How to Get Featured on Large Fashion Instagram Accounts

How to Get Featured on Large Fashion Instagram Accounts

Want to know how to get featured on large fashion Instagram accounts? If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you want to market your brand and grow your Instagram followers organically. One of the best ways to reach this goal is by having a popular Instagram account featuring your fashion content on their page. 

We will share some useful tips and methods that will help you to get a popular Instagram featured account to take notice of your content and share your content. 

 But before we get started, let’s assume you’re not that familiar with this concept, and you stumbled on this article by accident. Here are a few things you should know about how to get featured on large fashion Instagram accounts:

What Are Feature Pages?

Feature pages are Instagram accounts run by people passionate about curating content in a particular niche. Using this passion, they grow a community of like-minded people. These accounts can have followers from thousands to millions that actively participate in their community.

A great analogy is employing services from writing service review websites like Online Writers Rating to create excellent content quickly. Famous Instagram accounts can help give your Instagram account a lot of exposure rapidly. 

Great examples of these pages are photography featured pages, pet pages, travel, and of course, fashion. Here is an example of a featured post about fashion:

While this article is fashion specific, a lot of the tips we will be sharing can be implemented in other niches.

What Does it Mean to Get Featured on Feature Pages?

An admin of a featured account monitors some content you’ve created; they like it and think, “Hey, this looks pretty good on my page.” So, they repost it on their page and tag you. Voila! You start getting an influx of new followers and people, interacting with your page and content from that one featured post. The result? Growth in the number of followers, an increase in profile visits, and an incredible rise in engagement. 

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Is this what you want? Then keep reading to learn how to get it:

How to Get Featured on Large Fashion Instagram Accounts?

Find Fashion Pages that Feature Your Fashion Content 

Now, fashion is a vast spectrum. Depending on where you stand in that spectrum (such as vintage style, bohemian style, or casual style), you need to find fashion feature accounts specific to your content type. 

One way you can do this is by a quick google search: feature fashion.

Once you have done this, you narrow your search down to the fashion pages that seem suitable for you.

An even better way to find fashion feature pages on Instagram is to use Instagram managing services such as AiGrow. With AiGrow, you can search and see popular hashtags in fashion and then see which account is using them. Learn more about AiGrow in the next parts.   

Get a Unique Selling Point

So, you have a list of feature pages specific to your content, good. Now, you want them to notice you, and like your content enough to share it on their page. This is where a unique selling point comes in. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why should this account feature me?
  2. What do I have in my content that they can enjoy?
  3. How do I stand out from other competitor accounts?

These questions are important because sometimes we see our posts as the best content out there. But by asking these questions, we can step back and be unbiased about our responses. 

Now, depending on the answers, structure your content in a way that they will appeal to the fashion IG pages you want to get featured on.

Interact with Other Accounts

Want to know one of the key points of your success in getting your fashion post featured on Instagram? It’s simple! Interaction with feature accounts. You need to constantly like, leave comments, save, and share their content, or maybe even DM them. This process seems a little bit time-consuming, especially when you have a page in about a significant and robust industry such as fashion. Well, don’t worry; AiGrow has figured this all out for you!

Interact with feature pages using AiGrow

AiGrow is an amazing tool that enables you to efficiently interact with other Instagram users without spending much time. How? AiGrow offers you a virtual assistant that dedicates enough time only to your page so that your page grows organically. 

To use AiGrow to interact more with feature pages, you can try Pro and VIP packages. Employing these packages, not only can you’ll be visible to the fashion feature pages, but also you will get around 500 new followers per month! Isn’t it great?

Another great way to show off that you are a pro in your niche is to have an eye-catching number of followers. Inevitably, when feature page admins visit your profile, one of the factors that they consider to guess the authenticity of your page is the number of real followers. Luckily, with AiGrow, you will get the kind of followers that will boost your engagement. 

To use AiGrow’s promotional packages and other amazing features, sign up here.

Find Out The Rules For Featuring Content 

All feature accounts have set some rules to facilitate the process of choosing new content to show to their community. Sometimes, these rules are mentioned in their bio or their posts’ captions. Here is an example of a fashion page rule for featuring:

Your job is to go through the accounts you want to get featured and find out the rules.

Manage Your Expectations

You have done all that you could, you have followed all the rules, now you sit back, relax, and wait to see the outcome. You can consider the probability of getting on a feature page to the likelihood of getting a response from a cold email. And that’s ok! Not all feature accounts will be interested in your content, but once one gets a hold of it, the reward is immense. 

Just manage your expectations but keep tagging the pages patiently. Once you get that one account to share your content, it will become easier to get other accounts to do the same.

Bonus: How to get Featured on Smaller Accounts or Brand Accounts

Now, we’ve just covered Instagram featured accounts. But as a bonus, we will share a few tips and proven tricks on how to get featured on Instagram’s smaller accounts that are about fashion brands. 

Take Pictures with Brands’ Products and Tag Them

Imagine buying an item from a fashion brand, wearing the item, and creating amazing content, then tagging the brand. What brand wouldn’t love that? Tag them in your content, use their hashtags, and even go a step further by creating a story post and tagging them on it. 

Everyone loves free advertising; therefore, a brand is likely to feature you on their page if you offer free high-quality ads.

Give & Receive Shoutouts

Another way to get promoted on fashion feature pages is by reaching out to influencers in your field and requesting them to shout out to your page and vice versa. This will expand your reach, and both parties can benefit from it. 

While this may require a lot of networking to begin, it will be well worth it when it finally takes off. To make your work easier, we suggest using Ainfluencer. Ainfluencer is an AI-powered platform that will link brands and influencers, regardless of their size and popularity. As a small brand, you can find many nano-influencer and micro-influencer that are willing to promote your brand for reasonable prices. 

Conclusion on How to Get Featured on Large Fashion Instagram Accounts

While all these steps will work in getting you noticed by Instagram featured accounts, keep in mind that if you misuse them, your content could appear as irrelevant or fake accounts. Also, tag your favorite account only in relevant photos, so you don’t flood their tagged feed. It’s already time-consuming for a curation page manager to look for relevant content to upload, therefore be strategic in your approach.

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