Make Passive Income on Instagram and Facebook in 2021

Instagram passive income

If you are trying to make Instagram passive income or YouTube passive income or make money on Facebook, you should always remind yourself of what is the bigger picture? It means why are you doing your business? 

So, one of the things that we’re going to ask you to think about, whether you are a service provider, a speaker, a consultant, or even if you are selling courses, is that why it is important to be doing what you are doing. 

Why are you posting on Instagram? Why are you shooting a YouTube video? Why are you creating the retargeting Ad? So, what is the bigger picture and what is the business model behind that thing that you are doing? 

Robert Kiyosaki as the writer of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, always says “The Rich Does Not Work For Money, But The Rich Works For Assets”. And what if in this marketing space we are doing the same thing? 

What if everything that we are doing is to build these different assets? In this article, we are going to show you five different assets that are crucial. 5 Assets that you need to be thinking about every single time when you are building your business.

Five Assets to Make Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Passive Income in 2020

Asset #1: Social Assets

Basically, this is the stuff that goes on your social media that is going to live on forever. For a long time to come, it’s like an army of salespeople that constantly gets you leads. Now, this could be a Facebook ad that is on Facebook. This could be something that delivers value infotainment in order to build up that warm audience.

Then, this gives you insight and clarity as to why it’s important to be doing it. So with that, once you have that warm audience, this is why you can actually run ads to that offer. Therefore, if you want to win this ad contest, all you need to do is run an ad that says the same thing as everybody else, and have a huge warm audience to market to and convert it. 

How Can You Build Social Assets?

Building up the social asset means that for the next decade, you need to constantly think about how you can create content that lives on social media. Content that will help you drive traffic, leads and clicks forever. 

Let us give you another example, imagine that you have uploaded a YouTube video. How can you get over 500,000 a year? The best way to get to that number is by optimizing your video for things that people are searching for on social media, YouTube. So, it needs to be keyword rich. 

Make SEO Great Again to make a great Instagram passive income

Actually, YouTube is not a social media platform, but rather think of it as a search engine. But, one of the things that you have to have in your mind is that traditional SEO is really underrated right now. 

Think about it this way, if you were marketing 10 years ago online, there were a lot of people selling products on SEO. All the kind of stuff like getting ranked, link building, three ways links, etc. But then, something happened. Social media happened. Facebook came along, Instagram came along. And what happened was everybody’s attention from SEO went over to Facebook and Instagram because they were the low-hanging fruits. That was the quick fix to get immediate results. 

But if you think about it more, the demand for these keywords never went away. It means people are still searching on Google and the traffic is still happening on the search engines. In other words, it’s going to be much easier because there’s less competition while demand never changed. If anything at all, there are more people doing these searches on social media today. 

In other words, those people that gave attention to SEO over the next 10 years, we believe they’ll have a huge advantage, long term. 

Build up a portfolio of keywords that you want to rank for

In this case, what you can do is make a spreadsheet with different tabs. For example, you can create a tab on Instagram, on affiliate marketing, on Facebook, on passive income, on sales, on making money online, and etc. The truth is that many ignore this and that is the biggest mistake that people make. 

So in order to build up this social asset, one of the things that you could be doing is to go to sites that allow you to see the demand for these keywords. This would be like using Google’s Keyword Planner. This would be like downloading the Chrome plugin called Keywords Everywhere. There are many different tools out there that allow you to see what is the search for a specific keyword every single month. 

So, what you are going to do is you are going to start doing research. And the way you want to do it, is you want to make these keywords not just SEO friendly, but a mix. Something that is SEO friendly together with a hook and something that grabs a person’s attention. For example, “Lead Generation with Instagram marketing in 2020. 

But remember, if it’s just keyword reach, chances are the click-through rate and the odds of somebody watching it or reading it will be lower if there wasn’t a hook or something that made it interesting. So, whenever you come up with different titles, you should always think of having that mixture of what people are searching for together with a little hook that makes it interesting as well. 

One of the biggest things that demotivate people is that they shoot a video, upload it, and they get like two likes or less than 100 views. But with this technique, you know that there’s already a demand for it and these are salespeople that will help you generate leads for life. 

