How to Get Followers on Instagram in 2019? (65+ Pages)

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Did you know that 76% of small businesses don’t see the value, have the time, or are too intimidated by Instagram marketing? That’s why we at AiGrow developed this insightful and practical guide to help teach you how to get followers on Instagram.

We want the content to speak for itself, so we’ll keep this intro short and sweet.

Below, you’ll learn about:

  • Understanding the Instagram funnel (Discovery, Engagement, Conversion, Loyalty)
  • Using influencer marketing
  • Using your current Instagram followers and/or customers to generate new followers and/or customers
  • Using the right hashtags to connect with people who are almost guaranteed to be interested in what you do (and therefore follow you)
  • Using geotags to connect with your target audience
  • Understanding follower and/or customer intent on Instagram
  • A 4-step plan to getting people to engage with you
  • Keeping your current Instagram followers and/or customers around and engaged
  • Performing an Instagram competitor analysis and using it to separate yourself from your competitors
  • Building and maintaing brand loyalty with Instagram DMs
  • Using Instagram DMs for easy customer service
  • Converting your current Instagram followers to paying customers
  • Making your Instagram page and posts as shoppable as possible
  • Maintaing a quality content strategy
  • Using Instagram Stories to make your current Instagram followers feel special and incentivize non-followers to start following you

Now, onto the content:

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The above content is the 3rd chapter from our ebook, 50 Shades of Instagram Growth.

Whether you are new to Instagram or you are a seasoned Instagrammer looking to upgrade your strategy, there’s something for everyone in 50 Shades of Instagram Growth.

Included in the full ebook is:

  • 50 more pages of content teaching you how to get followers on Instagram
  • A list of tools essential to your Instagram marketing strategy
  • 35+ sources to explore and learn from after reading the ebook
  • A data-driven explanation of why you should be prioritizing Instagram as a social media platform
  • A PDF version of the ebook you can download and read anywhere, anytime

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