribe to without any additional fees.

Q4. How Much Does It Cost to Subscribe to Fitness OnlyFans Accounts?

The subscription cost varies among different fitness OnlyFans creators, and some accounts are even free. For example, Muscle Girl’s account is priced at $29 per month, Anllela Sagra offers free content, and Peachy Boy’s subscription is $9.99 per month. 

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