How to Grow B2B Leads on Instagram

b2b leads

Instagram is no longer simply a social platform for friends and family. With the addition of sponsored and ads and the rise of influencer marketing, Instagram has also emerged as a ripe environment for generating fruitful B2B leads.

While Instagram still primarily consists of personal accounts, with almost 90% of U.S. companies using at least one of the major social platforms, the potential for connecting with businesses is better than ever.

Here are 4 tips to generate fruitful B2B leads on Instagram:

Use the right tool to reach your followers.

Connecting with the right people can take time if you manually search one-by-one. By using tools like AiGrow, you can automate all of the grunt (DMs, likes, followers, comments, etc.) work associated with prospecting and connecting with B2B leads.

Be consistent

Consistently create captivating and informative posts about your products. This not only keeps your current customers updated but posting about your product also makes it easier for B2B leads to see what your business is about.

In addition to traditional posts, use Instagram stories as well.

Post when your target audience is likely to see your content.

The most effective times to post to generate B2B leads is in the mid-morning and in the evenings. During these times, businesses are just starting, or just ending their days.

Be smart

Employ the same creativity and energy in creating consistent product posts as you would if you were trying to attract and grow your following on your personal account. Five posts with the same image and text aren’t likely to generate as much interest as a different piece of though-out content each time.

Are you a business that has had success in generating B2B leads on Instagram? Did we miss anything above? Please share your insights in the comments below!