10 Tips On How to Create Successful Posts on Instagram

successful posts on Instagram

Without dispute, Instagram has become one of the inalienable attributes of our time and the #1 social media in the world. According to the Statusbrew.com blog, Instagram is able to provide 50 times more engagement per 1 user than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per 1 follower than Twitter. This all makes Instagram one of the most powerful platforms both for personal and business marketing in the world. For some Internet users, it could seem that working with Instagram is not only more pleasant (as it is about working with visual content), but also easier as well. However, it is already not that easy as it used to be once: Instagram has changed its algorithms recently, and now to earn much attention, you have to provide some successful posts on Instagram. 

Nonetheless, creating quality content for Instagram is still achievable for anyone. Yet those who wish to succeed at this platform must use certain rules of photo design and marketing strategy. Here we focus mainly on creating good content. And briefly talk about some photography tools. 

Know Your Audience to Create Successful Posts on Instagram

Before making any serious steps toward creating successful posts on Instagram and posting your graphic content, it is very important to think about the audience you expect could be interested in the content you prepare to post. Many marketing campaigns used by this digital marketing company in India failed to achieve any success because of the absence of understanding of who were the audience they were targeted at and thus focusing on everyone. Before making any serious moves on Instagram, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What types of content are they interested in?
  • What content they might expect from you?

Answering these questions, you get one serious step closer to your success on Instagram. As success on Instagram can only result from the targeted content.

Tips on Creating Successful Posts on Instagram 

Now that you have recognized your followers and know who to attract by your posts, its time to share the most successful posts on Instagram and grow organically.

#1 Use Original Photos 

original photos

Uniqueness, originality, and creativity are the three pillars any successful campaign on Instagram is based on. Of course, you can employ stocks of ready images, and there is nothing bad in posting a high-quality image from such stock to your Instagram feed. There is either nothing bad in ordering an academic paper to professionals at special platforms. For example, check this source, and as a result, you will get high-quality works. Still, there is an essential drawback of such a solution. The lack of your real authorship.

Original photos in your posts always witness on your authenticity and thus boost your Instagram results!

However, if you don’t have any original photos to share on Instagram, reposting them might be the best alternative. But how to repost content on Instagram?

Well, one of the best ways of doing so is to use a third-party app like AiSchedul

Actually, AiSchedul is a complete package of professional tools that gives you the ability to:

  • Schedule posts and stories on Instagram 
  • Monitor hashtags and accounts to find viral content 
  • Share trending posts using the social calendar 

Etc. However, one of the best features of this amazing tool is the repost feature that helps you schedule and repost content on Instagram. So, sign up for free and give it a try.

#2 Use Different Content Formats

videos and photos

Being active on Instagram does not only mean posting single photographs or other images. You can choose many formats for creating your Instagram content. You can make 60-second videos, post up to 10 images in one go, craft collages, and finally, make GIFs. Never neglect the opportunity to look original on Instagram, as this seriously boosts your chances to get to the top. So, try to use all the Instagram features to create successful posts on Instagram and win the contest. 

Unfortunately, Instagram has so many limitations on sharing photos and videos. For instance, when you share videos on Instagram, you must know about the different Instagram video lengths. However, AiSchedul has a solution for that. Using it, no matter how long the video is, you can upload it and it will split it into proper pieces automatically.

#3 Apply Online Desing Tools to have Successful Posts on Instagram


To make your photographs look not just nice, but gorgeous, it is not that necessary to be skilled in Photoshop. You can both save your time and get pleasure from uncomplicated, yet efficient work with online photo-editing and design tools, such as for example Canva, Venngage or Spark Post. 

Also, Instagram has added so many amazing features and edit tools to make your content look amazing. But, if these are not enough yet, AiSchedul can help too. Using this tool, you can add amazing filters to your posts and crop them properly.

#4 Keep Up with a Theme To have Successful Posts on Instagram

successful posts on Instagram

An essential tip for having successful posts on Instagram is to keep up with a unique and gorgeous theme. Actually, this way, your Instagram account looks more consistent. And hence clear to your audience.

#5 Have a Distinct Focal Point

successful posts on Instagram

People usually open their Instagram apps to look at images. However, only pictures and photographs with a clear-cut focal point can get attention and give people what they look for on Instagram. Images with too many objects look confusing and tear off the attention of your audience. Hence, if you are want to share some successful posts on Instagram, try to focus on a specific object.

#6 Follow the Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds

It appears that photographs with a focal point placed in one-third of the picture look somehow more interesting than those with focal points somewhere else on the image, especially in the middle. Photographers know about this specificity of human image perception and follow the rule of thirds by locating the most impressive features of a photograph along the intersections of a 9-section grid covering the image. Try to follow this rule too. Turn on the grid in your cameras for assistance, and this will definitely add some charm to your posts!

#7 Get Some Borders and White Space in Your Image

successful posts on Instagram

Images with borders attract attention more than those with no borders. Leaving borders of white space on images help to create the impression that your photograph has some ‘air’. This aspect is especially important to have in mind when you need to make a big post, but don’t want it to look too busy. 

As an example, look at @lady.austin’s Instagram account:


This makes your Instagram unique and eye-catching and hence, you can be one of the most creative Instagram accounts

#8 Have Contrasting Elements on Your Pictures

successful posts on Instagram

Contrasting elements on images is what makes those images stand out of the crowd in an Instagram feed and pulls the attention of the audience. You can make contrast out of any elements of an image – its colors, fonts, light, shapes, etc.

#9 Don’t Neglect Filters

successful posts on Instagram

In furtherance of the previous topic, filters perfectly serve the goal of finding and picking out the contrasting elements on a picture! In addition, images with filters have about 21% more chances to get views and for 45% to get comments from the audience! They are offered for free by Instagram and can be applied to any photo you upload.

#10 Consider Microblogging to have Successful Posts on Instagram

successful posts on Instagram

Another facet of Instagram, which makes it something more than just a social media with tons of news (like Facebook) is that it can also be used as a blog. Add some stories, some more truth to your photos, and your posts will inevitably get more engagement!

Actually, Instagram stories play an important role in your success. So, do not forget to share them. Because they are catchier than the posts shared on the feed. And also, Instagram has so many features for stories that let you interact with your followers more and more.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has become one of the brightest phenomena of our time. This social media platform can be considered not only as an online personal blog with graphic content but also as the most powerful marketing tool! Winning recognition and engagement on Instagram is an issue for many businessmen and is really not that easy. However, if you follow the simple tips given in this article, it won’t be a burden for you anymore. Just focus on one object in your images, which should most often be original photos, abide by the rule of thirds, make your content contrasting with the help of filters, add some short stories to your posts and together with some other points from this article this will help you to strike a balance on the three pillars of Instagram – uniqueness, originality, and creativity.

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