Then once you do this your next step if you wanna be hardworking is that you will repurpose this YouTube video into a blog post, into an article, submit it to medium so that you get SEO value out of it. 

Another way to think about how to create this social asset is called “Mother Retargeting Ads”. Now, what are mother retargeting ads? 

Mother Retargeting Ads for Facebook & Instagram Passive Income

For every single funnel that you have, you wanna have one main retargeting ad where all of your social proof from the people in that funnel, make a comment once a while on that main ad. Then, when you are retargeting people that’s on the fence. 

For example, imagine that you have an ad that you use to fuel your events and for the people that are on the fence. What do you do? 

Actually, you will get the people that are on the fence in a follow-up email sequence to make a comment on this exact post ID. In other words, you wanna have one main ad for all of your funnels, where people that didn’t buy, they will see this ad. In this ad, it will have thousands if not hundreds of comments saying how great this product is. 

As you know, it’s very hard to do this if it’s diluted and it’s spread across 20 different retargeting ads or even 5 different retargeting ads. Then, all you need is having one main ad where you incentivize or get people in your follow-up email sequence to make a comment on this ad. 

Asset #2: Digital Assets

Why are we putting all these things up on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or a blog post is because ultimately you wanna create a digital asset. In other words, a digital asset helps you sell that thing that you wanna sell. 

So, whether you are going to sell live event tickets, whether you are selling consulting, whether it’s a service, whether it’s a specific course or that membership site, the reason why you are creating a social asset is to push people into this digital asset. 

Let’s take an example to clarify this asset. Imagine that you have a book that you want to be able to monetize. So, there is a constant question that you will ask ourselves. “How Can We Take What We Already Doing In Life… And Transform That Into A Digital Asset That Works For Us Forever?”

So, the question that we want to ask yourself is how can you take your service, your valuable thing into a digital asset? How can you turn it into a product? Can it be turned into something to be used as a YouTube video? Can you have it inside the member’s area? Is there any way to turn it into a lead magnet? These questions will bring us to number three.

Asset #3: Proprietary Assets

Asset number three is building this proprietary asset. Now, what is this proprietary asset? Have you ever watched “SHARK TANK”? One of the things that Mr. Wonderful will always say is this “so, you are asking for a $50,000? What is stopping me from taking this $50,000 and building the same thing up and crushing you like the cockroach that you are? Do you have anything proprietary?”

When it comes to what it is that we are doing, most of the time marketers will just focus on steps one and two. They will build something up on social media, the Facebook ad, the post. And they use it to drive people to their funnel and sell something and then end. Step one goes step two and the end. 

Now, step number three is asking yourself these few questions. 

If you take a look at Apple, today’s valuation market capital or market cap is 1.3 trillion. In the picture below you will see Apple’s products. The question is “what makes them valued at 1.3 trillion?”. Of course, it’s not just the products that they are selling. So, what does Apple do?

Let’s look at it from this point of view. Imagine that you are an Apple user. If Samsung came up with a product that was half the price and double the features, will you jump ship? A low percentage of people will do that. Now, why is that?

It’s because when people are thinking about jumping ship, here is what they are really thinking about “all of my stuff is on the Cloud, I’ve got all of my iTunes and now I have to migrate it, I don’t know how to interface might look like, and something like these”. 

Consequently, what makes Apple Apple is not just their products but the fact that you are locked into their architecture, their infrastructure, their community. The thing that is proprietary. 

There is the same thing with ClickFunnels. Right now, they are probably over 200 clones. There are a lot of them that are a whole lot cheaper. But most of the people won’t switch over. Why? It’s because they are thinking about the fact that they’re locked in there. All the stuff in here, that’s making a lot of money for them. 

The third thing to ask yourself is “what is the thing that is proprietary for me?”. Is it your Tribe? Is it your following? Is it your community? Is it your recurring? So, what makes your thing proprietary, gives you a valuation. Because this thing here is what separates the big boys and the ones that are doing good. 

Asset #4: Systems Asset

Number four is the system. The system’s asset is the structure. How things are actually done behind the scenes. To create systems there are a couple of things that you might want to do. 

Create a 4R document

So for every single person in your team, the videographer, the video editor, the graphic designer, the funnel designer, the content writer, the illustrator, the phone guy, the digital marketing manager, the customer experience specialist, the ad manager, all of that, each and every single person have this document that scopes out their:

  • Results 
  • Roles 
  • Responsibility
  • Requirements 

So that if somebody would leave the team, you can take this same exact document and put it up in the job description marketplace. By the way, each person is responsible for updating their own 4R document. We won’t go deep into this here cause this is a very lengthy process. But this is basically a good way to implement systems in your team.  

Another thing that you want to be doing is to document all of your different testimonials and the images that you use in your marketing inside, you can Trello or Monday or Google Drive.  

For example, one of the things that you can do is whenever you get great comments or videos or testimonials, your team can take these individual testimonials and store it on different lists inside Trello so that this can be passed onto the next person that might need it. This could be the person that is building the funnel but the main person that will use it is the one that is running your Facebook retargeting ads. Then you know those testimonial ads are great only for retargeting not to a cold audience. 

But the problem is that most of the time people don’t have systems or things like that. But with systems assets, whenever your community managers see a great Facebook or Instagram post talking about how great your products are, they will document the post inside Trello. What will happen is the person that goes into this funnel, they will click on any of these, they will look at the source file which is inside that specific card and then they will run it as a Facebook ad. After that, they will post that ad link inside the specific card. 

So, with the system asset, you all have the testimonials, the reviews that we’ve found great, and they all will be stored. Ultimately, what you really are doing is you are building a system’s asset. 

Implementation – Building a Story Bank is necessary for Instagram passive income

In terms of implementation, one of the things that you want to do is that you want to build a story bank. If you are one of those who hate posting stuff on social media on your own, you can maintain a story bank instead of it. But what is a story bank?

One of the biggest challenges that you may have when it comes to scaling is hiring writers that know how to tell your story. You would hire great writers and the common feedback that you’d get is that they don’t know your backstory. They know what you want and they know how to write but they don’t know what the backstory is. 

In this case, one of the things that you can do in order to build this asset up is whenever you are inspired by something, a certain event, for example, you will take a picture. Then do these steps:

  1. Send a WhatsApp message with your image. You can send a voice note for it. Also, you can do this over Voxer, Skype or any other apps that you like. So, they will write the post based on what you say.
  2. Once they do that, they are gonna send it to the Trello board by briefly talking about the thing that happened to you. 
  3. Then it’s added to your story bank.

For example, your team can make different spreadsheets and archive all of your ideas whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, all of the tags, the viral images, the links to the source file, all of the captions, infographics, giveaways, and etc. This is basically how you can start building a story bank. 

Therefore, when a writer or a freelancer is going to do a certain task for you, based on that category, all they need to do is to do a search on the document – your story bank – and look for the appropriate tab. Now, they’ll be able to see all of the stories that you’ve once told based on the specific topic and they can either rewrite it or tell it from a different angle. But the important thing is that they know the backstory or the origin story. 

Asset #5: Capital Asset

It means to be able to buy assets that help us generate positive cash flow. So that you can reinvest it back into your business. As you probably know, there are a lot of different platforms out there. One of the things that you wanna do in order to fill step number one again, social asset, is to be able to have positive cash flow from your capital asset to fill it back to step number one. 

For example, to make Instagram passive income you can give your team a budget to list all different influencers and do shoutout campaigns with them. Then think about how you can take your profits and roll it back to your business. Remember that the whole purpose of capital asset is to fill your digital asset. 


If you want to make huge Instagram passive income in 2021, you need to have a business plan. In this article we’ve revealed five assets to make YouTube or Instagram passive income, as well as kick start and solidify your business. Just keep in mind that each asset fills another one. Most of the time marketers will just focus on social assets and digital assets but they don’t complete the cycle. Therefore, if you want to make sustainable Instagram passive income consider all of them.

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